Energy System Frame Forest-review

The manufacturer Energy Sistem is entering the sector of audio devices for all audiences strong. Now in question we find another Energy Sistem sound device known as Frame Forest that is focused on those who care a lot about the decoration of their living room and do not want to flood it with speakers.

The Frame Forest by Energy Sistem is presented to us as a painting with a design photo on a canvas so that in addition to having a sound system, we have a beautiful painting to decorate the office. It also serves as a sound system to hang on the wall in a small space.

We thank Energy Sustem for giving us the product for review.


Energy System Frame Forest

This is what the Energy Sistem Frame Forest sound system looks like hanging on the office wall. It is perfectly dissimulating as a painting and unless we say so explicitly, no one would guess at first that it is a sound system with speakers.

Energy System Frame Forest

From its left side, you can see the control panel of the sound system.

Energy System Frame Forest

The power pilot.

Energy System Frame Forest

A closer look at the Energy Sistem Frame Forest control panel. There we see the slot for USB storage, microSD cards, the microUSB input for charging, and the control buttons.

The fact that they have made it accessible from the side makes it easy to operate without having to maneuver the frame or control it by touching the buttons blindly if it had been placed in the back.

Energy System Frame Forest

Back of the Energy Sistem Frame Forest sound system. We see that it has holes so that the sound is not trapped inside the box, fasteners to hang the equipment on the wall thanks to spikes, and some stops so that when it is hung on the wall, the equipment is upright and the wood is not damaged. .

Energy System Frame Forest

A closer look at the hangers. We also see the number that corresponds to this issue of the Energy Sistem Frame Forest. With this they want to approach one of the keys to the art market, which is that of limited and controlled runs of official reproductions.

Specifications of the Energy Sistem Frame Forest

  • 50w power
  • Acoustic enhancement system
  • Bluetooth connection 5.0
  • USB slot
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 20 hour battery life


Experience with the Energy Sistem Frame Forest and conclusion

It is a bit difficult to recommend the Energy Sistem Frame Forest sound system due to the fact that we want to bring the art world closer to the technology of everyday use. Its price rises up to 130 euros, which is not an excessively high price, not even for a limited piece of art, but it is for an integrated sound system.

But saving the artistic component, we find that the Energy Sistem Frame Forest, along with the other models that exist, are excellent home sound systems. They integrate a high-quality loudspeaker with what the sound that comes out is of high quality for a domestic environment.

The fact of being able to connect it by bluetooth makes it easy to put the radio or a musical thread in the office controlled by a mobile, laptop, sound system or any other device capable of emitting sound. The same with the ability to use storage systems. It is incredibly useful for not cluttering the living room or office with a set and speakers.

We have checked its duration and it has easily taken us more than two working days a single charge. One problem that we see is that the charging cable that comes standard can be made short, so if we do not want to be disassembling it, we will have to look to put it near a socket and buy a fairly long microUSB cable.

We also miss that there is a model that allows us to put our photos, or a personal impression so that we are not limited to the three artistic styles that it offers us. It would not only be a great whim for many, but a huge gift for one person.

  • Good sound quality in a small space.
  • The three models that exist are beautiful and there will hardly be at least one that you do not like.
  • Avoid filling the office or room with electronic equipment by using the wall as a support.
  • A bit expensive if you only want a stereo.
  • There is no option to use custom art.
  • The charging cable can be made short.

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