How to improve the WiFi signal at home

Due to the proliferation of smart devices, WiFi networks have become especially important. Smartphone, SmartTV, tablets, laptops and many other devices connect to the internet using this technology. The problem is sometimes that the signal may not be strong enough to cover the entire house properly. One option is to buy a long-range WiFi antenna or signal repeaters. Here are some tips to improve the signal of your home WiFi network.

Improve the WiFi signal of your router

There are many tricks to improve the WiFi signal of our router, but they all begin with the correct placement of it. Normally the router is usually placed on a table or on some type of furniture and this is the first error. Ideally, place it at a height of 1.5 meters and 2 meters, to reduce the number of objects that can obstruct the signal.

Another option that does not require investing money is to place it in a strategic point of the house. Take into account how big your house is and how many walls your router's wireless signal must pass through. If your house is long and you put it at one end, the signal from the middle of your home will be very poor, if it arrives.

If the house is small and we want to have it at the entrance or in the living room, we can easily improve the signal. Putting some aluminum foil (the kind used in the kitchen) behind it makes the waves bounce back into the home, preventing them from getting lost. If our router has antennas, the piece of aluminum must exceed the antennas in height.

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A router with an antenna is the best

The routers offered by the operators are rubbish, speaking early and wrong. They are very simple devices with the necessary hardware to work well and that's it. Most lack outdoor antennas, which makes the WiFi signal significantly worse. We recommend changing this router for a better quality one with antennas and also with better hardware.

We can find in the market a great variety of routers with antenna that offer good quality. The usual thing is usually two antennas and that is more than enough. At one point we can even change these antennas for better quality ones.

Extend the signal with repeaters

If we have a large house, surely some points of the house will have a weak coverage. There are currently a wide variety of solutions that allow us to extend the coverage of our network. We can choose to:

  • WiFi repeaters: They extend the signal of an existing WiFi network, improving coverage. These devices are quite simple and there are very inexpensive solutions on the market.
  • Wi-Fi Mesh: More modern technology that generates a network through access points that vary dynamically. An automatically configured network is generated, connecting the points with the highest signal.

Our advice is that you do not buy PLC systems for your home, as they are a problem. Injecting a high frequency into the electrical network can cause other devices to malfunction. In addition, this frequency if we do not have absorption systems, they can leave the house and be absorbed by other users.

Channel saturation of the WiFi network

Currently, those who have a router at home have active WiFi because they surely have a smartphone and other devices that can connect to the internet. Routers are usually configured for the first two or three channels of the WiFi band. We can obtain a slight signal improvement by manually changing the channel of our WiFi network, accessing the router. It is a process that takes a few moments and can be quite beneficial.

WiFi Analyzer Channels

Update your router regularly

The WiFi signal will not improve updating your router, but it will improve your security. More and more attacks are carried out on these devices and security holes that are detected. This is why it is very important to keep them well updated.

An infection in our router through a security hole can be catastrophic. All of our data travels to the network through the router and an infection could allow communications to be intercepted. If the data is not encrypted, all the information can be stolen, which is a privacy risk.

Change the router password             

It's rare since carrier routers have easy-to-know usernames and passwords. Formerly the operators used 'admin' as username and password or as a password they used '1234'. Luckily this is not the case, although it is advisable to change it, since user tables and operator password could be filtered.

More and more carckers are looking for these operator username and password tables. Obtaining them allows an attacker to access the router remotely and modify its software. Even someone around us could break into the router and steal our WiFi password.

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