Review: Corsair VOID Pro Surround gaming headphones

We analyze the Corsair VOID Pro Surround headphones, 17 a high-quality gaming headset, which offers us the best features, with great sound clarity and a high-quality microphone.

Gaming headphones are an element that we must acquire with great care, since, although anyone can reproduce sound, the quality and precision of the sound is not the same in all the headphones on the market. Corsair has long experience in the gaming peripherals market, with a very wide range of products all of high quality. An example of this are the new Corsair VOID Pro Surround, high-quality gaming headphones, designed to be used for hours and that isolate us from the outside.

Corsair has put all its experience and knowledge into the Corsair VOID Pro Surround with the intention of offering a high-end product that offers us the best features. This is why it has endowed these headphones with the greatest possible comfort, offering a system of visco-elastic foam cushions covered by a microfiber mesh-type fabric in the atria and headband, making them extremely comfortable. The atria integrate 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets, to offer the best sound quality, which is completely surround thanks to the Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround technology. The microphone could not be less, for our games with friends and offers unidirectional noise cancellation, which allows the speech to be captured in a completely clear way.

These excellent headphones arrive in a box with the representative colors of the brand, graphite gray and yellow, something that makes their products very recognizable. The front area shows us the headphones and the name of the product, while in the back of the box we can find all the specifications of these excellent headphones. The package is sturdy, so the headphones are unlikely to be damaged unless it is kicked in. Internally, these headphones have the product manual, the warranty document, a foam filter for the microphone to protect it from saliva and the Dolby Headphone 7.1 adapter.

In our case, black has been combined with red, which gives it a striking and very attractive appearance, which stands out and also that the Corsair logo lights up is another attractive point in the design of these Corsair VOID Pro Surround. The design is very careful, but that does not mean that great interest has not been paid to its constructive quality and we see that at that point it is one of the best. The speaker cover, where we can see the Corsair logo, is made of robust plastic, in addition, the axis that starts from the side of the atrium, allows it to adapt excellently to our head.

Something common in Corsair products is that if the headset has control buttons and a remote control is not integrated into the cable, these are in the left atrium. We see how in the left atrium the button to mute the microphone and the wheel that allows us to control the volume of these headphones have been integrated. The atria also have visco elastic foam padding to offer the greatest possible comfort and is covered by a microfiber fabric to make it as breathable as possible.

The main feature of the headband of these Corsair VOID Pro Surround is that they carry the Corsair name screen-printed and are adjustable, so that it adapts to the maximum. The internal area also has visco elastic foam covered by microfiber fabric to allow comfort and breathability. What is not convincing is that it is made of plastic, since, despite being a robust and quality plastic, plastic tends to break.

The microphone is a fundamental component of every self-respecting gaming headset, since games tend to be multiplayer and a precious and quality microphone is necessary to transmit our orders or information clearly to colleagues. The microphone, as we have mentioned, is unidirectional, which means that it only captures the sound that comes out of our mouth and does not capture the sound of what is behind it, thus suppressing ambient noise. It has an impedance of 2.2kΩ, a response frequency ranging from 100Hz to 10kHz with a sensitivity of -37dB with a tolerance of 3dB.

The speakers of this Corsair VOID Pro Surround are 50mm and of very good quality, as their characteristics indicate, since they offer a frequency spectrum that goes from 20Hz to 20kHz, with which we have the complete audible spectrum, something that must be taken into account. It should be noted that the impedance of these headphones is 32Ω at a frequency of 1kHz. These offer us a clear and perfect sound, with great precision and completely enveloping.

We can use these headphones on our desktop computer either directly by connecting them via a 3.5mm jack to our tower or make use of the Dolby Headphone 7.1 adapter. If we connect via jack, we will have traditional 2.0 sound and with the adapter we will achieve a high quality digital 7.1 sound. In addition, these headphones can be connected directly to the control of the PlayStation, therefore it is also compatible with this console.

Corsair, without a doubt has put all its knowledge in the development of the Corsair VOID Pro Surround and the final product, it is an authentic pass. Without a doubt, they are headphones that despite being around € 80, are worth it, since they guarantee quality and will last us for years, there is no doubt about that. The quality is paid, that is logical and the quality of these headphones is seen in all the points of it, paying attention to aesthetics and selecting high quality elements for the construction part.


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