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We explain how to breathe new life into your laptop just by changing the RAM and SSD

Updating a laptop is a very simple task and we give you the necessary advice to make this update, something that will allow you to give new life to your laptop, rejuvenating it for very little money.

We all have a laptop that has been around for a while and it shows, without a doubt, the passage of time. We begin to see how well it does not go when we buy it, the hard disk being mechanical is a burden or the amount of RAM memory begins to be quite short. It is common for three-year-old computers, despite having good hardware, to begin to waver on the hard drive, which would surely be mechanical at this time and the installed RAM, which if it is DDR3, will surely be a value kit with lowest possible frequency.

This laptop, with a slight update, investing a little, has a lot to say. We can choose in the first place, to change the mechanical hard disk, a burden in terms of reading and writing speed and data access times, for an SSD, much better in performance and that also lengthens the life of the battery due to its low consumption. The RAM memory can also be changed without major problems, updating to memories with higher frequencies and with a higher amount, so that the equipment goes finer.

Doing this update is relatively easy. The first thing to do is on the table where we are going to work, put a tablecloth or some cloth, to avoid scratching the top. We flip the laptop over. In the lower area we can find several separate areas with screws or a single piece of plastic, normally, that covers the lower part. We remove the cover (s) that hide the hardware. This process is recommended to do before going to buy or order the RAM and the SSD, just in case, ensuring that we have a SATA port and the RAM is DDR3. If we have doubts with the RAM, specify the type in the modules themselves. This step is important because it could be the case that our laptop only has one SO-DIMM socket for RAM.

Regarding the hard drive, there is no problem, because all SSDs are 2.5 ”format, so we should not have problems in this field. What we must review very well when buying the RAM is that it is of the same type, for example, if it is DDR3, logically we have to buy DDR3, we cannot buy DDR4, because the design is different. We must bear in mind that on the market there are DIMMs, which are for desktop motherboards and SO-DIMMs, designed for smaller laptops. Logically, at this point there are also incompatibilities, so we must make sure that they are in SO-DIMM format, something that is always specified in the product characteristics.

The first thing is to detect the components, something quite simple because of its shape. Removing them is easy, since in the worst case they will be screwed, something that with any Philips screwdriver, can be easily solved. We would start with the hard drive, something that if we want to give new life to our team, it is essential to change. We recommend the Corsair Force LE200 of 240GB, because it offers a reading of 530MB / s and a writing of 560MB / s, much higher than the 80-100MB / s, hopefully, offered by the 2.5 ”HDD (usually 50 -70MB / s, unless it is quality). This also offers an increase in battery, which SSDs usually consume a tenth of that of an HDD.

Next, we would change the RAM and increase the capacity. Normally, entry-level and mid-range laptops that used DDR3, used to carry 2-4GB, depending on the manufacturer, with simple characteristics, with the basic frequencies, the most common being 1066MHz and some, hopefully, were 1200MHz, something that logically falls very short. We have looked for a kit that is good and with good performance and we have opted for the Corsair Vengeance Series 8GB (2x4GB) 1600 MHz CL9, some memories with 9-9-9-24 Latency, of excellent performance and that work at 1600MHz, in addition, they offer support for XMP technology. This kit has two modules, 4GB each, making a total of 8GB, which will give a new life to our equipment.

Carrying out this update is very simple, since great knowledge is not required, the process is quite simple and for about € 150, approximately, we can renew our equipment in a simple way, giving it a new life and increasing its power. It is not necessary to buy a laptop every two or three years, with these simple improvements, we have equipment for several more years, without problems.

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