Review: Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 all-in-one liquid cooling

We analyze the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 liquid cooling system, which is designed to support a maximum TDP of 350W and offers support for the new Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen processors.

The cooling for our equipment is something very important and that we must pamper a lot, not being worth anything to cool the processor, that it works at a much lower temperature than that offered by the air dissipaters, offering a difference of approximately 10ºC. Arctic Cooling is a company specialized in heatsinks and cooling systems, among which is the Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240, an All-in-One liquid cooling system that will help us efficiently cool our processor.

As the name suggests, this AIO liquid cooling system has a radiator that measures 272x120x38mm and has four installed 120mm fans with PWM control system, which means that the fans do not work constantly at full load, but rather the Working speed varies depending on the temperature and the need of the moment. This AIO system has a processor block that is very compact, with dimensions of 82x82x40mm that is placed on the processor and that transfers the heat to the liquid, to cool the processor efficiently. This kit is really powerful, since according to Arctic it is capable of dissipating a TDP of 350W, which is very interesting, because we know that we can OC the processor and it will be stable and well cooled (unless we do an extreme OC, where this kit would not work).

This RL has been certified for compatibility with Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen processors. The Intel Kaby Lake, the positive thing they have is that they use the same socket as the Intel Skylake, therefore we do not need a different anchoring system, while in the AMD Ryzen this does not happen, since they are a new anchoring system to be A new socket, but there is no problem, because this kit is certified for AMD Ryzen, which means that inside the package we will find the necessary elements for its correct anchoring.

We have commented that the Liquid Freezer 240 has a large 272x120x38mm radiator, which means that it is a large AIO block capable of supporting a large thermal load, but to dissipate all the heat generated by the processor we have four powerful fans 120mm PWM. We always recommend installing PWM fans to cool the processor, since these will work according to the temperature of the processor. When the temperature is low, they will work at low revolutions and when it rises, the work speed will increase as necessary.

The base that is in contact with the processor has dimensions of 82x82x40mm and as we see it has the Arctic logo and is glossy black. The radiator and the processor block are joined by black rubber tubes, which are of high quality and offer great flexibility, so we will not have problems when installing it. Thanks to the fact that they are quite flexible, they adapt well and avoid some that hinder the passage of the liquid, generating a drop in the flow that ends up leading to a malfunction and breakage of the equipment.

Regarding the processor block, we must say that it is low profile, which is very good, so it does not disturb the installation of the rest of the components. On the other hand, we have the pump, which is seen to be of good quality, which guarantees that in the face of large workloads it will not suffer and will be able to generate a good flow and the base of the pump is completely made of copper, to offer a Fast and efficient temperature transfer from processor to liquid. Arctic adds Arctic Cooling MX-4 thermal paste to this kit, a high-quality thermal paste that is highly regarded and valued by users.

This liquid cooling kit makes use of Arctic Cooling F12 PWM PST fans, which are designed to offer excellent performance and features. These fans work at 500 rpm base and have a maximum power of 1350 rpm, being PWM, offering a maximum air flow of 74CFM. They are fans that offer excellent performance and features, offering what you are looking for, dissipation of heat according to the load, without unnecessary extras or frills.

We have used this liquid cooling kit with the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 processor and the truth is that the temperatures have surprised us. This processor with the Wraith Spire, AMD's series heatsink, has an IDLE temperature of 37.1ºC and in load it has an average temperature of 72.4ºC in stress test, while with the RL AIO from Arctic Cooling, this has dropped at 28.5ºC in IDLE and 57.3ºC in load in stress test, which is quite a spectacular change, since in IDLE it drops almost 10ºC and in stress test the difference is almost 20ºC.

The data makes it clear, this RL AIO Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 is an interesting solution for our team. The temperature reduction between the stock AMD cooler and this solution is very important and this allows to extend the life of the processor and offers us a significant reduction in loudness. It may seem that four fans will make a lot of noise, but it is not like that, since they are highly efficient and silent and work according to the processor load, which in gaming will never be 100% and therefore it will rise to a point that it works at full performance, the normal thing in games is that it is around 900-1000 RPM and thus keep it at an optimal temperature. As always, Arctic Cooling offering quality solutions.

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