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These are the best websites where you can download digital books for free

Books in digital format have become popular because they bring reading closer to the user. We no longer need to carry a bulky and heavy book in our backpack or purse. We can carry dozens of books on the smartphone or on the eReader, a device that allows us to read digital books or eBook. If you are fond of reading or you like to read on the subway or bus, we recommend some of the best pages to download a free ebook.

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Currently we can read books anywhere. EReaders, devices for reading electronic books, have become very popular. They are light, have a great autonomy, without simple to use and have a very reasonable price. The only downside is that some do not support all formats.

Some also choose to read books on their smartphone or tablet. There are a large number of applications that tend to support different file formats.

The ePub (Electronic Publication) format is the most common format for reading electronic books. Although it is a standardized e-book file type, it is not supported by all readers. The Amazon Kindle, for example, do not support the ePub format and require specific programs to convert and upload these documents to the eReader.

Note that eReaders usually support multiple formats, including the PDF format. The most common format types are DPF, MOBI, ePub, and DOC. We must always look at what type of files our book reader supports. If we use applications on a smartphone or tablet it is indifferent, since these applications tend to support all kinds of formats.

We are going now with the best platforms to access free eBook



One of the largest online stores in the world offers us the possibility of reading books at no cost. Amazon curiously started as a great digital store to buy books. Within its catalog it also offers books in eBook format for its Amazon Kindle devices. Some may be free, but if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited, you can access the vast majority of the book catalog without paying anything.

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This e-book platform is created by Rakuten. It allows us to search by author, title, series or ISBN. Something very interesting is that in addition to having a free eBook, we also have audiobooks. It has an application for Android and iOS, in addition to marketing its own eReaders

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In order to promote reading among people, the Government has created a platform where you can download eBook for free and legally. Despite this, it is a great initiative by the Government of Spain, making reading very accessible.

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House of the book


If there is a store known for selling books, this is Casa del Libro. How could it be otherwise, they offer us completely free books that we can download without major problems. In addition, this store offers us its own eReaders, which are quite popular.

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Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg

A project that has been underway for years and is highly recognized by reading fans. It offers us a large amount of free eBook that we can download legally. It allows you to dive in the catalog by author, title and even language. Books are usually in several formats, to offer great compatibility.

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We continue with the collection of completely free books that we can download legally. This website offers us a large number of books in various languages ​​and that are usually in PDF. By using the most standardized format, it can be used in any e-book reader.

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Miguel de Cervantes Library


The Miguel de Cervantes Library, one of the most important in Spain, offers us national literature available to everyone at no cost. We can download a large amount of eBook for free and completely legal. Allows you to sort by author or title, in addition to being able to search or dive in different areas.

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National Library


How could it be otherwise, the National Library offers us the possibility of accessing books at no cost. Here we will have access to digitized books and documents that are easily accessible. We can even find quite atypical books and documents.

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epubfree ⭐


Possibly this is the best website to download free eBook. Here we will find a huge catalog of digital books that we can download quickly and easily. The catalog is constantly growing and reviews of uploaded documents are even made. It tells us what the latest news and updates are, as well as the titles that are to come.

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free epub

As an alternative we have this website, which has several marked directories. This website is quite simple to use and is very practical. The content is very good computer and is also usually updated relatively frequently.

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mega epubs

mega epubs

Another very interesting website where we can download free books. The page allows you to see the authors or request that a book be published, it even allows you to send books if you want. It has a search option as well as a categorization by genre.

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Some time ago this website was intervened for offering free books. I must admit that I have a strange relationship with this website, as it has never convinced me. It is very well organized, allows you to screen by letter, author, genre and series. Indicates the most read, as well as the last added.

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hello ebook

It's not bad, but it's quite a messy and chaotic website. You must have enough patience when browsing this website. Yes, it is quite well up-to-date and offers very good quality books and latest releases.

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