ARCTIC Freezer A13X - Review

The correct heat dissipation of the processor is important so that it lasts much longer. Just as there are processors for all tastes and needs, there are coolers for all processors. ARCTIC, one of the most important refrigeration brands has launched the ARCTIC Freezer A13X. This compact cooler has been exclusively developed for entry and mid-range AMD Ryzen processors and of course Ryzen APUs.

Thanks to ARCTIC for giving us this heatsink

Unboxing Arctic Freezer A13X

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X front box

We have before us a really simple cooler that arrives in a rather small blue box. As indicated on the front of the box, this version is exclusive for AMD processors, specifically for socket AM4.

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X back case

The back of the box of this ARCTIC Freezer A13X points out some of the main aspects of this cooler. As indicated, it has been tested with the Ryzen 5 3600X processor with all 6 cores running at 3.8GHz. The Freezer A13X peaks at 86ºC and the AMD Wraith Spire at 93ºC. Logically this refers to a stress test on all cores with a 100% load, something that does not occur in gaming, for example.

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X unboxing

Inside the box, in addition to the heatsink with the fan installed, we find anchoring pieces. Specifically, we find the bracket to anchor it to the base plate and the necessary screws for this task.

ARCTIC Freezer A13X Design

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X bracket

ARCTIC wanted the Freezer A13X to be exclusive to socket AM4 AMD Ryzen processors. The truth is that the performance that it can offer us is very good for the marked price.

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X 1 fan disassembled

This heatsink uses a 92mm PWM type fan. This fan is installed in a plastic casing that covers part of the block. We see how on the sides the trim has a plastic area and on the upper part the plastic piece covers the heatpipe.

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X tower fins

This heatsink has a dense tower of aluminum fins to make efficient heat dissipation. The aluminum fins are crossed by three heatpipes that start from the base of the heatsink, which is in contact with the IHS of the processor.

Features ARCTIC Freezer A13X

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X side

The mission of the plastic structure in which the fan has been integrated is to conduct the air. We see that on the side of the fin block you can see an aluminum surface that covers the side. This has been done so that all the air passes through the aluminum fins. Thus, a viewing tunnel is generated that increases the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X trim

The 92mm fan has a PWM design and is made up of five helical shaped blades. This fan can operate between 300RPM and 2000RPM, depending on the needs of the moment. This fan has a fluid dynamic class bearing for which there is no data on its useful life. Neither have the static pressure or air flow data been provided, although it does indicate that the maximum noise will be 24.5dBA

Heatsink-CPU-Arctic-Freezer-A13X base

This ARCTIC Freezer A13X makes use of a system of three heatpipes that rise to the right and left of the heatsink and go through all the aluminum fins. The heatpipes have direct contact with the processor to more efficiently conduct the temperature. On these a layer of Arctic MX-2 thermal compound has been arranged.

Specifications ARCTIC Freezer A13X

TechnologyAir cooling
compatible socketAMD AM4
Heat pipesCopper
Ventilador92 mm
Fan typePWM
Fan speed300–2000RPM
Fan bearingFluid dynamic bearing
Dimensions× × 137 108.5 85.5 mm
Weight :443 g


We have tested the ARCTIC Freezer A13X cooler for quite some time with AMD Ryzen 5 2600X @ 4.1GHz processor. The processor is overclocked and in a stress test on Prime95 for 1 hour at 78ºC, which is a very good result. AMD's stock heatsink reached 74ºC right after starting the charge and 92ºC after 1 hour of operation.



The ARCTIC Freezer A13X cooler compared to the reference AMD Wraith is really worth it. The AMD heatsink reached 92ºC in a stress test for 1 hour only on the processor and with this heatsink it stayed at 78ºC. The difference is 14ºC, which in a processor is brutal. Obviously no one will have a Ryzen 5 2600X at home with overclocking all cores and 100% load. But the correct conclusion is that we will have a much better cooling processor and we will extend its operating life.

It does not have RGB, nor is it a large heatsink, nor is it heavy and much less expensive. This heatsink is around €26 approximately, which is very little for a heatsink that offers great performance. Nor is it going to break any budget, since its price is really low. The truth is that whoever buys an AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT processor and buys this heatsink will be making an excellent decision.

  • Excellent heatsink for the price it has
  • Very easy to install
  • It has a fairly quiet 92mm fan.
  • Built to generate an air tunnel to the aluminum fins
  • Simple aesthetic without RGB
  • Lower temperatures than AMD's reference cooler
  • For this price we will hardly find anything better on the market
  • Nothing to highlight
DIAMOND HardwareSfera 300x300 Medal

ARCTIC Freezer A13X


The ARCTIC Freezer A13X heatsink is one of the best solutions for AMD Ryzen processors with socket AM4 that we can find on the market. Although it may seem small, thanks to the tunnel effect generated on the aluminum fins, it offers truly spectacular operating temperatures. What more can you ask for just 26 euros?

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