Huawei presents GameCenter, its marketplace for games with rewards

At an event held in Madrid, Huawei presented its proposal for a dedicated marketplace for games to the attending media. It is called Huawei GameCenter and it is a game marketplace just like its AppCenter store, with the main difference that it only houses games, for those who want to download games; as well as many cashback promotions for those who spend money on games downloaded from the Huawei ecosystem.

First of all, they made it clear that GameCenter is an evolution of AppCenter and they fully connect with users, profiles, payment methods ... But it is in GameCenter where their rewards program for players with many vouchers for buying games or spending on any microtransaction is located, so that money spent can be reinvested in games.

The Huawei gamers marketplace

Despite the fact that it is Huawei's own marketplace, both GAmeCenter and its AppCenter can download its APK from Huawei's official website and install it on any Android device. In many of the brand's phones it is already pre-installed and users use it regularly as they find all the applications they want and need.

What does this Android game marketplace offer gamers? Huawei has stated that one of its key points is the rewards program. Players who spend any amount of money, starting at ten cents, will get that same amount back in GameCenter vouchers to spend on the games they want. They believe that this way players can save when it comes to getting new games, DLCs or microtransactions in their favorite games. Thus, players will be interested in buying and downloading games from there when they see that this store gives them direct benefits compared to others.

This is for all players without any income level barriers. There are also promotions such as a VIP program for those who spend more than 500 euros per month, with a higher cashback return. there are also events and other promotional coupons, which encourage users to try and discover new games. An example of this is the silent download that allows you to put a game not yet available in a wish list that will download it as soon as it is available.

Huawei wants to boost gaming with its GameCenter

For developers, this marketplace comes behind with a series of helps for developers, especially when it comes to promoting themselves. The entire Huawei ecosystem will be able to announce the release of new games, such as advertisements in the Petal browser, or push notifications for those who wish to receive them. The increased visibility of Huawei's GameCenter games is important, but it is subject to certain conditions, one of which is that games that are casinos that promise to get real money will not be actively promoted and will not be visible to users under 18 years of age.

Another advantage it offers is easier to publish a game in China, a market with hundreds of millions of potential users, and in which it is difficult to enter if you are outside the country and do not have help such as that offered by Huawei .

The percentage of distribution of income is another of the advantages for the developers that they offer. Huawei AppCenter and therefore GameCenter offers an 80-20 partition for the developer, and they have seen that this partition benefits developers and Huawei itself because more creators are interested in releasing their apps and games.

And it is with this that Huawei is giving the final touches to its dedicated marketplace project for mobile games. They bet on it when they see that there are millions of players around the world using their mobiles to play, and the apps that raise the most money are the video games themselves. Its accessibility with games like Free Fire in which almost any terminal can move it or the simplicity of Candy Crush have made the audience of video game players grow much more than large console games by reaching sectors that otherwise would not play, as they can. be users with less purchasing power or adults who are afraid of more complicated video games.

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