Keyboard shortcuts in VirtualBox

If you use VirtualBox a lot, these quick commands will surely be of great help

The most widely used virtual machine development software today is VirtualBox. Its use is very widespread among home and professional users because it is free. We are talking about a tool free software and open source which is currently in charge of maintaining Oracle. Its popularity is due to the fact that it supports practically all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS, as well as most GNU / Linux distributions. To make it easier to use, we have compiled the VirtualBox keyboard shortcuts.

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All VirtualBox software have a set of quick access keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform a number of specific functions. VirtualBox has a basic key combination and then a Host key combination.

The basic shortcuts are used for the management, creation and maintenance of the virtual machine. Then we have the Host shortcuts which are the ones that allow interacting with the created virtual machine.

How do these shortcuts work?

  • The basic shortcuts are managed with the 'Ctrl' (Control) located to the left of the keyboard
  • The Host shortcuts are managed with the 'Ctrl' (Control) located to the right of the keyboard
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Basic shortcuts in VirtualBox

  • F1: Displays help.
  • Ctrl + D: We access the virtual media manager.
  • Ctrl + G: We access the VirtualBox preferences.
  • Ctrl + S: We will open the configuration window of a virtual machine.
  • Ctrl + I: Import virtualized service.
  • Ctrl + E: Export virtualized service.
  • Ctrl + L: Shows the event history of a virtual machine.
  • Ctrl + N: Create a new virtual machine
  • Ctrl + P: We pause a virtual machine.
  • Ctrl + R: We delete a virtual machine.
  • CTRL+Q: We exit the application.
  • Ctrl + Alt + L: Session lock
  • Ctrl + Alt + ⬆ or ⬇: Moving between the different desks
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ⬆ or ⬇: Position the desks, putting one on top of the other or below.
  • Ctrl + Alt + T: Open a new terminal
  • Ctrl + Alt + Tab: We alternate between system components
  • Ctrl + Windows + ⬆ or ⬇: Maximize or minimize the window
  • Ctrl + Windows + D: Show current desktop
Ctrl is the one on the left of the keyboard

Host shortcuts in VirtualBox

  • F1: Displays help.
  • Host + F: Enter full screen mode.
  • Host + A: Adjust the window size.
  • Host + L: Enter fluid mode.
  • Host + G: Disable guest screen auto-resizing.
  • Host + I: Disable mouse integration.
  • Host + S: To take a snapshot.
  • Host + N: Session information dialog (it is the machine information plus execution data).
  • Host + P: Pause the virtual machine.
  • Host + R: Restart the virtual machine.
  • Host + Q: Close the virtual machine.
  • Host + H: ACPI off.
  • Host + Del: It is the same as pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Host + Spacebar: Send a Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to the guest system (specific for GNU / Linux)
Ctrl is the one on the right of the keyboard

Alt shortcuts in VirtualBox

  • Alt+Tab: Move between applications.
  • Alt + Shift + Tab: Move in the opposite direction between applications.
  • Alt+F1: Open the search menu.
  • Alt+F2: Open the run box.
  • Alt+F7: Scroll window.
  • Alt + F8 + ⬆ or ⬇: Resize window.

Other shortcuts

  • Windows+A: List of all applications.
  • Click middle mouse button to copy and paste with one click. Makes the function "Copy and paste" in Windows and / or different operating systems
    • We must have a selected text.
    • Once that is done, we press the central button of the mouse (the scroll) and this text will automatically be copied to the clipboard.
    • Now it will allow us to paste this text where we want to put it (be it terminal, document, browser, etc ...) by executing the same action of clicking the middle button of the mouse again.

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