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Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC – Review

With components that are not quite current good consumer products can still be made. The Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC is an example that one of the benefits of technology dropping in price quickly is that allows to make quality products with good performance designed for the tightest pockets.

This particular mini PC is conceived as a computer for education, besides being a really cheap. For this reason, it must be sufficiently accessible at a price level, simple to install and capable of ordering the purchase of numerous units at once to unify a computer room. Cutting benefits has been essential to offer a functional PC. Among those benefits is not having a graphics card, and not using active heatsinks to instead make the surface itself a heatsink.

We thank Slimbook for giving us the product for review.


Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

The box of the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3. It does not have any characteristic features of the design, since it is not made to be sold in stores, but is sold on request on the Slimbook website. In the box itself it tells us that it is “the most environmentally friendly computer in the world“. Made of aluminum, without fans and with two cores.

It also boasts of have support for 1080p Full HD, 3D gaming and Gigabit LAN. The fact that it allows 3D games must be taken with care. The characteristics indicate that it is not a computer with a small graphic to have video output, and its processor is already several years old. You can have perfectly integrated graphics, but it will not be able to move games as soon as they are somewhat demanding. But small titles like Among Us will be able to move them without problems.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

On neither side is there more information for the customer of what the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC offers. As we said, knowing that it is a product designed to be sold online, where the website and store explain everything to you, it would be redundant to put more information than necessary beyond knowing what it is when it arrives at your home by mail.

But knowing that for its price it is ideal to give away to older people who need a personal computer for essentials, they would still appreciate more information in the box about what this Mini PC can do. Presentation is important.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

We open the box of the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3. Its packaging is quite simple, with the Mini pc on one side and wrapped in plastic, and all the necessary cables on the other side.

Design and features of the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

Connected to the electrical network and to a monitor, we turn on the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3. A small light next to the power button indicates its status, and below that is the hard drive usage. It is appreciated at first sight six USB ports, which are quite a few, of which four of them have blue inner plastic, which indicates that they are USB 3.0. In terms of connectivity, to be a very basic computer, it meets current needs very well, such as having high-speed USB for data transfers.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

At first glance, it can be seen that the size of the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC is really small. It can be an ideal solution for those who want a personal computer, but the issue of space is crucial and they do not want to invest in a laptop. Whether it's because of the hidden costs of laptops, or not having the need to move around with a laptop. But the very size of this mini PC encourages treating it as a laptop, since with its HDMI output, virtually any television or monitor can be used as a screen.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

One of the qualities with which the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3 is sold, is that it is totally silent. For the most demanding, it will be very grateful. Even in environments where it is appreciated to have the least amount of noise, such as many offices where you spend eight hours straight, or the computer rooms of a school or institute. Dozens of computers working, even with basic tasks; they still require an active heatsink and power supply fan. All of that adds up, and that's what this design wants to offer: silence.

Since its upper side acts as a heat sink due to its shape that allows the greatest amount of heat to pass through as it has more surface area, it does not have fans. After a few hours of domestic use, watching videos on YouTube, managing some documents and other simple tasks, the temperature never exceeded 40 degrees. It did not become a source of heat by itself and it did not present drops in performance, so we can confirm that yes, it is silent and has good heat dissipation. Of course, we recommend not putting objects on top and leaving some space for air to flow.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

Opening the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC is really easy, in case we want to do some maintenance. Being from the eighth generation and Intel, it allows us to expand the RAM if we wanted if it is of the DDR4-2400 format. It only allows one channel of RAM with what its memory capacity could be up to 32GB on a single channel. That would be a lot of RAM for a system that isn't going to be used for intensive workloads, but you did have that possibility.

The SATA M.2 SSD could be replaced with a higher capacity one, but we would lose the dual installation of Windows 11 and Ubuntu that comes standard.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

The RAM that comes standard is from the manufacturer Crucial. If we wanted to change it, its change would be really easy, because the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC is still a small pre-assembled PC. Changing a RAM is easy if you take into account the base model and the capabilities of the processor and motherboard.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

For its part, the SSD is a Western Digital SATA M.2 120. We already told you: this amount of storage seems small for a personal computer. Luckily, if we wanted to give it more storage, switching to a larger SSD would be a snap. In the case of using it for educational purposes, storage would not be a problem since no matter how many classes pass, the files that are generated are not large.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

The rear part, which is the one with the crucial connectors except the USB ones. From left to right we see mini jack audio output, mini jack audio input, RJ45 port for LAN connection, HDMI output, VGA output, so we can guess that it could support two screens; and connection via a DC-12V cable.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

In the event that through the LAN cable we could connect directly to the home router, removing the receiving antennas from the network cable is simple.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

The front part is very simple, with the power button, and the six USB ports. At least two of them will be dedicated to the keyboard and the mouse, unless we connect them through the network card.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

Its upper side is limited to the Slimbook branding, and the rest acts as heat dissipation so it doesn't overheat. A) Yes no need for cooling fans for its correct operation.

With no fans, the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC does not generate any noise while running.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

The power connector that comes standard with the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC. Its size is almost as big as that of the mini PC itself, which says more in favor of the size of the miniature computer than the size of the transformer. Unfortunately, this makes we must be careful with the cable and its maintenance, above all it is to leave it on the ground to prevent it from being stepped on or crushed, any of our pets bite it.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

One of our favorite additions is that the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC has VESA anchor. It serves both to place it on the wall if we see it appropriate, although its real intention is to place it on the back of a monitor with a VESA mount. This way it is achieved that it really occupies the minimum of space on the table.

Indirectly, screwing the mini PC to a monitor helps prevent possible theft in crowded public spaces such as institutes themselves. Being bolted to a monitor, it's harder to unbolt to hide in a backpack.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

This would be the mounting with the VESA adapter. It leaves a little room for you to breathe through the bottom and ensure good airflow.

The VESA mount allows it to take up minimal space behind a monitor.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

The two antennas of the network card are removable. They come standard without rooting, so we can do without them if we try to connect the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC directly to the router via Ethernet connection.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

These cables will allow us to include an additional SSD or SATA form factor hard drive, which will be very useful because the storage that it has as standard seems very scarce.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC Specifications

According to the official website of the Slimbook, the official characteristics of the Mini PC of this article are the following:

  • 6 USB ports, of which 2 are 2.0 and 4 are 3.0.
  • HDMI.
  • vga.
  • RJ45 port.
  • WiFi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • 3.5 jack microphone input.
  • 3.5 jack audio output.
  • Intel i3-8145U with 4 threads, 4 MB cache, 2.10 / 3.90 GHz.
  • DDR4 in 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB models.
  • 2GB, 120GB or 250GB M.500 SSD in speeds from 500MB/s to 2.200MB/s.
  • Possibility of putting a mechanical hard drive in capacities of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.
  • Intel HD 620 graphics.
  • Intel Dual Band 3165AC.
  • 125 125 x x 40mm.
  • 620g.

To know exactly the components that the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC has, we use the device manager that it has. It consists of a CPU Intel I3-8145U with a maximum of 2,10 GHz of power.

This makes it have a processor from four years ago that was high-end at the time. But by not having a graphics card, possibly because it would increase the price and it would not continue to be in a price range below 300 euros, it may be a better option.

You have to understand that these are computers designed for educational environments, where the budget really matters, and where you have to buy en masse. It is in this environment where the capabilities of the Intel i3 Slimbook Zero Mini PC shine the most: it is easy to install as soon as you receive it and with a very reasonable price thanks to having adjusted features to offer a sufficient experience to learn the basics of office automation, to surf the internet and handle simple programs to learn programming language.

Installation out of the box couldn't be easier because it comes with Windows and Ubuntu installed out of the box.

Running the version of Ubuntu that comes preinstalled as standard on the Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC, we also see that this model has almost 4 GB of RAM, and 120 GB of internal memory. Those 4 GB of RAM may be sufficient for less demanding tasks to which such a computer would be used. It can even function as a computer to dedicate it entirely to remote work, unless our work requires handling complicated 3D elements.

But the internal memory you have can become scarce. 120 GB fills up quickly between the operating system and common programs that are going to have a lot of temporary files. It is possible the case of wanting to use it as a computer connected to the television in the living room that acts as a multimedia player. In this use case, we highly recommend adding large external storage such as a portable SSD or installing a second storage, for storage of non-essential files. We also recommend doing it if you want turn this mini pc into your main personal computer for day to day or a secondary one. As soon as we download series, books or music, the 120 GB will fill up very quickly, and nowadays it is not uncommon to have a main and a secondary computer.


Experience and conclusion with the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3

It is easy to think that, being enthusiasts, this model will not attract you at all since it will hardly be able to play even mid-range games. But that is not what it was designed for. It is intended for all those assumptions that want a computer as cheap as possible

A high school computer lab can easily require thirty units. It is a case of use far from the domestic one, but one that is in great demand due to the need to modernize classrooms. Many computer rooms in high schools and colleges have outdated computers and need updating. The same can be said of the computers in libraries of cultural centers and public libraries. We can even give an example of large offices that have to accommodate dozens of workers, each one needing their own work computer.

Under this assumption, we have not passed any benchmark, since it would not give results that interest us, since it is not there to compete with gaming PCs. We are interested in showing if it is capable of comfortably moving office automation, some office automation programs, internet and little else. Our experience has been positive. It has served to write some texts through the Office suite and LibreOffice. In both cases, it worked quite well and he knew how to get the job that was asked of him. It is fair and necessary to be able to operate the programs and satisfy the most basic computing needs.

One point in favor of this product is that it comes pre-installed with both Windows 11 and an Ubuntu distribution via DualBoot. This means that regardless of what operating system we want to use, we will have them ready to go right out of the house. One of the few concerns we have with this is that some versions of Windows may have problems with DualBoot's GRUB. But It is not a problem of the Mini PC Slimbook Zero Intel i3, but Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The best and the worst

  • Nothing gets hot despite being totally fanless. The entire top is your heat sink.
  • Dual boot Windows and Linux pre-installed, so we can start it regardless of the system we want to use.
  • It can be put anywhere thanks to its small size.
  • Very good and sturdy build quality.
  • VESA anchor system included, so that it can be placed on the back of a monitor with VESA anchor to have everything integrated.
  • Its low price makes it ideal as a gift for adults or as a first computer for children.
  • Don't expect to do anything especially complicated with it, as it serves the essentials.
  • Internal memory can become scarce very quickly.

We recommend this product to anyone who needs a low cost computer.

Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC

Value for money

The Slimbook Zero Intel i3 Mini PC meets its goal of being versatile with its low price. Not generating any noise makes it an ideal work computer in the office, classroom or home.

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