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7 important factors to know which graphics card to buy

A new graphics card is one of the most important purchases for a system and choosing which one to buy is not easy. But with these tips for buying one new graphics card, we will try to make it easier for you.

It is not a simple matter of choosing the most powerful or the cheapest. The important thing is that it adapts to our immediate needs and we see it as an important piece that will give us access to more capabilities.

Know what a long-term investment is

The graphics card can easily be one of the most important components of our equipment. The quality of the games that we are going to play, of the graphic programs that we will use, will depend on it ... Choosing the cheapest one that is presented to us for the mere fact of saving can mean that in a short time we will have to buy a more graphics card powerful and in the end we will have paid more.

Don't be afraid to increase your budget for a graphics card. That amount that you increase in your budget can be the difference between delaying or not a few years the purchase of a new graphics card to renew it. Think that with the increasing graphic demand of games and interactive possibilities, a graphic card will be our passport to them. A graph that is already starting to be somewhat outdated will weigh us down sooner than we imagine.

Know the capabilities of our system to limit the graphic cards that we can buy

Before going for the most powerful one that your budget allows, you should check if your current computer can handle it. Will your power supply handle it? And the processor? Does it have the proper connections to your motherboard? Is your box big enough to house it and give it enough cooling?

The graphics card is not the only component of your computer and all must go in harmony so that there are no bottlenecks. Check all the components and speak with a specialized technician to recommend the card that best suits the capabilities of your PC. So you can know what limits you have and you can choose with better knowledge. If you take a more demanding one than your current computer allows, your budget will grow unexpectedly as you have to buy new components for our graphics card to work properly.

Know the games we are interested in taking advantage of graphical

The most widespread use of high-end graphics cards is to play video games, which increasingly require higher resources. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Watch Dogs Legion are true graphic banners, but games with great graphics come from major publishers.

With the enormous amount of games that are on PC, of ​​all budgets and sizes to be had, and many of them from years ago. We have to think about whether games with cutting-edge graphics are going to be the bulk of our playing time. There is a long catalog of high-quality games from several years ago that will not be affected by higher graphics power, and many games in the future may not be of interest to us.

The genre to which we want to put more hours also influences. MMORPGs, except Final Fantasy XIV and Black Desert Online are not known for their graphic demands. But open world games are. If we are not going to play many new games and we simply want to increase the power of our graphics card to renew it, going directly to the highest range can be excessive when a graphics card straddling the mid-range and the high range will serve us for a long time. time still going for the latest market news.

Are we really interested in RayTracing, 4K or 8K and the highest graphics settings?

Ray Tracing, 4K, 8K, Ultra Graphics ... These are concepts that repeat us a lot, but ... Do we really need them? It is true that Ray Tracing changes the atmosphere and the visual impact of games a lot, but it is not so essential unless we really want to show off graphic power.

Regarding resolutions, having more resolution than what the screen we use to play allows is overloading our graphics card. If your screen is 1080p, it doesn't make sense to want your games to always be in 4K. It is true that in the future you could buy a 4K or 8K screen, but think that that purchase could be delayed. In this case, one of the highest range would be a future investment.

Are we going to use Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is an important technological leap. It's getting more and more established and we have major games like Half Life Alyx, and a great repertoire of games that tries to experiment with technology. If you are really interested in Virtual Reality and can test it on a regular basis, a high-end card is going to be necessary.

Virtual Reality needs to render two images in sync and needs a lot of power to do so. In addition, it is a field that is going to grow rapidly in terms of graphic demands, so in this case it is important to choose a card that will continue to be powerful in several years.

Other applications to take advantage of a graphics card

Graphics cards are not only made for games. Video editors, 3D design, image editing, animators ... There are many more applications in which a good graphics card is essential to carry out our work well. With an outdated card we can take much longer waiting for complicated operations to be processed or rendering the image.

If we are one of these professionals or we want to dedicate ourselves to it, we must see that a graphics card is an investment. Buying a high-end graphics card will help us a lot today, it will give us a lot of time and speed over the years, it will be several years before having to renew it out of necessity.

Know your needs and priorities to know which graphics card to buy

After all this, it remains to order your priorities based on the use that you are going to give the graphics card in the short and medium term. Do you just need to renew it? The best is a mid-range one. Do you need to handle design programs? A high-end one fits you. Do you want virtual reality games? You will take advantage of one of the highest range.

Choosing which new graphics card to buy is important and one of the most important decisions you can make. It is not an easy decision and it should not be because it is an investment that conditions the rest of your computer and the use that you are going to give it for several years.

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