Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix - Review

The importance of cooling components is increasing in order to ensure that they offer the best performance. Not only is the heatsink that we install to the processor important, the air flow that enters from the outside is also important. To maximize it Antec has developed the Prizm Cooling Matrix system, a system of two fans in a frame that is quite curious. It is not only intended to be installed in a chassis, but it is also intended to be installed on 240mm liquid coolers.

Thanks to Antec for giving us these fans

Unboxing Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix front box

The case of this fan system is really quite striking. From the image we get to the idea of ​​the product that we will find inside the box. It is also specified that these fans are compatible with RGB management software from major motherboard manufacturers.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix back box

Behind as usual, we find the specifications of this product. It is also noted that the product adds a controller for this and other fans. The part of the controller is very interesting, since it is universal and allows to standardize the control of several fans and / or LED strips.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix unboxing

How could it be otherwise, inside the box we find this system of two fans in a special frame. The truth is that Antec's idea is quite curious and at the same time really interesting. In addition, the frame has RGB lighting, something that modern components cannot seem to miss.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix components

But it is also that in the box we find the ARGB and PWM controller for fans. We also find several cables to connect the controller to the motherboard and others.

Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix design

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix blade detail

We have two 120mm fans each with a total of 11 blades. It has been developed to offer a very good air flow that allows to improve the cooling of the system. Both fans feature a fluid dynamic bearing system to minimize loudness while increasing durability and stability.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix rear fans

This fan has two peculiarities. The first is that it uses a single 8-pin connector developed by Antec where the ARGB and PWM are managed. This cable reduces the number of cables required for installation and makes it fully modular. In addition, it has rubber pads to absorb the vibrations generated by the fan.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix rgb operation

We can connect it to the controller or directly to the chassis, depending on what interests us. This system has ARGB strips on both sides and on the top and bottom it has the company logo also with ARGB. It simply does not matter how we install it, we will always have lighting and it will be synchronized with the motherboard

Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix Controller

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix sata power controller

The controller is offered free of charge in case we want to carry out a centralized management of the cables. Here we can see the essential SATA connector to power the device. On the other side it has a CTRL LED connector that allows converting the chassis reset into a button to operate the controller. Then we have the PWM LED port that connects to the motherboard to sync the ARGB lighting and the PWM function.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix controller ports

Here we can see the five ARGB ports of this controller that is offered with the Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix. We can install up to five fans with ARGB lighting or connect ARGB strips, as we need. Also, since we can synchronize it with the motherboard, the whole system will work in unison.

Fan-ANTEC-Prizm-Cooling-Matrix fan connectors

Then on the other side we have five PWM connectors for fans. This way, all the fans will work in unison, offering the best possible performance.

Specifications Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix

Fan typePWM
Dimensions (mm)240 130 x x 26mm
Bearing typeHydraulic
Fan speed (RPM)500 min. / 1000/1800 max.
Air flow (CFM)21.7 min. / 43.53/77.2 max.
Air pressure (mmH2O)0.15 min. / 0.6/1.83 max.
Loudness (dBA)15.6 / 18.1 / 32.9 max.
Durability45000 hours
ConnectorsFan: 4 pin; ARGB: 3 pin
TensionsFan: DC12V; LED: DC5V
Operating voltagesFan: DC7 ~ 13.8V; LED: DC4.5-5.3V
Current (A)Fan: 0.45A; LED: 0.55A
Controller box5x ARGB ports; 5x PWM fan ports; SATA connector; Mode; Control external LED strip; M / B Sync; LED speed
Weight :0.35 Kgs



We find this Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix fan a proposal quite interesting. Above all we find it interesting to mount a custom liquid cooling system. In addition, it has a fairly complete controller that can be synchronized with the motherboard. Indicate that this fan and the controller are ARGB, something that offers a higher level of customization and adjustment.

Few drawbacks can be put to this cooling system, which is quite curious. We see two fans installed in a quality frame and with a single connector system. It does not go with the cables already directly hung, but works by means of a simple cable. We miss that the fans can be released from the frame and thus facilitate the cleaning of these fans.

  • Its installation is really simple
  • It has ARGB lighting
  • The controller can be synchronized with the motherboard
  • Integrates a controller that supports up to five ARGB strips or fans and up to five PWM fans
  • The controller can be managed manually by connecting it to the reset button
  • It's a fairly quiet fan system
  • Ideal for custom liquid cooling systems
  • Fans cannot be removed from the frame

Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix


The Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix is ​​a two-fan system in a single frame that is compatible with any system. It is not only designed to be installed in gaming chassis, it is also designed for custom liquid cooling systems

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