How to play Among Us for free

Out of nowhere, a game called Among has begun to flood social networks. Influencers in video games like Ibai Llanos and PewDiePie have been playing him. And in a case of unexpected success, after two years with almost empty servers, Among Us is a success and only on Steam it registers a million simultaneous players. But it is also that Among Us can be played for free, something that has undoubtedly made it very popular.

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What is Among Us

The mechanics of Among Us are simple: several players are in a spaceship, research laboratory or hostile planet, where they have to perform a series of tasks and avoid being discovered by the impostor. If the crewmen finish the tasks or discover the impostor, they win. In the event that all the crew members die because they have not discovered the impostor, this will be the one who wins.

Those in the role of impostor will have to kill enough crew to achieve victory. They have to take advantage of their greater range of vision, sabotage the ship to kill the crew or attract them to it. They can also use air hatches to transport quickly and flee bodies so as not to raise suspicions. But be careful because the crew can see your actions and the impostors cannot do assigned tasks and have to pretend to do them.

Once a body is discovered or someone hits the emergency meeting button in the cafeteria, the discussion will begin. It's the only way Among Us players can communicate with text. There they must communicate the clues they have to discover the impostors, while the impostors must transfer the blame to the crew.

A vote is taken and the player with the most votes is expelled, and then it is known if he is an imposter or a crew member. This is repeated until there are no impostors or there are not enough crew members.

The easy answer is “influencers”. As we discussed above, internationally, it has been played by PewDiePie and many have followed him. In the Spanish arena we have Ibai Llanos, a famous former LVP caster who has a fervent following on Twitter and Twitch.

But it is not worth just being seen by thousands of people, it has to make you want to play in person. Luckily, it is a very accessible game with plenty of possibilities for accidental humor and a sense of deduction.

That accidental humor and meme-making meat has helped it spread as a multiplayer game. Above being popular in times when it is recommended to distance oneself socially and only go out for what is necessary in these times of coronavirus.

Another factor in its popularity is that it is a game that hardly demands any requirements. For PC, the game asks for 1GB of RAM memory and is compatible with DirectX.

In addition, the game can be enjoyed for free on Android and iOS, something that has helped to become popular. We can also find it on Steam, for only 3.99 euros, so this makes it a game accessible to all.

How to play Among Us for free?

The million dollar question. How to play Among Us for free and legally or easily? This is only possible on Android and iOS for now. Below are legitimate download links:

Although it is free, there is an option to pay to have pets that accompany you during the game. Their work is purely cosmetic, so there will be no notable differences between those who play Among Us for free or paying.

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How to play Among Us for free on PC

There is a legal way to play Among us on PC, and that is to use an Android emulator compatible with our operating system. Keep in mind that we will be emulating the game and it will not be supported natively.

There will be problems with the control in the event that the emulator does not transfer the control with keyboard or controller well. And there may be incompatibilities, but it is the best way to play Among Us for free on PC. Below we list a series of Android emulators that work on PC in order to play Among Us for free on PC. We will simply have to play the free Android APK through the emulator.

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This emulator is one of the most used. Mainly among developers thanks to its power and versatility. Can be downloaded for free from this link



It allows us to run the Android OS in the cloud, and therefore consumes less resources than other emulators. Can be downloaded for free from this link



This emulator is specially designed for playing games. It tends to be updated a lot, which should give few problems with a simple game like Among Us. Can be run from here.



Another Android emulator designed to play games. It is also used to test Apps and has functions such as hardware acceleration and use of the OpenGL graphics engine. It can be downloaded from this link totally free, ideal for playing Among Us.



The peculiarity of this emulator is that it is installed as a Chrome extension so that we will not have to install programs or exit our browser. But before ARChon to be able to play Among Us for free, you have to pass the APK through a tool, both available from this link.


Requirements Among Us

The game has an accessible version on Steam that it costs just 3.99 euros and it can be run on any computer. The requirements are minimal, since the game is graphically simple and its graphics engine is very basic. Needed:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 + or later
  • Processor: Any with SSE2 (Intel Instruction Set Extensions Technology)
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
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What future does Among Us have?

At first it was going to have a sequel given the enormous popularity it has and the problems that the game's source code causes when introducing new features. For a few days there was going to be a sequel, but they saw that the best thing to thank the community is that they update the base game by remaking the source code and then they introduce the news that they had in mind for the sequel.

What news is coming?

  • Best servers: It is a problem that dragged on since it became popular in the summer of 2020. They are going to improve the servers and the netcode so that there are fewer problems. And it is that at the time not enough people played it to fill a game and now millions play it.
  • Help for color blind: The game has a high dependence on color. You need it to recognize players and for some tasks like electrical cables. It was a problem that they overlooked at the time but it is worth solving it to help color blind players. This item was introduced several months ago
  • Buddy system: The game is becoming a social network unto itself like Fortnite. So they have put the option to create a profile and add people.
  • New map: For now they have four, but a fourth based on Henry Stickmin, the previous game from the creators of Among Us, is looming.

It is expected that all this content will be coming to Among Us completely free to thank the community for their unexpected support. In between, several paid hats and mascots will arrive.


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