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Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD - Review

Today we review the Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD. It is an NVMe SSD model that has surprised us with its high read and write speeds.

We thank Kioxia for giving us this product for analysis. As it is an engineering sample and it is not the final version, it has no packaging and we do not show unboxing.


Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD

This is what the Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD looks like. At a visual level it does not have a special or remarkable walk.

Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD

The back of the PCB is practically clean, with nothing to make unwanted contact. All you see is a QR code and printed serial and lot numbers.

The Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD is already connected to the PCIe port of our test computer. It is properly attached using the adapter.

Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD

The NVMe driver, made by Samsung; in which we see its identifier number.

Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD Benchmark

Given that one of the keys to SSDs is their reading speed, we have put the Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD to the test in different benchmarks, to see how each one responds and to give us empirical data on their speeds.

Anvil Storage Utilities shows us a 4MB Sequential read speed of 2.569 MB / s, halfway to 3 GB / s, which is still a high read speed so that many programs in the Adobe Suite load almost instantaneously and without waiting.

The writing speed, also sequential 4MB, reaches up to 1.988 MB / s, almost 2 GB / s.

Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD

With AS SSD, the results tell us that it has some better write speed, as long as it is 4K writing. The sequential reading reaches up to 1.867 MB / s, and its writing up to 1.726 MB / s.

Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD

In ATTO Disk benchmark, the Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD achieves a read speed of more than 2.500 MB / s, while the writing speed is halfway between 2.000 MB / s and lso 2.500 MB / s.

Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD

Lastly, with CrystalDiskMark, the Q32T1 sequential read speed is 3.020 MB / s in speed, and the write speed is 2.364 MB / s.

The rest of the writing formats follow the same speed trend, except in 4K writing, which once again exceeds its reading speed in the same format as AS SSD showed us.


Kioxia M2 x4 XG60 1TB SSD Conclusions

The benchmarks have made it clear that the reading speed reaches up to 3 GB / s and the writing speed up to 3 GB / s. They are very good speeds for home users or even freelancers who need their operating systems and programs to load very fast. Although 1 TB may seem little for a professional SSD, or for a gamer who wants the latest games of the moment, which are already around 80 GB in weight each.

It is an SSD that we can easily recommend if we want to expand the capacity of our boot SSD to 512 MB if our motherboard allows NVMe SSD. Regarding the speeds, they are quite good, although as the next version of PCIe will come soon, it is possible that they will be surpassed by high-end enterprise SSDs in a short time, speeds that will reach the domestic market years later. But this will require a total renovation of the motherboard to one that supports it.

  • Good 4K write speed.
  • Good speeds for home and autonomous users.
  • With the imminent arrival of the new PCIe protocol, speeds can be left behind for the most enthusiastic.
  • 1 TB seems a bit short for professionals and demanding gamers.

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