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ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold - Review

Having a powerful and quality power supply is important for a gaming equipment. We need the source to be of quality, with the corresponding protections and that it offers us stable voltages. The ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold complies with these precepts and also offers us RGB lighting. Its main characteristic and why it stands out is because it is completely modular.

Thanks to ThunderX3 for giving us this power supply

Unboxing ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w top box

Let's start by talking a bit about the ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold box. The box on the front shows us the brand and name of this power supply. We also see on the front an image of the power supply as well as the RGB indication and the 80Plus Gold certification.

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w back box

Turning the box around and looking at the back, we see some data highlighted. Here the RGB lighting stands out that can not only be seen on the fan, but also on the side of the fountain. A lighting that is controlled by a switch on the outside of it. The number of cables that are added to this power supply and the maximum power to be supplied for each of the voltages are also detailed.

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w unboxing

The power supply arrives in bubble wrap packaging. This seems quite excessive to us, since we could protect it quite well with a cardboard cover. Power supplies lack moving parts that can be damaged by shocks, so it seems like an excessive use of plastic, which is highly polluting.

ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold Design

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w modular connectors

ThunderX3 has created a completely modular power supply. This allows a much more efficient cable management, installing only those cables that we need. Something interesting is that they have highlighted the connectors for the graphics card, which we can see marked in red.

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w internal fan

Cooling the power supplies is very important, because of the heat losses. This source certified with 80Plus Gold guarantees an efficiency of 92% at a load of 50%, which is very good. To help with heat dissipation, a 140mm fan has been installed, which, according to the brand, is very quiet, but it is not specified if it uses 0dB technology.

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w side

The side of this ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold PSU is quite interesting. It is not usual for sources to have lighting beyond RGB on the fan. This source has RGB lighting on the side, something that can be covered in modern chassis, due to the trim that many boxes incorporate.

Features ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700 rgb

We can see that this power supply has RGB lighting. This is controlled by a button that we find on the back of it. It has 12 lighting modes, among which we find five types of RGB lighting and seven solid colors. Unfortunately the RGB lighting cannot be synchronized with the rest of the lighting in our setup.

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700w voltages

This power supply has the Intel ATX12V v2.4 and EPS v2.02 standards. In addition, this power supply complies with the latest Intel C6 / C7 guidelines. But it is also that it also has protection against overvoltage (OVP), low voltage (UVP), overcurrent (OCP), overpower (OPP) and short circuits (SCP).

Power-supply-Thunder-X3-Plexus-700 cables

We can find the following cables inside the box:

  • 1x 20 + 4 PIN exposed (500mm)
  • 1x 12V 4 + 4 PIN exposed (550mm)
  • 2x exposed SATA (550mm) + SATA (150mm)
  • 2x exposed SATA (350mm) + LEG (150mm) + LEG (150mm)
  • 1x PCIe 6 + 2P exposed (500mm) + PCIe 6 + 2P (150mm)
  • 2x PCIe 6 + 2P exposed (500mm) x2

Specifications ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold

  • Ports and Interfaces
    • Motherboard power supply: 20 + 4 pin ATX
    • Motherboard power cable length: 50cm
    • Number of SATA Power Connectors: 6
    • Number of PATA power connectors: 4
    • SATA Power Cable Length: 150,350,550mm
    • PCI Express power connectors (6 + 2 pin): 4
    • PCI Express power cable length: 50cm
    • CPU power connector (4 + 4 pins): Yes
    • CPU power cable length: 55 cm
    • ATX power connector (20 + 4 pin): Yes
  • Power control
    • Total power: 700 W
    • AC input voltage: 100 - 240
    • AC input frequency: 50 - 60
    • Input current: 12
    • Combined power (+3,3 V): 100 W
    • Maximum output current (+ 3.3V): 20 A
    • Combined power (+12 V): 696 W
    • Maximum output current (+ 12V): 58 A
    • Combined power (+5 V): 100 W
    • Maximum output current (+ 5V): 20 A
    • Combined power (-12V): 6 W
    • Maximum output current (-12V): 0,5 A
    • Combined power (+5 VSB): 12,5 W
    • Maximum output current (+ 5Vsb): 2,5 A
    • Power protection functions: Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Overvoltage, Short circuit, Undervoltage
  • Regulatory approvals
    • 80 PLUS Certification: 80 PLUS Gold
  • Packaging content
    • User Manual: Yes
    • Cables included: PCIe, SATA
  • Cooling
    • Fan diameter: 14 cm
    • Number of Fans: 1 Fan (s)
    • Cooling type: Active
  • Integrated
    • Color of product: Black
    • Lighting: Yes
    • Illumination Color: Red / Green / Blue



If you are looking for a power supply for your gaming system, this ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold can be a great choice. The most interesting aspect of it is that it is completely modular, allowing you to create more efficient wiring. We may not have the need to power storage drives, so we would remove a lot of cables.

But this font has some major drawbacks for us. The first is that it does not have a 0dB type fan, so the fan is running even without load. Also, RGB lighting cannot be controlled via software, only via a push button. So the lighting of it and the rest of our setup will go by completely different places.

  • Enough power for most modern gaming setups
  • It is completely modular
  • It has a 140mm fan
  • Meets Intel specifications
  • Integrate the necessary security protections
  • Does not have 0dB technology for the fan
  • RGB cannot be controlled by software

ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold


The ThunderX3 PLEXUS 700W 80Plus Gold power supply offers us a high-quality, full modular type solution, so that we have complete cable management. In addition, it integrates RGB lighting in the fan and the side that is controlled with a button on the back of it

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