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Update my Android, what precautions should I take?

What should I know to update my Android correctly, and what precautions to take?

Android is an operating system that offers many configuration options and that leaves developers free to update and correct errors in applications that do not work well, or simply change their appearance to last over time; Now, we must differentiate applications that need to be updated, and when our Smartphone sends us the notice of a new software version.

First of all, I want to clarify a very common question related to software updates:

You have three days and there is already a new version of the software?

When a manufacturer launches a new Smartphone, it must do so under a stable and working software version, therefore, shortly after buying it, it is updated to obtain improvements. On the other hand, the marketing strategy is not reduced solely and exclusively to advertising, but to word of mouth from users on their first contact with the machine. (Very common practice in Apple and it sells its product like nobody else)

Once we get going to update we must take some precautions.

Update with charger plugged in - why? The manufacturer recommends a battery percentage of 90% or keep it plugged in, I recommend plugging in yes or yes, in all update cases the phone restarts several times and this may lead to battery loss or the phone not being able to detect power supplied by that battery, and in one of the reboots it may no longer turn on.

Update without screen saver, without pattern, fingerprint, pin or alphanumeric password - why? There have been cases of manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and Huawei, which after updating does not recognize any of the aforementioned security systems, which forces the user to restore the phone completely with the latent possibility of losing information if we do not have a copy. of security.

It is necessary to try that the telephone is little saturated of information: why? When the phone proceeds to update, it needs a lot of system resources, to cite an example I have met people who take 15000 photographs a day, if we have so much information the phone can go black and not turn on, even if it is plugged in.

By following all these guidelines, you can always update without fear of strange unforeseen events, because when a new phone worth a fortune gets stuck, the feeling of panic is terrifying. It goes without saying that in the event of any problem you should go to a specialized center authorized by the brand, in case you like to investigate and there is no longer a guarantee, you can try to solve the problem, always in accordance with the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

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