Siren GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooling – Review

The Siren GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooler is a strong exponent of how liquid cooling has evolved, which is now easier and more functional, and they are also a decoration element for gaming range setups without reaching the enthusiast range. On the one hand, All in One liquid cooling, or AOI, is becoming very popular; They allow for easy installation of fairly efficient cooling by moving heat directly to one of the case's side panels instead of waiting for the natural heat flow to exit through the vents via the CPU fan.

On the other hand, there is the issue of RGB. Here we like it, if it is well done, although for practical purposes it does not contribute much more than being something pretty. But with PCs becoming much more personal, lights and their customization they are a huge addition to make our team stand out from the crowd, look good in the streams and illuminate the room in exchange for tangential energy consumption.

We thank TEAMGROUP for giving us the product for analysis.

Siren GD240E ARGB Unboxing

The Siren GD240E ARGB liquid cooling case. the box itself highlights the ARGB effect, and that it is compatible with the LGA 1700 socket, which is a headache that Intel has given manufacturers, causing many heatsinks to need a dedicated adapter, and it is something that is appreciated that it comes as standard in the box.

The logos that we see at the bottom right indicate the compatibility they have with the ARGB driver software of the different motherboards on the market. It is compatible with those from Biostar, ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI, so almost all the major motherboard manufacturers will have software compatible with the ARGB effect that TEAMGROUP is highlighting so much.

You have to look at the back to see the small details. Double 120mm fan, mirror effect on the heatsink, compatibility with all platforms, and aluminum and copper plates to improve cooling.

At the bottom they highlight that it has low noise, a water block, and that it is a black model, which delves deeply into the internal components of the PC as part of the decoration and style of the setup, because many want their components combine,

Opening the box, and without anything that stands out from its original packaging, in the accessories we find the connection cables to the power supply and to the motherboard for control and power supply.

The zipbag includes all cables and accessories. In a separate bag is the dedicated kit for the platform LGA 1700 from Intel, which has become infamous because many heatsinks need a dedicated adapter to cool properly.


Liquid cooling fans. They stand out from them that they are in a white color, designed to diffuse the light of the ARGB, which makes them thicker than normal compared to liquid coolers that are limited to just having fans.

This is what the set of cables that the T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB liquid cooling boasts looks like. Sounds like a lot, but just by paying attention, let's know where to connect each one

The fans are attached to the liquid cooling by means of the usual screws, easy to install in this aspect.

This is the copper connector of the liquid cooling T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB. A round shape for you can fit any size CPU dieregardless of what brand it is. This gives it some value going forward, as it is already LGA 1700 compatible, making it compatible with future Raptor Lake CPUs, and by being compatible with AMD's AM4, it is de facto compatible with AM5.

Knowing that the successor to LGA 1700 will have the same size and shape of die with the Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake generations, and AM5 is going to go a long way, we can expect compatibility to be maintained and at most the adapter will have to be changed. It is not pleasant to think that you still have to change and buy a new liquid cooling or go down to a normal standard heatsink because it is not compatible by a few millimeters. But luckily, that doesn't seem to be the case right away when it comes to the T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooler. We say this as something informative, in case you plan to get this liquid cooling and you are concerned about its use in the future.

The main heatsink has a striking dark color, but when connected, it has a mirror effect and RGB, which although it is a bit simple, fulfills what was promised and is customizable.

This is what the bottom of the radiator of the liquid cooling T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB looks like. You can see the spaces for the two fans that come as standard, and the screw for bleeding the cooling liquid.

One of the additions that stand out from this liquid cooling is that it thinks about regular maintenance. It is easy to think that with liquid cooling you do not maintain it, unlike fans, but on the contrary, it is important to regularly purge the cooling liquid.

It is not called “liquid cooling” for nothing and the liquid, although it is isolated at the atmospheric level and no air enters it, is still subject to constant temperature changes that deteriorate over the course of a year and offer less cooling. Therefore, a screw that allows easy bleeding of the liquid to replace it in a regular set-up of the system it can mean that you simply order liquids and make the substitution easily at home.

Once the T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB liquid cooling is connected to our test bench, the ARGB effect can be seen in the heatsink connector. Although just started, unconfigured and with so much light around it, the effect is not very noticeable, but it is noticeable.

But once it is running, and with a frame that better isolates the light from the heatsink, the RGB effect is already appreciated, and that of the fans as well. It is impressive, yes, but as we said, apart from the merely aesthetic, it is not something that will greatly condition the purchase of liquid cooling for one of equivalent qualities.

We always say the same thing about RGB when we analyze a product with it: It is an addition that is appreciated, especially if it is done well, but should not be detrimental to the quality of the component.

The ARGB as such, has the full range of colors, unlike the RGB that have a fixed color.

Siren GD240E ARGB Gallery

T-FORCE SIREN GD240E ARGB Liquid Cooling Test Results

Once we have seen that it is an easy-to-install liquid cooler, and that it looks good, it is time to test its cooling capacity, which is what matters in this case. It must be said that the test It has been carried out during the heat wave that Spain is suffering in August 2022, in case someone finds this review in the future, and therefore the ambient temperature is 34º C, which is quite high. Keep in mind that the tests are done with a test bench that does not have a case, so it is very likely that the fine details will differ when compared to its use in a case designed for maximum ventilation with more fans and at a time when that the country is not suffering from a heat wave.

The results are the following:

As you can see, liquid cooling contains heat very well. After an hour of a fully loaded stess test, the temperature barely rose two degrees before holding steady. It's a great cooling factor and keeps you far enough away from the critical 100C point when a CPU kicks in its safety shutdown system. And keep in mind that this is the 240mm model with two fans, as a 360mm could give even better results.

In general, it is a liquid cooling that we can easily recommend to those who are looking for one that is efficient for a domestic level because they want their CPU to last longer, and without spending much. The addition of RGB is tempting, but if you opt for a model with RGB, make sure that the chassis of your tower allows it to see it to appreciate the lighting correctly.

  • Good price and performance, making it ideal for those who want liquid cooling without going into the enthusiast range.

  • It has a bleed screw to make bleeding the coolant easier.

  • The pump goes in the radiator.

  • It includes many anchors, including the LGA 1700 that Intel Alder Lake asks for and will ask for Intel Raptor Lakes.

  • The RGB effect can be customized and it is compatible with many lighting control software from different motherboard manufacturers.
  • The RGB and mirror effect are impressive, but to enjoy it, you need a case with a transparent side.
  • The customization of RGB can throw the most basic and does not contribute more than aesthetics.
Gold Medal HE 1
Design - 85%
Yield - 90%
Value for money - 85%


A very competent liquid cooling for consumers without reaching the range of enthusiasts.

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