How to choose a backpack for your laptop

We give you some important tips that you should take into account when choosing a backpack for your laptop

The year 2020 has been marked by COVID and the global pandemic that led to confinement. Due to the pandemic, teleworking has increased worldwide, which has generated an increase of more than 30% in the sale of laptops. Of course, to move with the laptop we need a backpack. Here we are going to see the characteristics that we must consider when buying one laptop backpack for women u man.


The laptop backpack is the best option when it comes to transporting our computer. These are characterized by being very comfortable, offering great security and space for other elements.

In addition to carrying our laptop, they all offer plenty of space to carry other items that we need. Most offer additional security measures to prevent theft, such as pinned zip fastening.

We can find a wide variety of models and sizes on the market. An important aspect is its size, which should be enough for our laptop. In addition to knowing the inches of the screen (usually backpacks are marked with this parameter) it is interesting to know the length, depth and height of the laptop, just in case.

How to choose a laptop backpack

The market laptops it has diversified a lot in recent years. Currently we can classify laptops as ultrabook (delegates and light), notebook (laptop to use), gaming laptop, Chromebook, convertibles, etc.

The parameters to take into account of a backpack, whatever the type of laptop are:

Notebook size

There is no more important parameter than the size of the laptop. Backpacks are usually marked with the dimensions of the laptop screen. For example, a 15.6-inch backpack supports laptops with a 15.6-inch screen or less, the larger screen size will not fit.

In addition, these backpacks can also be marked by sizes. The 13-inch and 14-inch backpacks are small and are listed as size “S”. 15.6-inch laptop backpacks are considered size “M”. We also have backpacks for 17-inch laptops that are size "L".

All backpacks also show their capacity in liters. They simply indicate the ability to carry other items, in addition to the laptop.

Safety offered by the backpack

Whether it is 500 euros or 3000 euros, we would certainly not like to have our laptop stolen. It is not so much the economic value, but the need we have about it and the information it stores. So it is important that the backpack has elements that prevent theft.

Many backpacks tend to have a pinned zipper anchoring system, which adds security. Although it is not an element of enormous security, it does add additional security.

More and more backpacks on the market offer resistance to tears and cuts. This reduces the likelihood that our backpack will be ripped open and our laptop stolen. We must also take into account that the backpack has protection against blows.

Construction materials

One of the important parameters when choosing a laptop backpack is its materials. Depending on the materials we will have a higher quality of product, a greater lightness and a greater resistance.

Many of the laptop backpacks are based on nylon, as it offers lightness and good resistance. Another abundant material to make them is polyester. We can also find backpacks made of neoprene, with recycled materials and even with leather.

Liquid resistance

Hen/Stag best laptop backpacks are those that offer waterproofing. Above all, it is useful for rainy days, so we protect the laptop. But in addition to protecting the computer, it protects the rest of the belongings that we carry in it, which can also be delicate.

How to clean a laptop backpack

As we do with the clothes we wear, it is important to clean the backpack from time to time. This improves its life, prevents them from getting excessively dirty and from getting bad odors. To do this, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Take everything out of the backpack
  2. In a bowl we put a little water and a little soap, to be able to be neutral
  3. We wet a soft cloth and wring it out, we do not want it to have excess water
  4. We clean the external and internal surface of the backpack
  5. With another step and only water (moistened) we remove the soap
  6. We leave it wide open on the clothesline or wherever it may hang. This allows it to dry and air out, thus also eliminating bad odors.

Note: be careful, some materials are better not washed in this way, such as leather. We must read the label, there it will tell us what we can do. Some even support a washing machine.

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