Review: Sades Shaker gaming headphones

We analyze the Sades Shaker headphones, gaming headphones with virtual 7.1 sound and which are also characterized by integrating a vibration system.

When we get ready to play a game, there are three fundamental elements that can lead us to victory or resounding defeat and these are a keyboard, a mouse and headphones. Any one of these three elements can be the one that defends our chances of victory. Sades is aware of how critical sound quality can be when we are in a game and that is why he manufactures headphones that allow us to enjoy quality and enveloping sound. An example of this is the Sades Shaker.

The Sades Shaker are gaming headphones designed for all kinds of games, which will allow us to hear clearly and clearly what is happening around us to avoid being surprised from behind by an enemy. They offer a really good experience, which together with an integrated vibration system, will allow us to be fully aware of our surroundings and react quickly. In addition, these headphones are 7.1, therefore the sound is completely enveloping, making surprise impossible, either from our back or from the flanks.

Among its features, we find that these Shaker headphones offer a 40mm diameter megaphone. As we mentioned, these headphones have a virtual 7.1 sound together with a vibration system, which will act in specific situations. They have a frequency response range that goes from 20Hz to 20kHz, with a sensitivity of 90dB ± 3dB at a frequency of 1kHz, in addition, a resistance of 32Ω also at a frequency of 1kHz. Regarding energy consumption, these have a maximum consumption of 10mW.

We turn to the microphone, it has dimensions of 6 * 5mm, making it ideal and not too large, as happens with other solutions, which are excessively large and uncomfortable. It has a sensitivity of -23dB ± 3dB tolerance with a frequency range that goes from 50Hz to 10kHz, with a resistance, this microphone of ≤2.2kΩ under a frequency of 1kHz.

These headphones also have a 2.2 meter cable, ideal for PC gaming with a more than enough length, what's more, the cable has an elegant blue and black mesh on the outside. The microphone also has the ability to be removable, or what is the same, we can put it on and off it according to our needs. Finally, the left atrium has volume control using a wheel that allows you to raise and lower the volume and two additional buttons.

These Sades Shaker headphones are of good quality and offer interesting features, such as the removable microphone and the finish of the connection cable, which has a protective external mesh in blue and black. They are completely plastic, but this looks good quality, so we shouldn't have any dislikes. Something curious is the vibration, a utility that is not at all common, but at a given moment it can be very interesting depending on the type of game we are going to play. We have found them a good solution and also, we want to thank Sades for giving them to us for a review.

We want to thank Sades Spain for giving us these headphones for analysis.

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