How to update drivers in Windows 10

Have them updated drivers It is a very important thing. Drivers not only optimize hardware performance, they also implement bug fixes and security patches. Any of the components of our computer has drivers, but updating them manually from the Task Manager can be somewhat inconvenient. That's why we're going to explain how update drivers in windows 10 in quick and easy ways.

What is a driver?

It is a device driver that allows the operating system communicate and interact more easily with the hardware. A driver or controller allows the operating system to recognize a computer component and work and communicate with the hardware.

Many devices are 'Plug and Play' which means we don't need to install a driver as Windows recognizes them by default as they don't need dedicated drivers. Some require additional drivers, such as graphics cards, sound cards or more complex network cards as they need more optimal communication with the operating system.

Especially the graphics card driver is very important. Graphics drivers often add support for new games and software, bug fixes, and security patches. It is for this reason that the graphics card driver It must be correctly updated, to guarantee the best performance and the highest security.


Drivers that we must install after installing Windows 10

If you are a computer lover, surely you have assembled your computer by parts. The computer, without an operating system, is a precious but useless box, as you well know. After mounting the computer, it is time to install Windows 10, a process less slow than in the past, but equally tedious.

When we finally go to the desktop, we may detect that there are things that are not working well. That is an indication that we are missing the drivers. Possibly the first thing you will notice is that you do not have an internet connection because you are missing the network driver. Although it is increasingly rare, if our motherboard uses a dedicated and specific network card, we may not have an internet connection.

Our recommendation is that you look install network driver with the CD or pendrive (many motherboards no longer come with a CD, they come with a USB stick) of drivers that comes with the motherboard. Just look to install the network one, since it could be that the rest of the drivers are obsolete. Since you have an internet connection, you can download software that searches for the drivers and installs the most up-to-date ones.

👇👇 Below you have the list of the best software to update drivers in Windows 10 👇👇

How to update all Windows 10 drivers?

We can choose different methods to update drivers. The slowest and most cumbersome is to search the internet if our components have any driver updates. This is a slow and highly inefficient method and requires knowing what all the components of our computer are.

Forget it, there are better and faster solutions:

Driver Booster [Our recommendation]

The quintessential tool for updating computer drivers is Driver Booster. This software scans the components of our computer and checks the 'identifier' of each of the drivers necessary for our computer to work. Then it compares it with a large database that it integrates and if one is not up to date it saves it to update it.

It is as simple as clicking on the big update button to start the driver review process. Once the process is finished, a list will appear with all the drivers that are obsolete and that we must update. We click on the red 'Update now' button and we just have to wait for it to finish installing all of them and finally, we restart.

driver-booster-update-drivers-windows-10 1
driver-booster-drivers-to-update-drivers-windows-10 1

    Slimware Drivers

    It's a free software whose mission is to optimize the driver update process on the PC. This tool offers us a quick analysis of the installed drivers and tells us if we have any obsolete. Slim Drivers is a fairly simple and intuitive software to use. We could say that it is a different version of Driver Booster.

    Cloud Drivers

    It is not one of the simplest tools to update drivers, but it is one of the most focused on safety. Once Drivers Cloud analyzes our system, it allows us to choose which drivers we want to install. This software even generates an executable installer with all the drivers compacted so that you can install them all at once.

    Snappy Driver Installer

    As an alternative to Drivers Cloud we have Driver Doctor. This software what it offers us is security and it is much simpler and more intuitive than Drivers Cloud. The big downside is that this tool does not automatically download the new drivers, it links us directly to the manufacturer's website to download and install them by hand.

    How to update the video driver in Windows 10?

    The above tools also update the graphics drivers, but you don't have to go through them. NVIDIA and AMD within their different tools already offer us the option to update drivers when they are released. A notice will even appear in the lower right corner of our computer.

    NVIDIA GeForce Experience

    Having well-updated graphics card drivers, if you are a gamer, is extremely important. To make it easy to update drivers, NVIDIA has the GeForce Experience suit. This tool has a very large set of functions and among them, notify us when there are new drivers. In addition, within the software it has a drivers tab so that we can update them whenever we want.

    AMD Radeon Software Adrenaline

    Recently AMD has updated the Radeon Software Adrenalin tool to add many more functions and offer a more modern aesthetic. The previous version of this software already offered us a driver update notice, but this tool is now much more complete and intuitive.

    We can see in the main menu how in the right corner it appears if there are drivers available to be updated or not. It tells us when was the last driver update and when it was the last check for new drivers. We are even shown a button to check for updates.

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