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Trust Trezo Keyboard and Mouse – Review

The Trust brand has a wide variety in its product catalog, including a series of keyboards and mice designed specifically for office use, since not only gamers want efficient keyboards and mice. In the range of products dedicated to the office, trust has this Trezo wireless keyboard and mouse combination, which boasts of being silent and made of recycled materials.

We thank the Trust for providing us with the material for review


The combo is presented to us in this package. A basic design and three elements stand out: that it is silent, that it is wireless, and that it is made from recycled materials.

It is not focused on the gaming market like other Trust products, but on the more basic market that wants a wireless keyboard and mouse to avoid having cables in the way. To those who are looking for a sustainable option for their products. To those who are not the only ones who are at home working remotely and want to disturb as little as possible, or the offices.

It is based on these three concepts that we focus on in this review. We are not looking for its performance in games, but thinking that we would have purchased this product for a work computer, or for a family member who needs to renew their keyboard or mouse, that has the basic conveniences of a mouse and keyboard.

On the rear side you see several of the features. They are joined by a battery life of 48 months in the case of the keyboard, and 12 in the case of the mouse, although with an asterisk; integrated keyboard wrist rest, multimedia hotkeys, mouse speed selection button when switching between three DPI settings, an ambidextrous mouse design, and both plug directly into the same USB-A connector.

They are a series of benefits that many already expect to be fulfilled with a keyboard that goes a little beyond the price of the basic models, which some do not even have a DPI selector on the mouse. However, the asterisk indicates that the batteries last in their respective devices while in power-saving mode for quick power-up when needed. In reality, it is very difficult for AAA batteries to last one or four years.

Apart from the usual keyboard and mouse, along with the instruction manual; Both an anti-interference cable and two brand batteries are included in the package. Here we are going to get very exquisite, and we understand that they go with batteries because having batteries would have increased the price and over time they degrade, but the two products need a total of three batteries to work, this makes us have to go to the store to buy AAA batteries or find that we have some in reserve at home or in the office.

Trust Trezo mouse design

This is the mouse from the Trezo Trust package. A simple design and home and work environment. Its design is ambidextrous, which means that it is completely symmetrical and can be used perfectly by left-handed people. But for that, does not have navigation keys anywhere, and it is something that when browsing the internet, which will be widely used for the context in which this mouse will be used, will be very noticeable.

For starters, the USB connector is inside the internal mouse compartment: this makes it easy to locate, and store it in case we move the keyboard and mouse to another computer and make sure we don't lose it when moving the setup.

Trust Trezo keyboard layout

The Trust Trezo keyboard in this bundle is all the basics you could ask for, and we mean that well. A complete keyboard with numeric pad, all the functional keys, and even multimedia hotkeys for when we are with a music, video, or YouTube player.

It's not very visible to the naked eye, but the keyboard does come with an integrated wrist rest to prevent carpal tunnel and encourage a good typing position.

Six multimedia buttons to control the basics of a video or music player. If you use Winamp, or like to control the volume of what you listen to, this is greatly appreciated.


Experience with the Trust Trezo keyboard and mouse combo

We have tested this combo on a regular work day. The usual of filling out documents, writing texts and emails for what would be a normal work day, which is an environment that puts this keyboard and mouse to the test. We are going to be very thorough and it is that one thing that we did not like at first is that the keys of the membrane keyboard at first get somewhat stuck and in order for them to move, you have to press them again. No doubt, if you buy this package in a hurry to write something important, it is a huge inconvenience. But we have noticed that the more it is used, the less the problem is noticeable, but it is still a detail that we did not like at all.

After that, the keys feel fine, well within the realm of membrane keyboards. While they are advertised as quiet, some noise is bound to be made. It is a noise that can be tolerated, especially if the tables in a call center where these keyboards are installed, are somewhat spaced. It's more tolerable than the loud clicking of a mechanical keyboard. It doesn't ensure that you can take a nap if they are typing with one of them in the same room, but it is much less annoying than the repeated rattling of keys.

To the touch, it feels good. They don't feel like they're going to bend at any time or that if they fall they're going to break. We have already discussed what it seems to us that they work with batteries, something that is increasingly in disuse due to the presence of batteries, but recycling batteries is more efficient than recycling batteries from dedicated models or the entire keyboard, so it is not entirely bad. For this we recommend getting rechargeable batteries, which will be a good investment, especially if you buy a set of Trezo trust keyboard and mouse in the office. We have not been able to verify how long the batteries take to wear down, since we do not have 12 or 48 months to verify it, but they last several days before depleting.

If something is missing, is an option to use USB-C or micro-USB cables that we already have at home, which would have been a perfect addition in the case in which we do not want to use consumable batteries.

  • Good wireless range.
  • On and off buttons.
  • A single USB connector for the keyboard and mouse combination.
  • Made of recycled materials, without noticing low quality.
  • Multimedia keys on the keyboard.
  • No options to use them in wired mode via micro-USB or USB-C connector.
  • They go to batteries, and in the box there are only two of the three that the combo needs.
  • The membrane keyboard, at first the keys stick together.
  • The mouse does not have additional navigation buttons.
Value for money

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