Error 0x87E10BC6 - What is it and how to fix it

When we purchase a new piece of equipment and after completing the assembly process, it is time to install the software. Surely most of you will opt for Windows 10. The usual thing is to download it from the Microsoft website, mount it on a USB and carry out the installation process. After the installation process, you will probably choose to activate it by entering a license. If the operating system cannot connect to Microsoft servers, the activation will fail with the Error 0x87E10BC6. Relax, we will explain how to solve it.

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How to activate Windows 10

First of all, we are going to tell you about the Windows 10 activation process beyond the installation process. This is a really simple process:

  1. We click on the button Windows Start
  2. Now we go to the option Configuration
  3. We click on Update and Security
  4. Let's go to the section Activation
  5. In here is a dot that indicates Update product key
  6. We will see a key and it is indicated next to it Change product key
  7. We press and enter our Windows 10 key and that's it
  8. If the Error 0x87E10BC6, we indicate the possible solutions.

Origin of Error 0x87E10BC6

The origin of the problem occurs when we are carrying out the process of activating the operating system. It may be the case that despite being a valid license, there is a communication error with the Microsoft servers. This bounces the mentioned error code with a message, which is as follows:

We had a problem. This is the error code, in case you need it: 0x87E10BC6

Don't worry, you should not panic at this error, it is something very common. There are different ways to correct the problem and we will explain how to do it step by step.

Temporary error due to external factors

Microsoft's activation servers may not be working. These may be temporarily down or have entered maintenance, failing to activate. As we can continue to use the operating system without problems without activating it, we can choose to wait a while or a few days to see if it works.

If you try it after a couple of days and the error persists, read on. If you do not want to wait, you can follow the steps that we indicate, they will also serve you.

Update Windows 10

There are reports that the failure could be due to a large number of pending updates. It seems that the accumulation of installation packages for Windows 10 can cause activation problems. The process to update the operating system is very simple:

  1. We click on the button Windows Start
  2. Now we go to the option Configuration
  3. We click on Update and Security
  4. Within Windows Update we indicate Search for updates
  5. We wait for Windows to finish downloading and installing updates
  6. Once they are all installed we restart the equipment

Now we try to enter the Windows 10 activation key. If the error no longer appears, congratulations, you already have your Windows 10 updated and activated. If it reappears, there are other options you can try.

Activation troubleshooter

Windows 10 implements a tool that is the Activation troubleshooter. This tool allows detecting any type of problem related to the activation of the license.

To use the Activation troubleshooter you must log in as Administrator

  1. We click on the button Windows Start
  2. Now we go to the option Configuration
  3. We click on Update and Security
  4. Let's go to the section Activation
  5. Select the Activation troubleshooter and now we must follow the instructions on the screen
  6. Once the process is finished, we must press Go to the Microsoft Store
  7. Now the Microsoft App Store built into Windows 10 starts
  8. If everything went well, a thank you message will appear for activating our copy of the operating system

Verify the firewall

It could be that the firewall (Firewall) is causing problems in terms of activation. The simplest thing is to temporarily disable the firewall and when we activate Windows 10, activate it again. The process is the following:

  1. We click on the button Windows Start
  2. Now we go to the option Configuration
  3. We click on Update and Security
  4. Now we go to the option Windows security
  5. Inside we will find the Firewall and network protection, accessing this
  6. We select the Active Network
  7. Once inside we turn off the Windows Defender Firewall, by pressing the switch
  8. Now we are going to verify that no incoming connection is blocked. We verify that the box Block all incoming connections, including those from the allowed apps list is not selected. If it is, we must deselect it

We carry out the license activation process (steps in the first point of the post) and check if it already works. If it hasn't worked, there are more solutions

Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

In case of installing using a physical copy of Windows 10, the problem could come from there. We have to verify that the DVD drive has no problems. For this we are going to carry out the process of Hardware and Device Troubleshooter. These are the steps:

  1. We click on the button Windows Start
  2. Now we go to the option Configuration
  3. We click on Update and Security
  4. We go to the option of Solve problems
  5. We go down until we find the option of Video playback
  6. Click on the Problem solver and we follow the steps
  7. In case of being the Windows Store the one that causes problems, we must look for it in this same section. When we find it, click on it and choose Run Troubleshooter

If this has served you, we are happy. If you are still busy and it still does not work, calm down, there are more possibilities.

Restore point

There is a possibility that Error 0x87E10BC6 may arise after updating Windows 10. If this happens, we can go and use the Windows 10 Restore Point. It will leave the operating system as it was before the update that generates problems. We will have to wait to update until Microsoft releases a new update that corrects the problem.

  1. In the Windows 10 search box we write Restore
  2. We select the option of Create a restore point
  3. Inside the window System properties, we must choose the option of System Restore
  4. Now we indicate Choose a different restore point and click on Next
  5. We check the box Show more restoration points
  6. We choose the restore point prior to the update carried out and click on Next
  7. We indicate Finish
  8. We wait for the restoration to finish and bring us to the version of the operating system that worked well

If the problem persists, we leave you the last option

Microsoft phone support

As a last (or first) resource, you can choose to request that Microsoft call you. The company offers a telephone help in which they call you directly. You also have some phone numbers, but these are reserved for companies. They will surely solve the problem for you.

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