Review: Bultaco Lobito GT 301 Headset

We analyze the Bultaco Lobito GT 301 headphones, high quality headphones that will delight users, with excellent sound fidelity that offer a brutal in-game experience.

Playing is quite an experience and when you play with certain improvements or with certain features, going back is almost impossible. Games must have a great story, that's undeniable, but also, playing at 4K resolutions instead of 1080p, is an experience and creates a feeling of immersion and quality. Sound is another of the fundamental factors, since good headphones with good sound quality can offer us something that we would not have otherwise, a complete experience. Bultaco is aware of this and that is why they have developed the Bultaco Lobito GT 301 headset.

Yes, we are talking about a gaming peripheral from Bultaco, the mythical Spanish motorcycle company, which has made the leap to gaming and what a leap. We have had the immense pleasure of using the Bultaco Lobito GT 301 and they undoubtedly live up to the company's name. The motorcycle company does not want to make peripherals, to be made and simply to expand to other markets, it wants to enter through the big door and conquer the gaming peripherals market and we can guarantee that it will achieve it.

We are going to see the characteristics of these headphones and then we will discuss our experience with these headphones. The first thing to say is that the diameter of the speakers is 40mm, something that is very good, ideal for the middle ear, and they have a response frequency that ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz. The impedance is 32Ω, a common impedance in quality headphones. The sensitivity of these headphones stands out, which at 1kHz is 105dB with a tolerance of 3dB, which is synonymous with high quality.

These Bultaco Lobito GT 301 headphones have all their details very well cared for and the comfort of the gamer has been thought about when using them and for this reason a 2.2 meter cable that ends in a USB connector and also the cable has been thought It has a very complete volume control, which allows you to cut the sound from the headphones or activate the vibration mode. The microphone is cut easily by raising the microphone, something that has become popular among manufacturers and that we consider useful and comfortable, rather than a button.

It stands out from these Bultaco Lobito GT 301, which have a double headband system for a comfortable fit and which is also completely adaptive, in addition to being quite light, considering only 405 grams. They have virtual 7.1 sound and high quality vibration system, guaranteeing a completely immersive experience. They are intended for PC, but are also compatible with the PlayStation 4.

You can guess a bit what we are going to say about these Bultaco Lobito GT 301, but we confirm it, they are brutal. We have been extremely surprised by the sound quality in both the BASS mode and the vibrate mode, which offer incredible sound quality and fidelity. The regulator may seem a bit cumbersome, but it is great, very comfortable and intuitive. They seem to us a headset worthy of the Spanish motorcycle company and that will surely give a lot to talk about and gain a place in the market quickly and almost without problems. We recommend them, without a doubt.

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