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Review: ThunderX3 AK7 keyboard

We analyze the great ThunderX3 AK7 gamer keyboard, which has Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches (we can find it with other mechanical switches), RGB LED lighting and rubber pads that prevent it from moving on the table.

We are lovers of peripherals and very demanding with them, since they are a fundamental part of our day to day life and the one that takes the most hits is the keyboard, which we can use to write, work or play for a while. Depending on the needs, we will choose one type of switch or another. ThunderX3 has sent us its new keyboard, the ThunderX3 AK7, a new high-quality, high-performance gamer keyboard that will delight users and comes with Cherry MX mechanical switches, which is a new leap.

Our ThunderX3 AK7 model, has Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches and also, this like all ThunderX3 AK7, have the Cherry keys they have, have RGB LED lighting. It is not the only remarkable thing about this keyboard, far from it and it is also that the body of the keyboard is completely made of aluminum and in the lower part, some rubber supports have been installed that prevent the keyboard from moving from the chosen position .


ThunderX3 has opted to put the keyboard in a robust box, to prevent it from being damaged. We see on the front, the image of the keyboard itself in the box and in the lower right corner, the letters 'ES', which indicate that it is a Spanish keyboard. The back part indicates the type of mechanical switches and the main characteristics of this keyboard.

Inside, of course, we find the ThunderX3 AK7, the documentation for said keyboard and the wrist rest, which we can put or not, but it is advisable to install it, to avoid ailments and problems. It is always interesting that the wrist rest can be easily removed, especially for transport and to perform keyboard maintenance tasks.


The keyboard is full-format, so we have the letters, the direction keys and special functions and the numeric keyboard, in a fairly compact design and format. This keyboard has dimensions of 140x450x20mm and has a total weight of 930 grams, which is quite light. The construction has also been taken care of, with a complete aluminum structure. A braided type cable has been put in, which has a length of 1.8 meters and ends in a USB connector, which is gold plated, to prevent corrosion.

The edges of the body are rounded and we see that the back of it has a design that has a similarity to aerodynamic sports cars. It has also opted for a floating key system, which means that the keys are placed on the chassis, on the vertical of it, which offers an attractive appearance and helps cleaning the keyboard.

Regarding keycaps, we are talking about parts made with a PBT polymer double injection system, something that allows the characters not to suffer wear and tear, a problem in parts that are made with ABS. The keycaps have an excellent construction and we see that the characters are perfectly engraved, and thanks to the lighting, we will see that we are pressing without the need for independent lighting.

Let's take a look at the lower area of ​​this keyboard, which also has interesting things. Turquoise blue comma legs, the company's corporate color, have been installed on this ThunderX3 AK7. These legs are quite large and their design allows it not to move a millimeter, since they are made of rubber that has a system that seems to stick to the table and prevents movement. In addition, it has two legs, which allows the height of the keyboard to be raised, to improve compatibility with respect to user preferences.


Cherry MX Blue. These keys have two parts, causing these switches to have a 'click' effect when pressed. These keys have the same travel as the MX Brown. Through its two-part arrangement on the main body, the pulsation becomes much more comfortable, as the first half of the stroke is very smooth and the second half is already a bit harder. It has a relatively high weight of 50cN (50.985g).

They are considered best for typing and long texts, although it exposes us to perform several keystrokes at the same time without wanting to. The lower white part of the image sometimes does not go up completely, this means that if we press that key again, it can be interpreted as having pressed it more than once. An example is to put 'Cherry', where by this keyboard it could be possible to write 'Cherrrry'

[If you want to see all the features of all Cherry MX mechanical switches, do not hesitate to visit this complete guide]


We must say that the ThunderX3 AK7 is an excellent keyboard, with great features and features. The one that has caught our attention and we liked the most is the aluminum body, which makes it very easy to clean and that the keys are superficial, something that will also help in the cleaning process. The PBT keycaps are also worthy of note, as they offer greater resistance to wear and tear than ABS.

Perhaps, the best detail of all is in the turquoise blue rubber pads on the back, which prevent the keyboard from moving on the table, since it has a kind of suction cup effect, it is almost as if it were glued to the surface, something that we have loved. On the negative side, the RGB LED lighting customization software does not work very well, we have noticed that it takes too long to update the configuration, but it may be because it is a tool still in a fairly preliminary phase and will go away. correcting with future updates.

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  1. Thanks, it would not be bad for you to make a comparative table of the keyboards you are evaluating, including the price.

    This one seems expensive (€ 70), mine (VicTsing), with the same Cherry blue mechanism, cost me almost half (€ 39)

    The size (of the key) matters, I have big hands, it could interest me bigger than the current ones (like the old IBM or Keytronic ergoforce) but when I looked for a mechanical replacement for my damaged membrane and for an affordable price, I did not find none.

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