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HP Specter X360 - Review

tablets have lost much relevance in the domestic consumer market, but that does not mean that his idea has a pull as an addition to laptops. 2-in-1 laptops have been coming out for years that combine the power of a professional laptop with the control of a tablet. The HP Specter X360 is one of the greatest expressions of this concept of a professional notebook combined with a tablet.

We are grateful to INTEL for giving us the product to do this review.


The case of the HP Specter X360 is very clean, with a design akin to luxury brand products.

Not even at the bottom you can see its characteristics or anything that indicates what type of model it is.

We open the box and find the HP Specter X360. Protected with custom foam.

Underneath the laptop is the charger, divided into a mains connection cable, a transformer, and a USB-C cable.


At first glance, the HP Specter X360 appears to be an ordinary notebook with nothing special, but with a very clean design.

El Intel Evo certified, which ensures that this notebook has minimal battery life and responsiveness capabilities in real-world environments. This means that the battery should not be a problem throughout the day with normal use using WiFi and cloud applications.

On top of the sticker is the fingerprint sensor, which provides a small layer of security against the curious.

This is how the keyboard of the HP Specter X360 looks, in its English version. The letters on the keyboard are big and colorful.

The webcam is located on the bezel part, so there is no notch on the screen.

When the screen is closed the other way, it becomes a tablet, maintaining the power of an Intel Evo certified laptop.

The HP Specter X360 charges via USB-C, which means that even with the same cable that charges the mobile, we can charge the laptop and thus not have to carry specific cables if we go on a trip.

On the other side is the power button. It is well set aside so as not to press it by accident.

In tablet mode, it continues to operate Windows 10, but the operation is done with touch control.

One side has a second USB C connection and MicroSD card reader.

The charger can boast of not being very large, at least its dedicated transformer.

By having a tablet mode, the HP Specter X360 can be placed vertically thanks to the tilt accelerometers automatically detect it.

The distribution of the fans in the lower part, with a central cavity and two on the sides to ensure the heat outputs. Rubber bumpers raise the laptop to ensure air can flow.

Since the HP Specter X360 comes with an integrated webcam and privacy is important, there is a slider on one side to physically hide it: Red indicates that it is covered.

A small test of the tactile capabilities of the HP Specter X360. You can easily write in a drawing app with a stylus.


According to the control panel, the graphics are powered by Intel Iris Xe Graphics, equivalent to an entry-level card. Knowing that laptops, except those sold as gaming and have a graphics card; They have integrated graphics and are usually part of playing games with minimum requirements, having Iris Xe allows you to play games like Fortnite in good visual quality.

The processor is an i7-1165G / at 2,80 GHz. Knowing that it is a laptop focused on productivity, it is a speed for many reasons and being an i-7, it will hardly have problems with multitasking. Now that we not only handle Excels and words but also Google Docs, Zoom and in the background we have series or podcasts, an i-7 is going to be very appreciated.


Experience and conclusion with the HP Specter X360

We have tested the HP Specter X360 using it for what many would use it: with office software, while in the background we put a podcast on it, which is how many people would use a laptop while telecommuting today. This helps us test your multitasking ability, and you haven't had a problem even handling Zoom and cloud programs.

The tablet mode is a very sweet use, but at the moment of truth, it is more for a comfortable use of multimedia in public transport since there will be rare people who for personal or professional needs will give much use to the touch control. It does not mean that it is not useful, but its use on a day-to-day basis is not as intensive as many imagine.

As for games, it works well. It is not a laptop that we can actively recommend for demanding gamers. but yes for those who want a laptop that works for them at work or student and does not disappoint in games like Fortnite, Final Fantasy XIV or Genshin Impact, popular that do not require much graphic capacity.

It's a great laptop that meets all work expectations. Its entry price is somewhat high at first, but its additional features justify much of the price. We miss more USB type A to connect peripherals, since USB-C is more designed for charging electricity and transferring data at high speeds, so few peripherals justify the use of USB-C.

  • The battery lasts all day and charges fast.
  • The change from laptop to tablet mode and vice versa is flawless.
  • No office workload or games with restrained graphics can stand up to you.
  • Few USB A connections, you are going to need a transformer or a Hub.
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