Review: Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris + Glaive RGB + K95 RGB Platinium gaming peripherals

We analyze the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris mousepad, the Corsair Glaive RGB mouse and the Corsair K95 RGB Platinium keyboard, which are characterized by having RGB LED lighting that can be synchronized with the rest of the components of our system.

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Back to school is coming and today we want to bring you an interesting review, in which we will analyze not one or two gamer peripherals, but we will talk about three Corsair peripherals, to sweeten you back to school or back to work after the holidays. Specifically in this review we will talk about the perfect keyboard, mouse and mousepad combination, three great Corsair products such as the Corsair Glaive gaming mouse, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum mechanical keyboard and the Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS RGB mat. This set of peripherals is undoubtedly the ultimate weapon for any gamer worth his salt.

We'll start by talking a bit about the Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS mat, before getting to grips with it. Corsair in this case has wanted to offer a high-quality peripheral, with an extremely slippery surface that allows easy movement along the surface of the same, in addition, to have RGB LED lighting around it, which can be synchronized with the team and thus the whole system, work in the same way. Something positive is that it will not remove a USB port, since it integrates an operative USB port to connect USB memories or other units.

We continue with the Corsair Glaive, an excellent high-performance gaming mouse in which the ergonomics of this peripheral have been looked at a lot. The mouse has interchangeable parts on the left side, which can be changed, in order to make the player as comfortable as possible. This mouse in addition to RGB lighting, allows different profiles adaptable to any game and style of play of the player and they are stored in the memory of the player. Today we are no longer capable of conceiving a gaming mouse without internal memory, since having to configure it each time, if you change equipment, is impractical.

We save the best for last, we save the spectacular Corsair K95 RGB Platinum gaming keyboard for last, a keyboard that will delight all gamers, especially those fans of shooter games. The main characteristics of this keyboard are the Cherry MX RGB Speed ​​mechanical keys, each one customizable in terms of color, according to the user's taste, in addition, the keys have a shorter travel than other Cherry MX mechanical keys, so the action done faster and more efficiently. It also has programmable macro keys, according to taste, to activate shortcuts, key configuration in games or whatever we need.

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The Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS mouse pad is an excellent mouse pad with a heavy-duty surface, offering excellent mouse tracking and high precision, which has also received RGB LED lighting. Its surface is characterized by having a surface with an excellent microtexture, which provides really low friction, which allows movements to be faster and more efficient, in addition to taking advantage of the 350x260x5mm surface that this impressive mat has. .

This mat, of significant dimensions, offers us an excellent option for precise tracking of our mouse, without having a high friction that slows down movement or makes it feel annoying or uncomfortable. No less than fifteen individual RGB LED zones with PWM lighting technology have been added to this mat, allowing us to achieve highly accurate color rendering. The CUE software allows us to illuminate the different areas of this according to our taste, in addition to allowing us to run various effects.

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The mouse is a very important element in any gamer system worth its salt and should offer us great quality and performance, as well as excellent precision. The Corsair Glaive RGB is undoubtedly the best option, among other things because it has three interchangeable zones in the left zone, so that it best adapts to our needs and a highly accurate optical sensor that is capable of tracking all movements, no matter how fast they are. Something quite curious is that this mouse has surface calibration.

One consideration, which is done little with respect to mice, is the design, which must be elegant and attractive, but highly ergonomic and this mouse meets these two requirements, among others, by having an interchangeable space in the left area, something that will allow us to play for hours without fatigue. The sensor of this mouse is high precision optical, also offering a great tracking capacity, although the movements are at high speed, in addition, it has a calibration system that allows us to improve the optimization according to the surface. This system is automatic on all Corsair floor mats, to offer the best and most accurate response possible.

Corsair has left nothing to chance and has put the best technologies in this mouse, such as OMRON switches. These are located under the left and right buttons and are expressly developed for gaming, offering an extremely fast response and also have a useful life of more than 50 million clicks. Note that this mouse has several zones with adjustable RGB lighting, which allows us to synchronize with the rest of Corsair peripherals and with the rest of the hardware of our equipment.

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Corsair has put all its technical knowledge into the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum and has also integrated into this keyboard the latest Cherry MX mechanical switches, designed solely and exclusively for gaming. Cherry MX Speed ​​mechanical switches are characterized by being the fastest and most efficient on the market, as they have an actuation travel of only 1.2mm. These MX Speed ​​are mechanical switches developed by Cherry, designed only for gaming fans and especially for first-person or FPS gamers, who need an extremely fast action time. Also, they have RGB LED backlighting, therefore we can customize the color of the mechanical switches.

The keyboard has no less than six macro keys, which we can customize to our liking with shortcuts to applications, keyboard combinations for gaming or whatever interests us the most. These additional keys have a special texture, different from that of the rest of the keyboard, for easy and quick identification, with a specially designed outline to avoid accidental keystrokes. We can store the information in the 8MB of memory that the keyboard integrates, with up to three profiles that we can vary according to what we want and on any computer, since once the profiles are stored, we can use it with the profiles created on any computer, whether or not it is installed. Corsair software.

It is not a keyboard for everyone, it is designed for those who want the best qualities and features. The structure of this keyboard is made of high-quality anodized aluminum, which is the same used in the aerospace segment, with a brushed finish that gives it a very interesting design. This is so that it supports continued use by the user and that it resists accidental blows or when we lose a game, incomprehensibly.

Integrated with the aluminum frame, this keyboard in the rear area has what has been called the Light Edge, a total of nineteen independent zones, along with the Corsair logo, which allow various backlight effects with powerful lighting and a capacity of virtually unlimited customization. The mechanical switches, in addition, are also RGB, but individually, so we can choose the color of each of the keys, according to our tastes.

It has very interesting features. The first is a button, increasingly integrated into keyboards, that locks the Windows key to prevent accidental keystrokes. It has a very complete volume and playback control. We see the typical stop, back, pause / play and forward keys, in addition to the option to mute and the volume control is done through an endless rotary key, which allows you to lower or raise the volume quickly and easily .

Something that is not given great importance and has a lot of, is the wrist rest. This element, which is not in all keyboards, is very important, to hold the wrist and avoid some of the hands that in the long run, can cause important problems, such as carpal tunnel, fatigue or pain in the joints. This keyboard features a really soft wrist rest, which is double-sided and detachable. It is divided into two padded areas, which allows greater comfort and support.

This impressive Corsair K95 has 100% anti-ghosting system. This system or technology simply recognizes all the keystrokes made, up to ten keys simultaneously, without losing any, and it also integrates N-Key Rollover technology. Regarding the cable, it is covered by a fiber sheath to give it better quality and robustness, which is terminated in two USB ports, one for power, the other for the HUB. This use of two USB ports can be a problem and thinking about this Corsair has integrated a USB port in the rear area, so that we only lose one USB port, as with any other keyboard.

Regarding the Corsair Utility Engine, we must say that it allows you to squeeze the most out of the keyboard, customizing it to the maximum. It allows individualized customization for each key, some designs or predetermined modes, six macro keys with three possible profiles, which allow us to configure it as we want and endless possibilities, using complete software. Once we have it all, we load it into the memory of the keyboard and we can use it anywhere we go.

We are going to conclude. We know that the price of this Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is not available to everyone, but without the slightest doubt, this keyboard is really worth it. We must think that it uses the Cherry MX Speed ​​mechanical switches, which are the best on the market for gaming and especially for Shooter and FPS games, since its travel is only 1.2ms, something almost laughable. The finish is of the best possible quality and elegant, something that is also important. It's also in a variant with the Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, which is great for those who want to play hard at gaming, but write a lot.

Corsair makes high-quality keyboards, and this Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is hands down the best to date. It is worth paying for this keyboard, if we are going to use it properly, to play, play and play again, with the Cherry MX Speed ​​mechanical switches, if we also want to write, we recommend the version with the Cherry MX Brown. There are lower priced solutions, but we are faced with the usual dilemma and that is that quality pays.

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If you were looking for quality solutions for your gaming setup, you don't have to look for absolutely anything else, since these three Corsair peripherals are everything you were looking for, without a doubt. We have before us the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad, which offers us great quality and excellent finishes, as well as RGB lighting that can be synchronized with the rest of the peripherals and our hardware. The Corsair Glavie RGB mouse is one of the best in terms of ergonomics and finishes and is obviously RGB too. About the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, we have nothing to say, well, one thing: BRUTAL!

This set will delight all gamers looking for hours and hours of fun with the best peripherals on the market. The best keyboard on the market, without a doubt, is the K95 RG Platinium, we will not find a better keyboard for gaming on the market, with customizable macros and individualized lighting for each key.

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