Review: Sades Tpower gaming headphones

We analyze the Sades Tpower headphones, good performance gaming headphones, designed to be used on multiple platforms and for a large number of hours of play.

Possibly the most fundamental peripheral for all gaming enthusiasts, since a headset that offers us all the sound of our environment is essential, as important as a good keyboard or a good mouse. Sades knows about headphones and has developed the Sades Tpower. This headset is a great solution for those who want great customization and a quality fit that provides good comfort for those long hours of gaming, which seem to have no end.

Among its characteristics, we have that the diameter of the megaphone of these headphones is 40mm, so we will obtain a good and quality sound, offering, these megaphones, a range of frequencies that goes from 20Hz to 20kHz, with a sensitivity of 115dB with a tolerance of ± 3dB under a frequency of 1kHz and a resistance, at this frequency of 32Ω, which is really good. The consumption of these headphones is really low, being only 30mW.

Another important and fundamental element is the microphone, which has dimensions of 6mm * 5mm, offering a microphone sensitivity of -54dB with a tolerance of ± 3dB, offering a response to a frequency range that goes from 50Hz up to 100kHz. The microphone offers a resistance of ≤2.2kΩ at a frequency of 1kHz.

Within the specifications of these headphones, we have good quality specifications, such as oval-type atria with an ergonomic design, designed to offer hours of sound quality and above all, a lot of comfort. The headband is not aluminum, which is a bit weak, in our opinion, but this headband has no less than nine adjustable levels.

What most attracts our attention about these headphones is its 2.2 meter long cable terminated in a 3.5mm jack connector and that is also characterized by this cable, as a special anti-tangle cable and a control system, which Allows you to mute the sound or adjust the volume easily. The microphone for its part is rotary, therefore when we have it raised it is muted and when we lower it it is functional.

These Sades Tpower are designed for computers, but also for consoles such as the Play Station and the XBOX. They have a sober and simple design, but it is enough for any video game fan who wants an inexpensive but quality solution, adjusting the quality of the materials to the price, but the quality of the product in general is very good. It is a good solution for those who have a reasonable price, but want a good product quality.

This time we are talking about wired headphones, but there are options for wireless headphones very good with which we can also have a very good sound experience.

We want to thank Sades Spain for giving us these headphones for analysis.

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