Enhance your photos with your smartphone with these simple tips

We give you some simple tips to get better photos with your smartphone and thus eliminate the need to use filters or edit them

We all carry a camera built into our smartphone. This makes us a potential amateur photographer, as long as we know how to handle the camera. With these tips you can remove filters on your photos, as you will get much better quality snapshots. And these tips are valid for any smartphone, regardless of camera numbers, number of megapixels or if your smartphone has AI for photos.

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Tips to improve your photos without spending hours retouching them

Obviously with these little tips you will not become a professional photographer. They are simple tips for you to get better photos and post them on your social networks. Go for it.

Natural light is your best ally to get great photos with your smartphone

Without light there are no photos, so it is of paramount importance and if this light is natural, much better. The worse the light intensity, the lower the quality of smartphone photos. For exteriors, natural light is very easy, but indoors we will mostly need artificial light, there is no other option unless we have a house with a large entrance of natural light.

Avoid using the flash

Modern smartphones have a flash based on a high intensity LED. Although the flash of mobile phones has improved, it is still quite aggressive, generating very invasive lighting. The most advisable thing is to activate the night mode of our smartphone (if we have it) and use artificial light, which will be more progressive and less aggressive.

Wipe the lens of your smartphone and get clearer photos

Although it seems silly, cleaning the lens of our smartphone is very important. The lens is exposed to the elements, to the dust that may be in our room or that we put our fingers on it inadvertently when we are going to take it out of the pocket or bag. It is recommended to wipe with a soft cloth, the typical cloth for cleaning glasses or wipes for cleaning glasses can be used.

Always-on HDR

Many smartphones integrate HDR mode, but it may be that this is not active by default. It's best to turn it on, as it can greatly improve image quality, especially in bright light.

The importance of the main sensor

There are more and more smartphones with more than one integrated camera, but the main sensor is still the one that offers the best image quality. Unfortunately ultra wide angle or macro sensors, the loss of image quality is significant. The main sensor will be our great ally, and that is that only with a camera you can take impressive photos.

Use the grid to take photos with your smartphone

Normally the grid does not usually come active, what is more, many are unaware that this simple function exists. The grid is activated in the settings menu and will help us a lot when making a frame. Once you activate it, you will never deactivate it.

AI may not be the best ally

Many terminals integrate AI, which helps to recognize scenes and makes some default settings. Unfortunately the AI ​​is still very green and mostly what it generates is a great supersaturation. If you are looking for a very natural photograph, it is better that you deactivate this function. In the case of wanting to enhance it, it is better to apply filters with external applications.

Take many photos, there is no reel

Formerly you had to be very careful when taking photos, since with the film you had a limited number of photographs that you could take. Nowadays you can go crazy and take a lot of photos without worrying about anything. Don't be shy when taking photos, what's more, the more you do, the better. Then you review them and you keep the ones you like the most by color, frame or for the reason that interests you the most.

Forget about manual mode

The manual mode is fine, it allows you to adjust many things and take better photos, but that requires learning. The automatic mode usually offers us very good photo quality. To use the manual mode we will need a lot of practice and a lot of time.

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