Review: Razer ManO'War Headphones

When we play games, we want comfort and quality in the peripherals we use. One of the most representative brands in the peripheral market is Razer, which has specialized in high-quality gaming products. The Razer ManO'War are the company's top-of-the-range headphones, which have been developed for the most demanding gamers. These headphones are characterized by being wireless and have an immersive sound reproduction thanks to the immersion offered by the 7.1 sound simulation.

These headphones, as we have mentioned, are wireless, which is ideal for situations in which we have to move and to improve the comfort of use. The Razer ManO'War work in the 2.4GHz wireless frequency spectrum, offering zero latency, with a maximum range of twelve plus two meters. The maximum wireless length is twelve meters, but this incorporates an extension for the USB wireless receiver and transmitter, which extends the reception radius by two more meters.

The Razer ManO'War offer virtual 7.1 surround sound, which offer high quality sound, in addition to having special diaphragms made of neodymium to improve sound quality. The speaker area has a diameter of 50mm. All this, in addition to a Razer Surround system, they offer us a higher quality surround sound to be able to hear everything that happens on the battlefield. The Razer headphones have a sound calibration function, which will allow us to know where our enemies are, avoiding unexpected surprises.

A very interesting feature is that these headphones have a range of seven days on a single charge. It can support everything we need, but this autonomy of seven days, we must understand that it is an estimate based on the use during periods of two hours, which leaves us a total autonomy of fourteen hours with a full charge. Chroma lighting is the one that limits the autonomous use of the headphones, being fourteen hours with Chroma lighting activated, but if we turn it off we will have six more hours of autonomy, reaching twenty hours of autonomy. We only have to bear in mind to charge it after long sessions or wait for it to ring and connect the cable to recharge it. That to the taste of the consumer.

Every good headset must have a good microphone, since it is usually played with friends, acquaintances or playmates. The microphone of these headphones is hidden in the left headphone, where the headphone is hidden by means of a retractable arm, to which a unidirectional microphone is attached, which can be easily removed and easily hidden according to needs. This digital microphone has a special algorithm to capture sound in a more natural way and to capture a clearer voice. The microphone of the Razer ManO'War has a small LED, which indicates that the microphone is muted, which is very interesting, in case we forget this slight detail.

 We cannot always be aware of total control and facilitate control tasks, such as volume, it can be adjusted easily with the volume wheel that these incorporate. Not only can we control the volume, we can also control the microphone and control its mute, very easily. This allows us to control the headphones in a simple way, without having to look at the screen or access the keyboard controls, if it has or works in the game, since in some titles, these functions are disabled.

A curious detail of these headphones is that the Razer logo can be illuminated. It has three modes customizable by software. The first mode is cyclical lighting, which changes the color in a circular way without interruption. The second mode is breathing, which will gradually turn the lighting on and off. Finally, the last mode is the selection of a color from a range of 16.8 million colors, according to our taste, remaining constantly fixed.

The Razer ManO'War has a response frequency ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz, which represents the audible spectrum of the headphones. These headphones have an impedance of thirty-two ohms at 1kHz with a sensitivity to this frequency of -112dB with a variation of more or less than 3dB. They have a maximum input power of 30mW. The microphone, on the other hand, responds to frequencies between 100Hz and 6.5kHz, with a signal-to-noise ratio greater than 60dB with a sensitivity at 1kHz of -38 dB with a tolerance of 3dB.

The Razer ManO'War are high-quality headphones, that's true, but there is a noise reduction compared to other solutions on the market that has caught our attention. They have a high quality construction, very robust, but there is one detail that we did not like, which is the construction of the headband, which is made of plastic. Plastic has little shock resistance and reduced durability and for devices like this, high-end, one would expect it to be aluminum.

It has a good response and the microphone is of great quality. The touch of the lighting is interesting and it looks good for Lan Party and if we have a visitor, but it is better to have it off to extend the battery life of the headphones. It is remarkable that the headphones are compatible with the Play Station 4, so we can also use them on that console and not only on the computer. The distance of fourteen meters, we must remember that it is in theory and in unobstructed space. All wireless headphones on the market have two distances, the ideal one without obstacles and the real one, with obstacles, which is usually shorter. We have found that depending on the number of walls, it is reduced to approximately ten meters, but the play area is usually small.

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