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How to format windows 11 step by step

If you have ever had doubts about how to format in Windows 11, be it the main storage or a USB, here we explain all the details you should know. From what each format does to how to change the storage format of an external storage.

How do I format my Windows 11 PC?

Open the Windows menu, access Settings, and the Recovery option. There you can give the option of “reset this teamor” on the menu. By clicking on the option you will be offered if you want to do a format in which your personal files are kept, and another in which it is completely restored from the factory.

Windows Start Menu by checking the Reset this computer option.

The first option is ideal if you know that you have a problem in the program related to an installed program, which will remove all programs. But your images, music, video and any file that is not an essential part of a program will be kept. On the other hand, the erase everything option removes absolutely everything on the computer.

When you have accepted it, Windows 11 itself will be in charge of formatting the storage, not the PC. It will do it to the factory settings, which is the storage device with the original parameters of the version you are using of Windows 11, without any software unrelated to the operating system license. Once the Windows 11 format starts, just wait.

How to Format an ASUS Windows 11 PC?

There are two ways. The first is exactly the same as the one we have mentioned in the previous section, since Windows formatting is the same on all computers that have Windows 11 installed.

If you want to do a complete format, completely removing the version of Windows 11 that you have installed on your ASUS PC, start the PC and Quickly press your motherboard's own BIOS access key. Normally, it appears during the loading of the operating system, but as SSDs are faster, that time is reduced and now more and more we have to look for the motherboard model that we use. If you don't know what it is, you can check the ASUS motherboard model you are using with software like CPU-Z and find out which button gives you access to the ASUS PC BIOS to start the formatting process.

How to Format USB Windows 11?

If you ask how to format a USB from Windows 11, you have to first open the file explorer and go to the This PC section, which was formerly known as My Computer. Right click on the USB drive you want to format, and you will see the format option.

Windows Explorer showing how you can format an external drive

Once you click, the drive formatting setup menu will pop out. You will be able to configure the capacity if it allows it, the file system, the size of the allocation unit and if so, label a volume to give it a unique name so that its name is recognized on different computers.

How to Format without losing Windows 11?

To format a PC without losing the Windows 11 license, the easiest thing to do is go to the Windows 10 option to restore the factory system. It's not actually restoring your system to the way it came from the factory, but rather removing all software and files you've installed on the drive you told it to format that don't match the version of Windows you have installed. The programs that will stay will depend on the Windows 11 license you have.

If it is an OEM license, which are those cheap keys that you find, you may find that they put you at the factory as soon as you finish the formatting, various software such as Candy Crush-type games, because they are part of the license. This is bloatware, or software that is installed in a bundle without the user's consent.

But using the factory restore option, you can format Windows 11 without losing the license. In this case, just delete programs and files, but the installation of the operating system is maintained. The license is usually tied to a piece of hardware, usually a storage that will serve as the indicium storage from which the operating system is loaded.

How to restore an Asus laptop to its factory state?

Regardless of the brand, you can restore a laptop to its factory state, which is the installation of Windows 11 with the relevant license and no additional programs; in the factory restore option of the Windows Control Panel.

How to format FAT32 in Windows 11?

If you want to format a secondary hard drive that you are not using as boot, or an external one, using Widnows 11, you can do it in File Browser. By right clicking on the storage you want to convert to FAT32, click on the format option, and in the format menu select the option to convert the storage to FAT32 once you format it.

Windows formatting menu

It is important to know that once you do this, the storage will be formatted and you will lose the files. You cannot change the file system of a storage without formatting it first.

How to change a USB to NTFS format?

If you want to format a USB drive to NTFS using Windows 11, you can do it in File Browser. By right clicking on the storage you want to convert to NTFS, click on the format option, and in the format menu select the option to convert the storage to FAT32 once you format it. It is important to know that once you do this, the storage will be formatted and you will lose the files.

How to change the format of a USB from FAT32 to NTFS?

You have to do the formatting process, and before formatting the USB, you have to select the option that the formatting leaves the USB in NTFS.

How to format the PC without losing Windows?

To do so, you have to do the format through the native factory restore option of Windows 11 itself. This option, when done by Windows itself, takes care of not deleting itself and eliminating all non-native Windows programs and the personal files of the storage in which the installation is located. The version of Windows with the latest update is maintained, and when you finish the factory reset, it's like starting with a brand new PC.

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We advise that factory reset does not remove programs and files from additional storage. If you like sell a second hand pc, we recommend first formatting your PC's extra storages before doing a factory reset to make sure you don't sell a PC with personal files on it.

How to format the computer without losing the files?

In the options to restore the PC to the factory in Windows 11, you must check the option to do a factory reset keeping the files. Thus, only uninstall programs that are not standard in a Windows installation. This is the ideal option in case you could have been infected by a malicious program. You should always back up your files before doing so, whether it's on external storage, cloud storage, or a NAS.

What happens to my Windows license if I format my PC?

It depends on how you do the formatting. If you do a factory reset, you will keep your version of Windows 11 after formatting. In the event that you do a format from the BIOS using an image on an external storage to, for example, change the Windows version 11, you will need to get a new Windows 11 key to the version you want to get.

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