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Guide to choosing a good satellite decoder, which allows us to see more than international channels

We see the main characteristics that every good satellite decoder must have, to be a solution, to learn languages, have access to much more content and also, be able to see the content whenever we want.

The arrival of digital terrestrial television or DTT, has brought us a large number of channels, but despite that, it may happen that we do not have quality content available or that we are interested in and that makes us do a round of zapping. Some may want to investigate or experiment with series or programs in their original version, to learn new languages ​​or even watch more sports, in addition to soccer. For this we need a satellite dish and to decode the image we need a satellite decoder, which will give us a world of possibilities.

There was a time when satellite decoders were linked to piracy, they have already gone down in history, and today you can already access channels that broadcast freely and with all kinds of content. In addition, satellite decoders are no longer simple decoders, they are complete multimedia centers, capable of doing more than decoding channels, providing a complete television experience, since they offer all kinds of solutions, in addition to satellite television, they offer HD DTT or playback of 4K content, some even offer us a SmartTV system, accessing digital content.

To find out what decoder to buyWe must take into account a series of important parameters and characteristics, which give us all the elements we need and much more. So we are going to explain to you what things we must take into account when buying a decoder for satellite television.

IKS decoder

It is important when we buy a satellite decoder that it has IKS technology. These acronyms refer to Internet Key Sharing, something that we could translate as well as 'share keys via the internet' and refers to a method that will allow us to decode from other systems that would not normally work in our system, such as the FTAS system, allowing see all the free channels that are broadcast by satellite. This technology offers us the complement through special websites, which provide the necessary decoding code to be able to view the content.

FTA (Free to Air)

They are simply satellite broadcasts that are characterized by being free, open and legal. These types of channels are characterized by being normally of a state or cultural type, broadcasting in open air, so we will not have to pay absolutely anything or subscribe to services to enjoy this content.


In this case, we are talking about television channels that are broadcast through IP protocols on the Internet, which work according to the demand of users, so that anyone can see it whenever and wherever they want. This type of content is usually private, managed by different operators and they will charge us a certain amount to access the content of the service.

Personal Video Recorder (PVR)

It may be that the content that we are going to see we like or we want to enjoy it at another time, because we cannot see it at the time of broadcast, so we may be interested in recording it. Most decoders have a USB port that allows recording on a pendrive or external hard drive and some even allow programming the recording of content.


The function in question offers us to pause the content, to continue watching it again at any other time or simply, to be able to go to the bathroom. This function also allows us to advance or go back in the programming.


This function is quite controversial in these decoders, since it allows us to access independent receivers, access television songs that we could not access, even if we have a satellite dish. Wikipedia defines this technology as: “Cardsharing is a method by which independent receivers gain simultaneous access to a pay television network, using a legitimate conditional access subscriber card. Typically, the legitimate card is attached to a personal computer or Dreambox which is connected to the Internet, and is configured to provide the legitimately decrypted control word to other recipients who request the information. This decrypted control word is then used to decode an encrypted conditional access service, as if each of the other receivers were using their own subscriber card. "

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