Review: SPC Smartee Sport Smartwatch

We analyze the SPC Smartee Sport smartwatch, a wearable device for sports, with a very reasonable price and excellent performance, with many possibilities.

Today we are going to get a lot out of what is usual in terms of product analysis. We have analyzed different types of hardware and peripherals and even an Android smartphone, but today it's up to a smartwatch. These devices, which were intended to be a popular solution, have ended up being somewhat relegated in the market due to their prices, but this is not the case with the SPC Smartee Sport, a very interesting solution developed for sports fans.

It is becoming more and more common to control sports activity, but it is not worth counting the steps, we want more data. Counting the steps, the distance traveled, the route taken, the calories and other parameters, are essential to be able to compare with the activity carried out on other days. All this with connectivity with our smartphone and other features, which make it a very good option and we want to have efficient monitoring of our activity.

The first thing we want is for it to be light. The SPC Smartee Sport is a smartwatch of just 62 grams, which has a rubber strap, which makes it a perfect option for sports. It has a large screen, so we can view the data correctly.

It has this smartwatch with three buttons. The most interesting is the cogwheel that allows us to move around the screen, specifically through the interface of our wearable. Additionally, the lower area of ​​this has the connectors to carry out the charge and also the heart rate sensor, essential to control our pulsations and not make excessive effort.

Obviously, this terminal has resistance to dust and water, something essential for a sports court terminal. But it is also that it has quite powerful hardware, which will allow us to perform different actions, without problems, in addition to a battery that guarantees optimal autonomy.

We start with the memory of the SPC, which is 64MB, more than enough for the functionalities that the terminal offers us and also, it has 128MB of ROM, all adorned with a 350mAh battery, which guarantees us two days of use. To be a smartwatch, it is really good, we should not expect the same characteristics, but to monitor our sports activity, it is more than enough.

The incorporation of the GPS seems to us sensational, since it allows us to monitor sports without having to carry the mobile with us. Additionally, it has been equipped with a Bluetooth terminal, altimeter, pedometer, microphone and speaker to be able to answer calls. We highlight the screen, a 1.3-inch IPS panel, which offers us a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels, which does not seem like much, but it is more than enough for this terminal.

Something curious about this is that the operating system used is its own, leaving aside Android Wear. Despite being its own solution, it works very well and seems to be perfectly optimized. It has a rotating crown to move around the terminal, without having to touch the screen and leave your fingers.

To close the review of the SPC Smartee Sport, we must say that it is an economical solution, which is around € 99, ​​depending on where we buy it. We have been testing it for sports and it stores the routes, it is comfortable, easy to use and provides a lot of functions. A well optimized operating system allows the battery to last two days without major problems. We liked it a lot, so that we were deceived and the price is really good.

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