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Ten small tricks for important to survive in Fortnite Mobile

We are going to give you some interesting tricks to survive in Fortnite Mobile, the smartphone version of the game developed by Epic Games, that will help you win the game.

It is not yet available on Android, but it is already hitting it on this platform. We are talking about Fortnite, the Battle Royale-style Epic Games game that is not yet available on Android, only on iOS, but despite the fact that it is not available for smartphones with the Google operating system, it is already on everyone's lips, so success when you jump on this platform will be noticeable. Therefore, to guide you, we are going to give you ten great tricks, which you can memorize, for Fortnite Mobile.


Okay, obviously captain, you have to keep your ears free of wax and your eyes open and put on a few drops of eye drops, I already know that. Well, that's obvious, but it's also a great feature is the sound indicator that the game implements. If we are close to another user, the game will emit a sound indicator in the movement control and the same happens when shots are heard, allowing to improve the experience and know how close or far it is from you.

These sound indicators are an element that will give us a slight advantage. To take advantage of them, you must have the volume high and not play with headphones, which will allow us to know more or less where the rival is, even if for whatever reason we are not observing the screen.


Something interesting about the Android version is that the doors are like those of supermarkets, they open when you approach them. It is not only the only advantage with respect to PC, it also allows you to collect objects automatically, so you do not have to be collecting them manually, something that in some moments can be a matter of living or loving.

If for whatever reason you have a full inventory and you want to remove that item that you would not use or crazy, you just have to touch the item on the screen, to make an exchange. Much faster than opening the inventory screen, dropping that useless junk, and grabbing the new one.


Going from PC to smartphone in Fortnite will not be a precisely simple task. We are used to keyboard and mouse, which allow actions at full speed, but here it was a little slower and different. You should not get nervous and think that you are useless, calm, there are people who will take many more hours of departure than you, it is only to get the hang of it. The first games are warm-up, discovery, training, in less than a week you will be 'Mister Killer'


Okay, this is a joke. The game par excellence of construction is Minecraft and in Fortnite you can also build, you can be a genius in this and then not hit an elephant at two meters, but it is important that you know how to build to increase your chances of victory and the options of survive.


Crouching, it is more difficult to see you and accuracy is improved. We didn't discover the Moon, but it works. Not only do you improve your aim, but there is also less surface area to shoot the pigeon. In addition, if we press the stick twice, the character will start running automatically and tirelessly. You lose control of the character a bit, but when bullets are raining, it is important to get out by legs.


It is important to fight at short distances, especially if we are starting, since precision is improved and the damage we will do to our enemy is increased. Logically, you will have to be careful when approaching and you will also risk dying before, but hey. Of course, use the scope to improve precision.


Normally we play only against smartphone players, the servers are configured for this. The problem is if we team up with friends, since it may be that they play on another platform, such as the PC and at that point we are in a problematic point and things will get more complicated than normal. We are obviously not interested in playing against users of other platforms, since they have tactical advantages and we clearly have the upper hand to lose.


Making use of the map in Fortnite on any platform is essential. There is a lot of ground to cover and we will have to familiarize ourselves with the different areas, the quietest to arm oneself, the best hiding places, how to ambush and others. Getting to a site sooner is essential.

Regarding weapons, for melee, the shotgun is essential. For length, any submachine gun is good, but for short distances, the shotgun is the most damaging and if it is a repeating shotgun, with which you can empty the magazine in an instant, better than if it is the one that shoots, primes and fire again, slower for melee moments where the action is frantic. Sniper rifles are great for long range. Remember to wear a shield.


Never miss a bullet. Collect all the bullets you find, since it can be essential and at any given moment, we can find a thrown weapon and it can come in handy. It also adjusts the automatic recharge, thus simply pressing on the screen, we will recharge.


Everything is important, but the most important thing is knowing where to land in Fortnite. It is important to look for an area, to be able to be slightly separated and that we know that it will have a chest. Avoid 'cities' as they tend to get crowded and you will be cannon fodder. The top of the mountains and areas with small isolated buildings, with little around, are usually the best option if we are starting, since they are quiet areas where we arm ourselves.

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