Review: All-in-One Deepcool Castle 240 RGB liquid cooling

We reviewed the All-in-One Deepcool Castle 240 RGB liquid cooling system that is compatible with the latest Intel and AMD processors.

Air coolers are more than enough to cool most of the processors on the market if they are to be installed and the processor's working frequencies are not going to be changed at any time. If we want to give the processor a bit of cane, we need something more advanced such as an All-in-One liquid cooling system such as the Deepcool Castle 240 RGB, a high-performance solution designed for those who want to raise the processor frequency a bit. and get extra performance.

The Deepcool Castle 240 RGB system arrives in a box that protects all the elements and that has the entire pump and radiator assembly connected and logically full, the two fans and all the elements that we may need at any given time for its installation. All perfectly protected by high-density foam to prevent it from suffering the slightest damage.

We find inside one of the boxes a complete installation guide that will help us in case of doubt. A fairly complete cable kit has been provided and the processor anchoring system, having AMD TR4 / AM4 / AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2 / FM2 + / FM2 / FM1 and Intel LGA20XX / LGA1366 / LGA115X anchors.

Possibly one of the most important elements is the pump that is located in the heatsink block that goes over the processor and that has a high quality copper base, with an excellent polish that will favor the transfer of heat from the IHS to the liquid. heatsink.

As we said, the block has a hidden pump, which has been developed in ceramic to offer a high flow rate with a low noise level. The pump can operate at a working speed of 2.500 RPM and has a useful life of about 120.000 hours. The upper area of ​​the block features a 16.8 million-necklace RGB LED lighting system and various light effects. The processor block has dimensions of 91x79x71mm.

The radiator, the other important element, has dimensions of 274x120x27mm that allows the anchoring of two 120mm high-flow fans to efficiently cool the block. This radiator has a large number of very fine aluminum fins to improve heat dissipation as much as possible. This radiator is covered by a good quality plastic and rubber frame for a perfect seal and to minimize evaporation. Something very interesting is that it has a filling and bleeding system in the radiator that is something to take into account.

The tubes that join the radiator and the block are based on corrugated tubes that are completely watertight and have a seal that prevents the evaporation of the liquid. We have tubes of good length and great flexibility that facilitate the installation of the set.

This Deepcool Castle 240 RGB has two highly customizable 120mm RGB LED fans that can work between 500 RPM and 1800 RPM, adapting to the needs because they are PWM. The loudness is very good, since it goes from 17.8dB at minimum load to 30dB at full load. There are quieter ones, but it's not bad at all. To connect and control the fans, a hub is added that allows these two fans and two other fans to be connected and all operate in the same way.

Those looking for high-quality and efficient cooling for their processor because they want to overclock it, the Deepcool Castle 240 RGB solution is one of the best you can find on the market. It has high quality elements and the fact that it has a purging and filling system in the radiator makes it really excellent.

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