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Properly cooling the processor is very important to extend its useful life. Also, installing a good cooling system can give us room to overclock the processor. Nfortec has launched the Atria 120mm White cooling, an All-in-One liquid cooling that is ideal for modern processors. In addition, this cooling offers a mirror effect pump, RGB / ARGB fan.

Thanks to Nfortec for giving us the RL AiO for analysis

Unboxing Nfortec Atria 120mm White

liquid cooling nfortec atria front box

How could it be otherwise, the Nforte Atria 120mm White in a robust box that protects it. The cover shows us liquid cooling in its two aspects, although inside we will find the solution in white. The RGB support also stands out and it has support for AMD Ryzen processors (socket AM4) and also, although it does not indicate it, it supports the Intel Core 10th Gen (Comet Lake-S)

liquid cooling nfortec atria rear box

The back of the box shows us the characteristics of this liquid cooling. The dimensions, the fan, the radiator, the pump and other information of interest are detailed. We see in the lower right corner that the color of the liquid cooling is also indicated.

liquid cooling nfortec atria box

Inside we find the liquid cooling of Nfortec perfectly arranged to avoid damage. The fan is separate from the radiator, but it is very easy to assemble. It is appreciated that the company has chosen to make the tray where the RL AiO goes in cardboard, reducing the plastic and making it more ecological. Although the rest of the elements still use plastic, everything counts.

Design Nfortec Atria 120mm White

liquid cooling nfortec atria upper pump

The design is similar to other solutions on the market, and it is logical, since it is very difficult to innovate in this field. But that is not a problem for a product that has surprised us enough. The pump, in this case, is installed directly on the processor.

liquid cooling nfortec atria copper base

The lower part of the RL Nfortec Atria 120mm White pump has a copper contact surface with the processor. This allows the most efficient distribution of heat and allows better cooling of the heat. We will talk about this later.

liquid cooling nfortec atria radiator fins

This RL has a radiator in white (like the whole set) with aluminum fins. Its high-density fin design favors heat distribution and therefore heat dissipation. A dissipation that is active powered by a 120mm fan. Something that we found great is that it has a fill / drain plug.

liquid cooling nfortec atria fan white

Highlight the 120mm fan in white, like the rest of the elements of this cooling. The fan has a really spectacular RGB / ARGB ring that looks beautiful. Later we will see the characteristics of it.

Features Nfortec Atria 120mm White

liquid cooling nfortec atria infinite effect

One of the most interesting points of this liquid cooling is the infinite effect of the pump. The truth is that for a totally white setup this detail can be really spectacular. This pump has ARGB / RGB lighting, depending on the type of connector that our motherboard has.

liquid cooling nfortec atria rgb fan

The 120mm fan on this Nforte Atria 120mm White has a sensational RGB halo. This fan is PWM, being able to work between 800RPM and 1800RPM, according to the needs. It offers very good performance and due to the design of the radiator, the cooling is very effective. According to Nfortec, it offers up to 32dBA of loudness at maximum load, but in practice it is very quiet.

liquid cooling nfortec atria assembly

The tubes of this liquid cooling are meshed in white, which in addition to aesthetics, offers safety and allows protection to the plastic tubes. These tubes can be adjusted to the height of the pump, as the connection head allows some rotation, for a better fit.

We have to point out that the Nfortec Atria 120mm White is intended to be installed at the rear of the chassis. All modern chassis feature 120mm fan clearance. This RL AiO has been designed precisely to be attached there, the tubes do not allow installation at another point.

liquid cooling nfortec atria connectors

Many users may not have an ARGB head in their system, for this reason the set also supports RGB. This detail, which may seem insignificant, is very important, since it avoids having to buy fan hubs to control the lighting. The pump is powered by a SATA connector, making it a perfect fit for modern power supplies.

Specifications Nfortec Atria 120mm White

COMPATIBLEIntel â†’ LGA 775/1155/1156/1366/2011/2066
AMD â†’ AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2/FM1
A-RGB5v 3pin A-RGB
SIZE120mm x 120mm x 25mm
SPEED / NOISE LEVEL800-1800 RPM Â± 10% / 32 dBA Â± 10%
SIZE153mm x 120mm x 27mm
MATERIAL / LONG TUBESAluminum / 380mm
SIZE75mm x 75mm x 53mm
SPEED / NOISE LEVEL2200 RPM ± 10% / 23 dBA ± 10%


For the benchmark we have used the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor, which is based on Zen + @ 12nm. The main challenge is that this processor is overclocked to a stable 4.1GHz frequency on all cores. So temperature build at 100% load on all cores is pretty important.

Note: The 4.2GHz specified on the AMD website are in one core under ideal conditions, this processor in all cores usually operates at 3.8GHz.

We have been pleasantly surprised at this point, since the temperature is much lower than expected. We expected that with overclocking, the processor would hover around 80ºC at 100% load. But the processor has reached 60ºC when it has been fully loaded and after more than an hour it was between 69ºC and 70ºC, with a peak temperature of 72ºC. The truth is that the performance has been impressive.



Nfortec Atria 120mm White liquid cooling is an excellent solution for mid-range processors. Without a doubt, a very good option for those who buy an AMD Ryzen 5 or a Ryzen 7, or an Intel Core i5 or a Core i7. This cooling brings anchors for both types of processors, so no matter what our choice is, it will be supported.

Como strengths of this cooling, this one that is very silent and offers a much higher performance than we expected from a 120mm RL AiO. Another great point is that it has a filling and purging cap, so we can maintain it in a very simple way. We really liked the mirror effect of the pump, something that is always striking.

  • To put the liquid cooling inside the box they have used cardboard, thus reducing the amount of plastic
  • Filling and bleeding plug, which allows easy maintenance and use for many years
  • Extremely quiet pump
  • The fan is very quiet even at high load
  • Mesh tubes to reduce tube wear
  • It has RGB and ARGB system, adapting to all types of motherboard
  • The temperature obtained is much lower than expected considering that the processor was overclocked
  • Simple and intuitive installation
  • Nada

Nfortec Atria 120mm White


If you are thinking of buying a mid-range or high-end processor from the Intel Core or AMD Ryzen family, this Nforte Atria 120mm White liquid cooling is an excellent solution for you. It offers us very good temperatures, it is extremely silent and it has a filling and purging plug, so with good maintenance it will last us for years.

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