Review: BG Hunter gaming mouse

We analyze the BG Hunter gaming mouse, a peripheral that seems simpler than it is and which has eight configurable buttons.

Shooter games are the great protagonists in recent times. Currently, two of the most played games on the market are Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, two Battle Royale-type titles, which have increased in popularity in the last year. To be competitive, we need a good mouse. BG has developed the BG Hunter, a fairly simple mouse, but with high performance and that guarantees us a great result in the game.

It has been developed for fans of Shooter-type video games. To ensure the best possible precision, this mouse has an Avago A3050 optical sensor, which ensures great precision. It is combined with high-quality software, which allows us to develop different macros, according to our needs.

This mouse has a resolution that can reach 3.200 DPI, configurable in four different levels, which we can change in on-the-fly mode, allowing to go from 1.200 DPI to 3.200 DPI in a simple way. The DPI indicator will change color, depending on where we are, which allows us to be sure that we have the mouse resolution at all times.

Something very interesting about this mouse is that it has an asymmetrical and aggressive design, which has eight buttons and a textured-type lateral grip system, which gives us greater grip comfort and agile movements. The mouse has a special button, called 'rapid fire', which, as its name suggests, allows us to take agile shots.

It allows great customization, providing a unique gaming experience, with a personalized lighting gaming mode, allowing you to switch between four colors: green, yellow, red and lime. Well it is true that it is not RGB, but hey, in the end, even with RGB mice, we end up opting for a static color or switching between two colors, at most, therefore, it is not a negative aspect either.

This mouse has a 125Hz sampling rate, supports 9G-type acceleration and a 1ms response time. The mouse is compatible with all operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. To make it comfortable to use, the mouse has a 1.5 meter cable and ends in a USB connector. Finally, the mouse has dimensions of 127.5x68x40mm with a total weight of 147 grams.

Concluding with the review, this BG Hunter is a comfortable and ergonomic mouse, designed for fans of shooter-type video games. It may seem like a very simple mouse, but it is really complete and more than enough for those users who are getting into the world of video games.


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