Review: Krom Kieg gaming headphones

We analyze the Krom Kieg headphones, in-ear gaming headphones designed for outdoor areas that also allow connection with a smartphone and tablet and respond through the hands-free system that is integrated into the cable.

Gaming laptops are becoming a trend and the statistics that have become known are that sales are increasing and significant growth in the sale of gaming laptops is expected. These teams allow you to take gaming everywhere and be able to play wherever you want. If we are going to play a game in a public area, the ideal is to wear headphones to listen to the action of the game and not that of our surroundings. Carrying large gaming headphones is not practical, that's why Krom has devised the Krom Kieg, high-quality in-ear headphones that are easy to transport.

Krom has thought of bringing the gaming experience to headphones designed to be taken anywhere and the result has been these fantastic Krom Kieg. These in-ear headphones have been designed to be connected to a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, devices that can be carried anywhere and where there is no room for large solutions. These interesting headphones offer very high sound quality and excellent suppression of external sound. In addition, as they have been designed to be connected to a smartphone or tablet, it allows the function of answering calls through the control knob that have the same cable.

These in-ear headphones offer a kit of three silicone tips that allow the headphones to adapt to our ear perfectly and prevent them from falling out, in addition to offering a flat cable that prevents tangles, that heavy and that thing that so many headaches gives. Krom has developed the Krom Kieg designed to be used in outdoor areas where there is a lot of ambient noise, but these headphones offer a compact hearing seal and a very faithful sound reproduction, which allows you to isolate yourself from the environment and focus only on the game.

Thanks to the use of a jack connector and not a USB port, these headphones are completely plug & play and are compatible with different equipment and operating systems, being fully compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. They have a line control on the cable itself, which allows us to use them as if it were a hands-free when using a smartphone or tablet, due to the fact that they have an integrated omnidirectional microphone, allowing making calls, something that is highly useful.

We must say that a good product if you take care of it can last us a long time and Krom wants us to enjoy them for a long time and as if we had just taken them out of the box, that is why it is given together with these headphones, a small compact case that allows us Store them quickly and easily, protecting them from the passage of time and shocks, as this box is quite rigid and has quality padding to absorb shock.

Regarding its most important characteristics, these headphones have 10mm speakers that support a frequency range that goes from 20Hz to 20kHz with an impedance of 32Ω. The microphone is an omnidirectional type that captures frequencies from 30Hz to 16kHz with a sensitivity of -45dB with a tolerance of 2dB. They are jack type connection, the cable is flat and the cable is 1.2 meters long.

Krom Kieg are a compact, simple and elegant solution for those who want to listen to music, make hands-free calls or play games in busy areas, as they offer excellent isolation with very good sound quality. Calls can be answered by pressing a button and the microphone is omnidirectional, are details to take into account when selecting them. The protective box and the cable that prevents tangles are two elements to take into account, since it will avoid that ball into which the cable becomes to the smallest and we will have them in perfect condition, since they will be protected in their rigid box with padding. We have been pleasantly surprised and for those looking for a versatile solution, Kieg de Krom is the perfect solution. We want to thank Krom for lending us these headphones for analysis.

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