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Review: Corsair RM850x White power supply

We analyze the Corsair RM850x White power supply, a PSU developed with high-quality components and great features, with 80Plus Gold certificate, designed for gaming equipment and users who want the guarantee of having their equipment protected against electrical incidents.

Normally, this component is not very precious and a low-cost solution is usually chosen, which in the long run can generate problems, as it does not have the minimum protections. For us, the power supply is an element equal to or more important than the processor or the graphics card, since it will not only power the system, but will also protect it against power surges and voltage drops, which are as or more harmful to computers. electronic components, that power surges. Today we will review the Corsair RM850x White.

This power supply offers us a power of 850W, with 80Plus Gold certification, one of the highest versions of this certificate, which guarantees an efficiency that ranges between 87% and 90%, depending on the load at all times. Basically, the characteristics are traced to the RM850x, which has been on the market for a while, but in this case it comes in white, for configurations where this color is predominant.

We have before us a completely modular power supply, therefore all cable sets are separated. This allows us two things, the first, efficient cable management and only installing the cables necessary for the system and the other possibility is to purchase a custom cable set from Corsair. If we had to choose custom cables, logically, they would be blank. The following cables have been arranged:

  • 1 ATX 20 + 4-pin [60 cm] cable
  • 2 EPS / ATX 4 + 4 pin cables [65 cm]
  • 3 cables x 2 PCIe connectors (6 + 2) pins [60 + 15 cm]
  • 1 cable x 4 SATA connectors [50 + 12 + 12 + 12 cm]
  • 2 cable x 4 SATA connectors [52 + 12 + 12 + 12 cm]
  • 2 cables x 4 Molex connectors [45 + 10 + 10 + 10 cm]
  • 1 Molex to Floppy converter cable [10 cm]

The Corsair RM850x, comes packaged with a bag, to protect it and prevent damage to this powerful power supply, with a robust structure with dimensions of 150x86x180mm and a total weight of 1Kg. The chassis has a completely white finish, of which, above all, the grill for the 985mm fan stands out. This fan has Riffle type bearings, which have the mission of managing the temperature according to the load. The fan starts operating with a 135W load or what is the same, at 340% load, reaching a maximum of 40dBA, when it reaches full load.

Something very interesting that all Corsair power supplies carry, is a sticker with the amperage of each of the power rails. The single + 12V rail of this power supply can deliver up to 70.8A, making a total of 850W. Although this rail can give all the power set by the power supply, we must take into account several aspects, the first is that this is the maximum, something that does not usually occur, since all sources have a limit, which depends the amount of elements and the temperature of its components, and as we should already know, a part of the electricity is lost when it is transformed into heat.

Very important in this power supply is the fan, which will not work until we reach a certain load. To efficiently cool the components of the power supply, the NR135L fan has been installed, which reaches 1.800RPM, if necessary, which has Rifle-type bearings, to reduce the noise level to the maximum.

Corsair RMx sources are characterized by having a full-bridge design with resonant LLC, which minimizes electrical losses and thus increases its efficiency. It has two DC-DC regulators, for the + 3.3V and + 5V secondary rails, which originate from the + 12V primary rail. The capacitors are of the Japanese type, which withstand up to 105ºC and have been manufactured by Nippon Chemi-Con, one of the best semiconductor manufacturers on the market.

  • AC power connector and EMC / EMI filter
  • Rectifier diode for incoming AC voltage
  • PFC inductor for power factor correction
  • PFC MOSFETs and relay diode for inrush current control
  • PFC and LLC control board
  • + 5.5V / + 3.3V board
  • MCU for fan control
  • Main transformer LLC
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Resonant Capacitor LLC
  • LLC transformer for synchronous rectification (SR)
  • SR MOSFETs and temperature thermistor
  • Resonant Inductor LLC
  • Transformer + 5VSB
  • Secondary output capacitors
  • Modular connector board

Additionally, this power supply has the following protection certificates:

  • Over Current Protection (OCP): Cuts off the voltage when one or more rails is loaded above the maximum safety level.
  • Over Voltage Protection (OVP): Cuts off the voltage when the voltage exceeds very specific levels specified by the manufacturer.
  • Under Voltage Protection (UVP): Cuts off the voltage when the voltage is below very specific levels specified by the manufacturer.
  • Short Circuit Protection (SCP): Cuts off the voltage when a short circuit is detected.
  • Over Temperature Protection (OTP): Cuts off the voltage when the temperature happens to specific values.
  • Over Power Protection (OPP): Cuts off voltage when total power output exceeds safe levels.

This is not just another power supply, but rather a high-quality and high-performance component, designed for mid-high-end equipment and above all, demanding users who want the best quality in their system. This Corsair RM850x White, is a power supply, not only reliable, but also efficient and that will protect us against any electrical fire and it is preferable to pay for a new power supply if something happens, than to have to pay For a crappy font and also a new processor, motherboard and graphics card.

It may be that some think that for the 80Plus Gold certification, why pay so much for such an expensive power supply, but in the end, quality and peace of mind are paid and it is preferable to pay for these aspects, than not investing everything in a good processor and graphics card and then use a medium hair source, which at the slightest problem, ends up destroying our equipment.


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