Review: ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 router

We tested the ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 router, a router very different from what we are used to for the domestic segment, not only because of its particular design, but also because of the quality of the components and the connectivity it offers.

The router has become one of the main elements today, although they are not yet considered a fundamental part and anything works. Today's routers are fine, but they're not all you might expect and can sometimes be problematic, especially in things like wireless connectivity and gaming ping. An unprecedented solution is the ASUS Blue Cave AC2600, a high-performance router with unique specifications and a great design.

The most important characteristics of this router is that it has a simultaneous dual band system for AC WiFi connectivity, offering a 2.4GHz band that provides a speed of 800Mbps, something that is achieved thanks to two internal antennas in MIMO 4T4R configuration. We move to the 5GHz band, which also offers support for the WiFi AC protocol and offers a speed of up to 1.734Mbps, thanks to the four aforementioned antennas. This router has all the WiFi AC features of the 80MHz channel, 256QAM modulation and Breamforming technology, which is also known as ASUS AiRadar.

Not only wireless connectivity is important, offering good wired connectivity is essential and for that, five 2600/10 / 100Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports have been integrated into the ASUS Blue Cave AC1000. The first one is developed to offer support for the WAN VLANs of the main fiber operators in Spain. Additionally, it has four ports for LAN, which implement NAT acceleration, which provides great performance in local and Ethernet.

You can ask for more things from this router, for the price it has. One of the important elements is that it has a high-performance USB 3.0, therefore, we can use it as a Cloud data storage system. This port allows us to create server systems through DLNA, ASUS Download Master, Time Machine and even allows FTP configurations through Samba.



The box is quite simple and shows us the router, on the front, on a blue background and on the back, we can see the characteristics of this router. Inside the box, in addition to the ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 itself, we find the transformer, an installation guide, a connections brochure and legends of the different status LEDs and a card regarding the ASUS AiProtection is also incorporated.

Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 06
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 08
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 07


This ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 router has a very particular design. We are talking about a router with a square design with a hole in the central area in illuminated blue, which is merely aesthetic. It has a fairly elegant design, which draws attention and would not clash with other elements of our home, which is easily camouflaged.

It has a quite particular design, as we said and among all this it stands out that they do not have external antennas, they are integrated within the same router. The design is quite simple and clean and all the connectors and elements are located in the rear area, which has different cooling holes, to extract the heat. There we find the power button, turn off the router, the power connector, the RESET button, which allows you to restore the default values ​​of the router, USB 3.0, the four Gigabit Ethernet LAN-type ports, the Gigabit Ethernet WAN port and finally the WPS button for router synchronization.

If we look at the lower area, this also has holes for cooling and we also find a sticker, where we can see the firmware version, the hardware version, the PIN and even the MAC address. It also shows us the SSID of the two WiFi networks that it can generate by default, connecting us quickly and easily.

Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 02
Asus BLUE CAVE AC2600 Router


The ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 is possibly the best router on the market for home use, not only because of the design, but also because of the connectivity it offers us and the quality of the signal, one of the best we've seen, what's more, the antennas are 2dB, something very rare in home routers and that guarantees us a powerful signal. The design also allows us to install it anywhere without the slightest clash.

Thanks to the Intel processor for network management, we have extensive connectivity possibilities, both wired and wireless. Among other things, it allows a direct connection with Amazon's Alexa and allows us to create, through Amazon's voice assistant, a temporary WiFi network or for our guests to connect without having to give them the network password, something that is quite useful , since we do not have to be giving them the password.

Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 10
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 09
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 08
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 07
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 06
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 05
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 04
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 03
Asus Router BLUE CAVE AC2600 02

Perhaps, the most negative point of this great router is the price, which is higher than € 250, a very high price for a general domestic solution, despite its design. We are talking about a router, which implements characteristics and technologies typical of the mid-range in terms of routers, but taken to the average user in a designer router. For the rest, it is a beastly router that will give us the best possible performance.

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