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When it comes to sound, technology plays an important role. We already know that when it comes to passing information, the quality of the DACs, or digital-to-audio converters, is paramount. The quality of digital audio to analog audio converters, especially when the entire music creation process is being digitized, is becoming increasingly important. For more than a decade and a half there has even been a completely digitally created music scene with digitized vocals, so it is clear that the world of music and sound production has been digitized by leaps and bounds. Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT-W audio monitors are presented as a product that anyone who values ​​sound and its quality and power will appreciate.

With this, the conversion of digital to analog audio without losing quality in large spaces has been an important point in the technological advances of conversion, compression and decompression, among others. That's one of the aspects of the PIONEER DM-50D-BT-W Audio Monitors, speakers that tend more towards professional audio quality than domestic.

Let's make it clear that this not a review for home consumers. We thought of this for the really connoisseurs who are looking for high quality, yet affordable audio. And yes, we are talking about its price of approximately 300 euros, enters the range of accessible for professionals and spaces that use it as a tool. For them, these monitors are an investment or part of a material renovation budget. For home users who want great audio quality, the price can be high, but it is very noticeable when you put quality speakers, which will always have great quality, because the sound section does not degrade or devalue over time. .

We thank Pioneer for not giving us the material for review.


On the outer box, the model name, brand, and indication of its Bluetooth compatibility and the color of the model. Clearly, a box for warehouses. But this is temporary, merely for transportation, because the good is inside.

This is how the PIONEER DM-50D-BT-W audio monitors are presented, with a very clean and clearly professional presentation. Nothing beyond an image of the model and its color.

It would not be out of place in a physical retail store, but it is more noticeable that it is a design for distribution from warehouses. It is seen that the models are completely white for professional spaces, although there is a jet black model.

When opening the box, we find the usual instructions and some anti-vibration felts in a plastic box, followed by the basic connection cables for its operation.

The cables that come standard in the box with Pioneer DJ DM-50D-BT-W audio monitors are RCA; and connection cables between the speakers next to the power supply. Using RCA allows connection to an analog device, but in a more digital age, where much of the music is on network Hi-Fi players and even PCs, especially for music producers, one is missing S/PDIF cable. Luckily, these cables are not usually expensive, but it would have been very nice to have it as standard, but then we see that it does not have compatibility, while cheaper sound bars may well have them, taking advantage of the fact that televisions come with worse and worse standard speakers.

After that, we come to the main product. Two speakers, or sound monitors, white, of the Pioneer DJ brand.


And so they are in the foreground. Two units, one being the main one with the general volume control, and a button to activate the Bluetooth connection.

A totally simple design, but thanks to the Bluetooth button on the front side for easy access.

The speaker designated for the left side features this connection capability. RCS analog cables, stereo mini, which is what we know as minijack; and TRS to connect them to professional sound equipment. S/PDIF cable input is missing, because such a cable would allow a direct connection to professional computers with said sound output, or to high-end televisions that do not have good native speakers and these are a good substitute for a sound bar.

But we also highlight that it has a DJ mode and a production mode, which are two profiles focused on professionals. One that better mixes parties, and another that allows you to better hear the small details, designed for listening in studios and small spaces. Clearly, they are not options that domestic users demand a lot, since this range is aimed at professional producers.

It's not all bass and big sounds. Like good high-quality noise monitors, these include a tweeter, for those little soft, high-pitched sounds, and yet to have the desired sonic harmony and sound quality where little information is lost in the final step.


  • 3/4” (19mm) soft dome tweeter
  • 5″ (127mm) fiberglass cone woofer


Experience and conclusion with AUDIO PIONEER DM-50D-BT-W Monitors

With this set of loudspeakers, it is clear that they are made for professionals in the fullest sense of the word. We don't see it as much in consumer Home Theaters, nor in the most demanding ones, since they are stereo speakers, well marked with a left and right monitor indicator. They are not part of a 5.1 sound system. We do see them in small music venues where it matters that the sound is not only of good quality, but powerful. Therein lies a lot of the power of the bass, so that it can be noticed in those small vibrations that end up being physically noticed. Also on the tables of music producers and moderately sized rooms that want good sound quality.

But that power that it has comes at a cost, and it is that it is not highly recommended to use such equipment, least of all one with as much power as this, in apartments of a block of flats. The tremors end up noticing around the equipment. In our particular case, we have had to put anti-vibration materials on them to reduce it. With this, the sound test of this equipment was conditioned to the hours of less activity to test its quality so as not to disturb the rest of the people in the building. And it's a shame, because the sound is very enjoyable.

Keep in mind that it depends on everything and that there are no bottlenecks that attack the quality of the sound. Starting with having the files in good quality, not MP3 files from several years ago; and a device that you allow whether that S/PDIF or has a high Bluetooth protocol. At the end of the day, they are a high powered music system that lives up to its name. They have a good balance on a musical level, and the bass in songs that use it a lot is even physically noticeable. Unlike gaming equipment, they do not focus their power on the bass, seeking a flatter and more balanced sound.

We see this team in the rooms of music lovers who give parties in the room. It is difficult to recommend it to people sensitive to vibrations or who lives in houses that do not allow this type of equipment out of respect for coexistence with neighbors. We can't recommend it too strongly for personal teams, unless they're music producers.

Since it has a Bluetooth connection, we wanted to test it to see how it picks up and interprets the signal, using a transmission from a PC or a motherboard with a network card with a high Bluetooth protocol, to minimize noise quality. With a check with a musical theme with a lot of bass. The result with AUDIO PIONEER DM-50D-BT monitors is quite positive, with a minimal loss of bass quality. Some quality and latency loss is inevitable and expected for the use of the wireless protocol, but for music playback, we don't feel that much is lost. We do notice the inevitable delay with series and movies. That uncomfortable effect is generated that the sound does not fully coincide with the image, and in this case it is strongly recommended to use a cable connection if we want to use them as audio equipment for multimedia content away from music.

En general, they are the best audio monitors we have tested to date. AUDIO's PIONEER DM-50D-BT monitors are easily our favourites. The only bad thing, problems linked to inconveniences of technology such as a certain loss of Bluetooth quality, or its high power that prevents us from testing them as much as we want. If we had an independent residence, we would love to play music or listen to movies at full volume with these.

  • Great sound quality and power output.
  • Many connection options to ensure good sound quality for professionals.
  • Bluetooth maintains great audio quality and low power loss.
  • They are so powerful that they need vibration reducers like felt or rubber.
  • It does not have an S/PDIF cable connection.
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