Newskill Serike Ivory - Review

We have been able to test the new Newskill Serike Ivory keyboard, which integrates Outemu Red mechanical switches and wrist rest

More and more users are opting to develop a completely white setup. Newskill has launched the Serike Ivory keyboard, which is characterized by being completely white. This keyboard makes use of Outemu Red mechanical switches, a high-quality solution for developing inexpensive keyboards.

Thanks to Newskill for lending us this keyboard

Unboxing Newskill Serike Ivory

NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY Gaming keyboard front box

The keyboard arrives in a completely white box where the keyboard with RGB lighting stands out. As the keyboard is white, they have opted for a box that reflects its color. It stands out that it is a mechanical keyboard, that it has an aluminum panel and that it is 100% N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting.

NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY Gaming keyboard back box

If we turn the box, here too we see the keyboard in all its glory. We also see a table of specifications where it gives us the main data of this Newskill Serike Ivory. The brand highlights the aluminum body and that we can configure frames without the need for software. It is also noted that this keyboard makes use of Outemu Red mechanical switches.

Gaming keyboard NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY merchandising

Inside, of course, we find the keyboard perfectly protected to avoid scratches. Also included is a package that includes some stickers, a collectible card, and a doorknob card that indicates that you can pass or that we are playing. Also included is the typical tool for removing keycaps from switches.

Newskill Serike Ivory Design

Gaming keyboard NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY keycaps

The first thing that stands out about this keyboard is that a very thick aluminum sheet has been arranged. We can see that it has a 45 degree bevel at the top to avoid accidental damage. It has a design, this aluminum surface, on which fingerprints are not imprinted, something that we really liked.

Gaming keyboard NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY elevation switches

Without leaving the aluminum surface behind, let's talk a little about the mechanical switches of this Newskill Serike Ivory keyboard. The brand has installed them superficially on the aluminum sheet. This is great, as it makes cleaning the keyboard a lot easier. When the switches are below the surface, cleaning is often quite difficult. Through this design we would not need to remove the keycaps, with a can of compressed air we could clean it in a few minutes.

NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY Gaming keyboard wrist rest

Another point that has caught our attention is the wrist rest. It has a hinged design that makes it easy to pick up or put it on. The wrist rest is screwed to the same structure as the keyboard, so we cannot remove it easily. Its use is highly recommended, as it allows for better ergonomics, especially when playing games. But it is also that it allows raising the height of the keyboard about 2 centimeters.

NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY Gaming keyboard with open lift leg

All the details have been taken care of in this keyboard, even the non-slip rubbers. It has eight non-slip pads, two in the upper area, three in the lower area and three more on the wrist rest. This keyboard also has two legs that allow you to increase the angle of this keyboard. These feet have non-slip rubber to prevent it from moving.

Features Newskill Serike Ivory

Gaming keyboard NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY outemu red

Let's start by talking about the Outemu Red mechanical switches that integrates this keyboard. The first thing to note is that these are the RGB version. This Red model is characterized by having a 2mm actuation and requires an actuation force of 45g. Indicate that these switches, good for any type of game, are the most versatile on the market.

Gaming keyboard NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY rgb effect

The lighting of this keyboard is individual for each key. This allows for a much more elegant design, as each key can be a different color. But we can also choose between the different 'on-the-fly' lighting modes. The keyboard has 11 RGB lighting modes to which we can regulate the intensity and the scrolling speed.

NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY Gaming keyboard usb cable

We must highlight of this Newskill Serike Ivory keyboard that the cable is covered by a textile mesh in white. Not surprisingly, this keyboard ends in a gold-plated USB connector to prevent corrosion. The keyboard base has a space to route the cable, being able to exit from the left, the center and the right. This little detail is great, since we can adjust it as we need.

NEWSKILL SERIKE IVORY side rgb gaming keyboard

Finally we want to highlight a detail that we really liked. Both sides have RGB lighting synchronized with the rest of the keyboard. It is beautiful with the light off and is very striking.

Specifications Newskill Serike Ivory

  • 11 RGB backlight modes on its sides
  • Breathing mode with 8 different modes
  • 5 interactive background modes
  • Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording
  • 100% anti-ghosting with N-key rollover technology Mechanical switch technology, more than 50 million keystrokes assured
  • Integrated wrist rest
  • Dimensions: 456x 218 Ă— 40 mm
  • Weight: 900 ± 30 g
  • Cable length: 1.8 m



If you are looking for keyboard, the Newskill Serike Ivory is one of the best keyboards that you can buy for its great quality / price ratio. That it has an aluminum foil in the upper area where the Outemu Red mechanical switches are integrated is great. Not only aesthetics, it also gives it great robustness.

Outemu Red switches with individual RGB lighting per key have been used for this keyboard. These switches have little to envy the Cherry or other mechanical cut switches. Yes, it is true that they are a little below in travel, but in terms of durability they are up to par.

Newskill has done great with this keyboard, possibly one of the best we've tested from the brand. The fact that the switches are surface-mounted greatly simplifies cleaning. Integrating the wrist rest into the keyboard itself via a hinge is a great detail. The RGB is not excessively bright, which is also a very positive thing in our view.

  • It has really neat finishes
  • Very good quality non-slip rubber feet
  • Hinged wrist rest
  • Surface-mounted mechanical switches on aluminum simplify keyboard cleaning
  • Outemu Red switches with individual RGB lighting have been arranged
  • It is 100% N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting
  • White meshed USB cable with velcro strap
  • RGB can be easily customized from the keyboard itself without the need for software
  • RGB lighting on the sides
  • Nothing to highlight

Newskill Serike Ivory

Mechanical switches
Wrist rest
RGB lighting
Switch installation

The Newskill Serike Ivory keyboard is characterized by having a surface made of aluminum with Outemu Red mechanical switches with a surface mount. Each of the switches features individual RGB lighting that is matched to the edges, which also have led strips.

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