Review: BG Hellcat gaming mouse

We analyzed the BG Hellcat mouse, a fairly simple cut gaming mouse, which offers an excellent balance between quality, durability and price, which is very tight.

The mouse is one of the most important elements in the gaming market, since we need a resistant and versatile solution that allows fast movements in any situation. Today we have the BG Hellcat, an entry-level gaming mouse, designed for users who are entering the world of gaming and want an economical solution. This mouse has been designed to offer good comfort, good performance, with LED lighting and all at a really moderate price, without forgetting any details intended for gaming.

This BG Hellcat has been developed thinking about competitive gaming, offering great precision in games, thinking, above all, in FPS games, where great precision is required. A high-quality optical sensor is integrated, offering up to four instantly adjustable DPI levels via a dedicated button, allowing you to move between the built-in profiles. The mouse has support for 1.200, 2.400, 3.200 and 4.800 DPI, achieving great precision.

BG has developed this gaming mouse with a total of six buttons with high quality switches, which offer up to 20 million keystrokes. The mouse offers connectivity via a USB 2.0 connector and a braided nylon fiber cable, for better cable resistance. The surface has a rubber-like finish to prevent it from slipping. The side grips offer us great precision and have been developed with ergonomics in mind.

Not only the technical aspect has been thought of, but also the design, offering a very attractive and aggressive design. The logo has been laser engraved and has LED lighting, as well as a strip that runs along the entire lower area. It has a lighting mode that has a breathing effect, which allows you to go through four colors, such as green, yellow, red and lime. It has been developed with ergonomics and great comfort in mind. It can be perfectly adapted for right and left handed.

Something very interesting about this mouse is that it has a sampling rate of 1kHz, a response time of 1ms and offers an acceleration of up to 20G. It is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 10. The cable has a length of 1.5 meters and as we have mentioned, it ends in a USB port. It has dimensions of 120x65x37mm and a total weight of 128.7 grams.

To close the review, we must say that the BG Hellcat mouse is designed expressly for FPS games. We do not have before us a mouse with the best materials on the market, but it is a material with a fairly good finish, which prevents the mouse from slipping and has a very good durability. It is simple, thinking of users who are entering the gaming market and want a solution that performs well and has a very reasonable price.


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