Review: Sades Spider gaming headphones

We analyze the Sades Spider gaming headset, a very complete headset of a great quality, which offers a lot of versatility, being compatible with desktop computers and consoles.

Sound quality for any gaming fan is essential, since when we play, we want to enjoy clear sound, which allows us to get into the game and listen to everything that happens around us. Sades offers us solutions for all tastes and with a fairly high sound quality, and not everything goes. The Sades Spider are an excellent solution for any gamer and whatever their gaming segment. In addition, the Sades Spider are multi-platform or what is the same, they are designed for desktop and console computers.


Regarding the characteristics of these headphones, we have a 40mm megaphone, an excellent size with a very comfortable rectangular design, so we can play for many hours with this headset without feeling discomfort or pain in the ears. They have a frequency range from 20Hz to 20kHz with a sensitivity of 112dB with a tolerance of 3dB at a frequency of 1kHz, and at this frequency these headphones have an impedance of 16Ω. We must emphasize that the consumption of these headphones is barely 15mW.

We went to the microphone, a fundamental element when it comes to making cooperative games with friends. This microphone has dimensions of 6x5mm with a sensitivity of -54dB with a tolerance of 3dB. It works with a frequency range from 50Hz to 10kHz with a resistance of 2.2kΩ for a frequency of 1kHz. Without a doubt a microphone that is good, offering good performance.


These Sades headphones natively incorporate a one meter cable that terminates in a USB port. This cable would be somewhat short, but they incorporate more solutions to lengthen the length of the cables. It has an adapter that controls the volume of the headphones, mute the playback or mute the microphone. By connecting the USB of the headphones to this we achieve a length of about three meters, ending this cable in another USB port and a jack connector for the microphone.

Sades does not want them to be only for computers, he has also made them compatible with the Play Station 4, the XBOX 360 and the XBOX One, so it has two additional sets of cables. The first is a cable that connects to the side of the sound controller that allows it to be connected to an XBOX One controller and the second connects to the RCA connectors of the XBOX 360, which did not have a jack connector. These RCA connectors are special, to connect if we need speakers or other RCA headphones, so we could need it at some point.


We really liked these Sades Spider, which we consider to be very complete and are ideal for connecting to any of the platforms we have in our house. The sound quality is excellent, they are possibly the ones that offer the highest sound quality, although they are the ones that offer greater versatility, since they can be connected to multiple platforms, so we can use headphones for all our platforms.

We want to thank Sades Spain for giving us these headphones for analysis.

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