Synology presents its range of novelties that will arrive in 2023 focused on companies

The Synology brand announced today at its event in Madrid your new series of solutions designed to increase the productivity and security of companies. With these solutions, they hope to increase their resilience and ensure better resolution of IT challenges thanks to their power. They will also increase the flexibility of hybrid cloud architectures and ensure a growing ecosystem of tightly integrated solutions.

These innovations will arrive throughout the year 2023 and cover data management, file protection and IT infrastructure security. They also set a higher level of reliability, security, and scalability. 

New Solutions for Next-Generation Secure Data Management from Synology in 2023

Three different solutions have been presented to ensure security in databases that allow easy collaboration and file sharing, and storage of large volumes of information. First up is the new version 7.2 of the DiskStation Manager operating system, available in early 2023. It will incorporate the full volume encryption for greater peace of mind. It will also bring a 48% storage performance improvement, compared to shared folder-based encryption.

The folders with WORM type storage will arrive, so that they can be written to once and their modification is blocked for a certain period. This way they can be protected against ransomware and keep data intact in the face of possible audits. Like the new immutable backups in Hyper Backup, any changes after their creation are prevented, to also protect the data against ransomware and cyber threats.

Synology Drive cloud solution to be updated, keeping files more secure by sharing them between teams by applying watermarks and download policies, copn in order to avoid leaks of private documents. Remote wipe will minimize the risks of file theft thanks to folder synchronization on both Windows and macOS systems.

Automatic login with AD credentials, and provisioning of backup and synchronization tasks will facilitate mass deployment in a secure manner. It will also be guaranteed that files in use are not edited or overwritten. An SMB multi-channel transfer support uses all available network connections between servers and clients to increase the performance of SMB file transfers, ideal in environments where large data is transmitted, to save valuable connection seconds and minutes.

In 2023 they will also be launched new systems designed for file and object storage. Scale-out clusters will be faster than Synology's current solutions, with linear performance scaling. The first generation will admit clusters of up to 60 servers for over 12PB of storage, over 60GB/s of sequential write performance, and over 80.000 concurrent connections. They expect to achieve more than 99,99% availability and support Synology's Hyper Backup and Active Backup.

Synology Adds Data Protection for Global Backup Management

A new management platform will arrive in 2023 that will allow you to jointly manage Synology's Active Backup and C2 Backup environments. It will aim for seamless management, deployment, and monitoring of backup tasks across an organization's IT infrastructure. It will do so regardless of location or scale, giving businesses globally access to this ecosystem.

Synology's cloud-based and on-premises solutions will be brought together. This will be provided to IT administrators and MSPs more efficient tools to thereby protect and ensure the timely recovery of any device or service.

Synology enters the video surveillance industry with AI-based cameras in 2023

Synology's new 500 series video surveillance cameras will be launched in early 2023. They expect to offer top-level performance, security and integration, with all settings managed directly from Synology Surveillance Station. Its Edge AI capabilities and intrusion detection zones will free up recording server resources to enable larger AI deployments. Dedicated processing speeds up searches for people and vehicles anywhere in the video frame, so it's recommended to use them with AI accelerators on the connected NAS.

They will be available in two models, they will have 5 MP sensors for 16:9 wide angle recording and resolution of 2880 x 1620 at 30 FPS. They will admit Power over Ethernet and with IP67 resistance, to be able to locate them indoors or outdoors.

Hybrid cloud services for optimal protection

Have been submitted two hybrid cloud services for automatic detection of violations and misuse, in addition to ensuring protection of devices and credentials. First, Active Insight will evolve to automatically prevent activities contrary to data protection by the user. Its data loss prevention feature will monitor the actions taken, and compare them to the checksums of the files being uploaded or shared. Upon reaching certain thresholds or rules, the system will send alerts or proactively take action to avoid this potential threat. One of those actions will be to disconnect clients suspected of being infected by ransomware.

On the Synology C2 Identity side, it will continue to grow, focusing on combining good security practices with convenience for users. C2 Identity will receive various improvements to allow passwordless logins. Its integration with Windows Hello and Face ID/Touch ID from Apple will facilitate authentication at endpoints managed by the solution. Users of managed endpoints will be able to automatically log in to web services that support SAML, with the ability to enable 2GA for more sensitive services.

A new Wi-Fi 6 router with advanced networking features from Synology

Finally, Synology's new router WRX560 based on SRM 1.3, will incorporate the same functions as the model RT6600ax released this year. It will have a more affordable price of €209 and is already available from regular dealers. In addition, it has powerful internal dual-band radios and a 2,5GbE LAN/WAN port. It can also be easily added as a mesh node to any RT6600ax router or used as a stand-alone solution for homes and offices.

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