Review: Corsair H100i PRO Low Noise 240mm RGB liquid cooling

We reviewed the All-in-One liquid cooling system, Corsair H100i PRO Low Noise 240mm RGB, which enables comprehensive system control and management.

Having the processor perfectly cooled is very important, since it allows us to extend the useful life of our processor through a good heat sink and also allows us to increase the working frequency. Corsair knows the needs of users very well and their cooling systems are of great quality, which is why they have developed the Corsair H100i PRO Low Noise 240mm RGB.

This All-in-One liquid cooling system has a 240mm block, which has been developed to offer efficient cooling with a low noise level accompanied by 120mm fans each with independent RGB LED lighting. These two fans are PWM type, which allows them to operate between 400RPM and 2.400RPM.

This system can be managed by the Corsair iCUE software, which will allow us to control the RGB lighting, manage the temperature and adjust the precision of the fans. This software allows us to completely stop the fans through the Zero RPM system offered by this H100i system.

The new Corsair H100i PRO Low Noise 240mm RGB offers us the following features:

  • Dynamic RGB lighting: The upper part of the pump offers an RGB LED lighting system which offers different lighting effects.
  • Magnetic levitation power: The two PWM fans make use of magnetic levitation with the mission of offering a great air flow and a high level static pressure with a reduced noise level.
  • Software: Corsair iCUE software allows us to control the RGB lighting of the pump and monitor the temperature of the processor and coolant. It also allows adjusting the speed of the fans and the pump through a very intuitive interface.
  • Precise pump control: Advanced pump speed control options are available to maximize performance with minimal noise.
  • Simple installation: They have a modular mounting system that does not require tools, thus allowing quick and easy installation, adapting to the most common sockets on the processor market.

Regarding the characteristics of this cooling system, we must emphasize that the base of the pump is made entirely of copper, the tubes are low permeability and the radiator is entirely made of aluminum. The radiator has a size of 276x120x27mm and mounts two 120mm ML Series fans with PWM function and that allows working between 400RPM and 2.400RPM offering an air flow of 75CFM with a maximum noise level of 37dB (A).

This cooling system supports Intel LGA 1151 / 115X / 1366/2011 / 2011-3 / 2066 socket processors and is also compatible with AMD AM2 / AM3 / AM4 / FM1 / FM2 socket processors.

Corsair advises that due to the cooling power of this heatsink, using Intel LGA 115X socket processors (pre-Skylake) is not recommended, as these processors have a fairly low TDP. On these he comments that with overclocking, they rarely reach a TDP of 140W.

It also stands out that the Core i7 7700K processors, is a processor with a disastrous conductivity due to the bad thermal paste, they are not a problem, because they are limited by this aspect and you cannot do much overclocking to these processors.

Above all, this cooling system has been developed for the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors, starting from the Core i7 7800X, which has a TDP of 140W and when overclocked it reaches 200W the TDP.

Regarding this Corsair H100i PRO Low Noise 240mm RGB cooling, we must say that it is a high efficiency and performance solution, developed to cool all the processors that we install and is capable of supporting a little overclocking to the most powerful processors on the market, such as the Coffee Lake or the AMD Ryzen.

Having total control of the cooling system is excellent, since if we know the temperature of the processor at all times, we can increase the power of the fans or reduce it, according to the needs, in addition to verifying that the processor is working as it should or well if the overclocking is excessive. We can customize RGB LED lighting according to needs.


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