PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for Mobile - Review

With the high dependence on mobile phones as a daily, leisure or work tool, the limit of the capacity of the batrerías that come standard means that we have to look for a powerbank. Or external battery as many call it in Spain and Latin America. Today we find ourselves with the task of making a review of this Jiga Powerbank with a capacity of 30 mAh.

We thank Jiga for giving us this product for review.

Unboxing of the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobile

Front look at the box that the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobile comes in.

Rear side of the Powerbank.

The Powerbank and the microSD cable that comes with it to be able to charge it when its internal capacity runs out.


A look at the button to give the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobile charging instruction.

Fresh out of the box, the powerbank comes with around 40% charge to be able to charge the mobiles immediately.

Look at one of the sides of the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobile.

Side with all current inputs and outputs. We also see that it has a flashlight to be used in emergencies such as a power failure at night or when we go camping.

View of the rear of the powerbank.

Bottom view of the powerbank, where we can see its technical details.

The PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh flashlight for mobiles in operation.

Specifications of the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobile

  • 30000 mAh battery.
  • Three power inputs: a 5V 2.1A USB-C, a 5V 2.1A micro-USB, and a 5V 2.1A Lightning.
  • Three power outputs: a 5V 2.1A USB-C, a 5V 2.1A micro-USB, and a 5V 2.1A Lightning.
  • Smart Quick Charge 3.0.
  • Five segment LED indicator.
  • 507 grams of weight.


Experience and conclusion

Today everyone needs a battery or powerbank with everything that we use the mobile at the end of the day, and if we do not renew the mobile regularly, we will end up needing it quickly. Even having a new mobile, if for example we are regular players of Pokémon Go (which is becoming more and more demanding), a powerbank will be useful for us not to be at minimum capacity in Plaza de España or in the Retiro de Madrid.

If that, the idea of ​​having a powerbank that easily supplies the entire battery of the mobile phone on a camping weekend or when we are on a business trip is tempting. It is more intended for a very traveling user or to supply power to a group of people due to its huge battery. To put ourselves in contexts of its capacity, many mid- and high-end mobiles have a capacity of 5 mHa, with which we can recharge these demanding terminals six times with a full charge from the powerbank without having to recharge it. Six charges is easily two days of semi-intensive use.

In addition, it comes with fast charging capability, which is an addition that not many batteries usually have. We have tested this by using the fully charged PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobile phones as the sole charging source for a 5 mHa mobile for one day after fully discharging, and after the experiment, you have enough to charge for another day.

The main drawback of the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh for mobiles is that its size far exceeds that of many mobiles, even those in the high-end ranges. That, and its weight of half a kilo that can make it less convenient as a day-to-day powerbank if we do not carry bags or backpacks. For our daily commute to work it can be a lot of weight, but as soon as the trip can be extended to more than half a day without the security of having a plug to charge, it will be appreciated.

Having three exits means that it can even be shared with family and friends without having to fight for turns. And that there are precisely three input ports means that we can simply carry a single cable, being able to easily forget about the micro-USB that comes in the box and instead use the USB-C or Lightning since the micro USB is increasingly in disuse. This is what has surprised us the most about the PowerBank Jiga 30000 mAh, since many external batteries remain simply batteries for personal use.

Lastly, there is the flashlight. The usual thing for battery-operated flashlights happens to this, since it is an integrated LED in the little space. It is ideal for lighting a house in a blackout at night and looking for the differential, or to have some lighting on a night camping. But it has enough concentrated luminance to make it a camping lantern to use on a night hike. But it is clear that this last case is not his intention.

  • 30 mHa are several loads for a mobile, even the most powerful.
  • Its high capacity makes it ideal to take on a family getaway or with friends.
  • It allows fast charging in case we need a lot of energy and we have little time.
  • The flashlight is a welcome addition.
  • Three power inputs to be compatible with different cables mean you don't have to carry a dedicated cable.
  • Its size and weight can be somewhat cumbersome to carry on a day-to-day basis, but it is understandable knowing that it has 30 mHa.
  • The light from the built-in flashlight is not a substitute for a camping flashlight.
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