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Board games are ideal entertainment for several people. On the internet it is possible to find numerous websites that allow us to play board games, known or not. Many of them are free and are or services that allow us to play with many players online from the comfort of our computer or tablet. Here we list both websites and games themselves that have free online versions.

We note that all these free online board games improve a lot with voice chat applications such as Skype and Discord. The ones we put below are designed to play with a group of friends.

Tabletop Simulator, the game to access thousands of free board games

Although it is not technically a free tool to play online because you have to pay, it is a tool in which if you buy it, you can play any board game, official or not, for free. You don't pay expressly to play Monopoly or Parcheesi, but playing it with Tabletop Simulator is free in itself. The gaming community is constantly updating the Workshop to include everything from commercial games such as Settlers of Catan with a version that has little to envy to the official one, to preserving and expanding the Pokémon board games with free expansions.

Tabletop Simulator free board games

You have all this totally free and without having to buy anything other than a copy on Steam Tabletop Simulator per player and search the Workshop. It is true that in groups of players the price rises, but it is an investment and with it, you can play practically any board game for free in the Workshop. And if you have one at home that is not in the Workshop or is not in your language, you can always create and upload it to preserve the game and not get lost.

Codenames, or Secret Code

A simple board game for two teams. On the board there are several words that represent agents from two teams, and an assassin. the task of each team is to find their spies and not find the murderer. One of the players of each team is the master of the clues who has to think about how many words he can relate to the same theme and that the other player discovers it without finding those of the opposing team or the murderer so as not to lose the game.

secret code codenames board games online online free internet

Example: Player A of the red team sees the word “Ocean” and “Fisherman” as words with his agents. Player A says “Water, Two” to give his partner the clue, and hits them. Player B of the Blue team sees that he has the words “Hair" and "Claw" as his agents and says “Animal, Two“, but his partner also sees “Jungle” and chooses it. That word has the killer and they lose.

Play Secret Code for free by clicking here


Wavelength is a game that is based on the perception that you and others have, and knowing how to communicate it. The game gives us a wheel with point markers and two opposite concepts, such as “Colder – Hotter”. The player turns the wheel, sees the situation of the scoring fields and must say a concept within the question that has been asked, without using numbers, so that his teammates put the dial as close as possible to where the field of 4 is. points.

This is where the concept of relativity comes in because, for example, you may think that a word like “sternocleidomastoid” is difficult to pronounce, while the other members of your team do not. It's not just the concept of winning or losing, but you can also learn how many of your friends see the world.

wavelength online board games online free on the internet

Example: Player A receives the “Boring – Fun” card and the dial is far to the left. Player A says “Watch a stream of Ibai” and his teammates debate that he has been sent slightly to the right of center. On the next turn, Player B is given the question “Very Large – Very Small” and the dial to the far right, which reads “One atom” and immediately his teammates turn the dial to the far right, gaining four points.

Play Wavelenght for free by clicking here


A group of agents has to discover who of the members is a spy. All players except the spy are given a card with a location and a role that they must play. The spy's job is to find out where the agents are, and the agents' job is to find out who the spy is.

spyfall online board games online on the internet for free

To do this, they must ask each other questions and confirm that they are in a place on the list of places in the game, but without being too obvious to the spy. After eight minutes, the spy has one last chance to tell where the agents are, and the agents to reveal the spy. To play Spifall online for free and with friends through the web below, it is advisable to use a voice calling program such as Discord or Skype.

Play Spyfall for free by clicking here

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spyfall spyfall 33,93 EUR

Snake Oil

At Snake Oil we are street vendors who want to sell an absurd object to a particular customer. On each turn, a player is a buyer and draws a role that will affect the items that the other players can try to sell. The group of players will have to use their cards to create an object that may interest the customer and they will have to try to sell it to them. At the end of the round, the buyer writes down which item to buy, and when everyone has been a buyer, the purchases are revealed and the player who has sold the most items wins.

snake oil

Play Snake Oil for free by clicking here

Wits and Wagers

Playing Trivial Pursuit or any game that implies having cultural knowledge, the youngest or those with the least access to culture will always be at a disadvantage. Wits and Wagers is a game that gives everyone a chance to play. A question is asked with a numerical answer and the players write down their answer, they are all put in numerical order and the players can bet on which answer they think is the highest without going over (Fair Price rules, to be simpler). If an answer is the winner, the player who has placed it and who has bet, earn points.

wits and wagers

Example: The question is, "What year was the first Star Wars movie released?“, Player A doesn't know the answer, but knows that Player B is a fan of the movie series. Player A decides to bet on Player B's answer, which turns out to be correct, and they both win points.

Play Wits and Wagers for free by clicking here

Secret hitler

One of the most popular modern board games of recent years, for fans of the genre of hidden identities, which is that it is not well known who is an ally or an enemy, such as Among Us. In this game, the good players want to pass good measures or take down the boss of the bad guys, while the fascists want the boss of the bad guys to be in power or take evil measures.

Each turn a player is elected president and can elect an advisor, and this decision must be supported by the votes of the players. If it goes ahead, the president takes three measures, discards one that does not interest him and his advisor chooses from the two he has received, the one he wants to take. As the game progresses with evil measures, the group of bad guys gain more power and create uncertainty. If there are enough evil measures, good players can try to take down the evil boss by eliminating one player. meanwhile, the wicked players can win if the head of the wicked is elected advisor.

Play Secret Hitler for free by clicking here

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

A community drawing game of secret identities. In each round, a card is dealt with the theme that the artists must draw, but the false artist does not know what to draw. Each turn, players can draw a part of the drawing using a line. When two or three lines each have been drawn, the players vote to blame the fake artist.

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A Fake Artist Goes to New York A Fake Artist Goes to New York 20,59 EUR

Play A Fake Artist Goes to New York for free by clicking here


Another drawing game, and here the points do not matter. Like the “cracked phone” game but mixed with Pictionary. Each player receives a notebook and a word to draw, draws it in thirty seconds, and passes his notebook to the one on the left, who has to guess what he has drawn, writes his idea, passes it to the one on the left, and he has to draw what the second player thinks the first player has drawn. Thus, in an increasing way until the notebook reaches its original owner.

A simple game that gets more fun when players don't draw really well. The points matter little, because what counts here is to laugh at how a drawing of a beach can become a warning in flames, so to speak.

Play Telestrations for free by clicking here

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This card game is characterized by being simple for everyone and creative at the same time. In each round, a player who is the storyteller turns a card face down and says that it is a concept that has come to mind. The rest of the players put a card from their hand that can be related to that concept. The cards are shuffled and placed face up on the table. The players must choose the card that is the one that the storyteller has placed. Players who have chosen the storyteller's card receive points along with the storyteller, and those who have placed a chosen card also earn points.

Play Dixit for free by clicking here

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Dixit Dixit 32,99 EUR

Board Game Arena, the best free board games website

The best web of free online board games, and the most popular and accessible today is by far Board Game Arena. It has dozens of free board games, from classic chess to more modern ones like Sabouteur. It is ideal for playing board games online with friends before purchasing physical editions.

board game arena lucky numbers reversi othello, sink the yahtzee fleet, can't stop my favorite dessert martian says take 6 6 nimnt sushi go quantik hanabi saboteur carcassonne santorini perudo marrakech bandit takenoko hive love letter jaipur koi koi board games online online en free Internet

There is the premium subscription model that allows you to access games with people at the same IP address, and open games like Sushi Go !, which require that at least one person has a premium service activated.

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