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Taking a few games to disconnect from a day of work or after studying, is very beneficial. It helps to disconnect and relax for a while, before starting other activities. Many times the problem is that to play you need very powerful graphics cards. Well, this is not always the case, as there are very light games that you can vitiate without the need for a € 800 graph, simply with integrated graphics in the processors.

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The computer equipment as a rule need a graphics card for graphical data visualization. This graphics card can be dedicated or be integrated into the same processor.

All the dedicated graphics cards are generally more powerful that the graphs integrated by processors. But, add a card dedicated graphic means adding an extra cost to our IT team. If at the moment the budget does not reach you, know that there are games that you can run without the need for dedicated graphics.

Many years ago It was essential to allocate a part of the budget to the graphics card, since the processors did not integrate graphics. The modern processors, mostly, they usually have integrated graphics that can be used to move light games. This graphics card integrated into the processor will be more or less powerful, depending on whether we choose a solution from AMD or Intel.

AMD currently offers us the Ryzen APU with integrated RX Vega graphics which are usually enough to move games. This graph can go quite just right for 1080p gaming in modern games, but most games, by adjusting the graphic quality and resolution, you can move them. You must bear in mind that Ryzen APUs have the identifier 'G' in the name, which indicates that it has graphics. Ryzen processors without this identifier, unfortunately, do not integrate a graphics solution.

Intel on the other hand integrates Intel UHD Graphics into its processors, which are quite worse than integrated charts of processors by AMD to move games. These graphics support very light games and above all, classic games. All Intel Core processors integrate graphics, except those who identify themselves as 'Core-F', which have the integrated graphics disabled.

If you need more information about which processor integrates graphics or not, you will find it here:

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Paid games that do not require a dedicated graphics

For those who do not have the ability to buy a dedicated graphics card and are going to pull an AMD Ryzen APUD or an Intel Core processor with integrated graphics, there are light games that can be played without problems. Next we will leave you a list of some games (that we will be updating) which you can play without the need for dedicated graphics.

Among Us

This game rose to fame in the summer of 2020 and the truth is that it is very popular. It has very simple graphics, allowing it to be played on practically any device.

The theme of the game is very simple. You are a group of up to ten people in a closed stage that must complete a series of tasks. Within the group there are up to 3 impostors who have the task of killing the rest of the crew and sabotaging the facilities. The crew must find the impostor to win and the impostor (s) must kill them all to win.


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Despite being a few years old, this open world game continues to be very popular. There are many users who enjoy playing it today because it is a game where the limit is the imagination. Explore, build, hunt, and fight are some of the things you can do in this game.

This game constantly receives updates, adding new elements to maintain the playability. In addition, a version with ray tracing support has recently been released, although to enjoy this version you need to spend on an NVIDIA graphics. But the 'conventional' version is available that can be run without problems by any dedicated graphics.

Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements

Portal and Portal 2

They are two quite mythical games and very well valued by the community. The titles Portal and Portal 2 have been developed by Valve and can be purchased on Steam. These two games are single player logic games and have a first person view. We will have to solve a series of puzzles to escape habituation, which will become more and more complicated. The grace of the game is that we will generate portals that allow us to teleport ourselves or to teleport objects.

This game is based on logic and combining physics with the different possibilities of installing portals on any of the walls. It should be noted that in the second installment of the Portal saga there is a cooperative mode where by using robots you must find the escape route from the different rooms.

Portal 2 minimum requirements


Here we have a game based on adventures and puzzles quite entertaining and that became quite famous for its art. You must help Josef to rescue his girlfriend Berta, who are robots (yes, the story is so reminiscent of the plumber Mario…). We will achieve this by solving a set of puzzles with which we will be able to defeat the Black Hat Brotherhood.

The plot takes place in the city of Machinarium, where we will collect objects that will help us solve the puzzles, adventures, mental challenges and the different minigames. But what stands out is the environment, as they are fully hand-drawn 2D graphics, which are beautiful. In addition, the game has an impressive soundtrack, which further completes this game that has so many overtones of work of art.



We are going with a more moved game, with a shooter. The Overwatch title is a shooter-type title divided into teams. Each of the teams is made up of six players who fight in rounds, making assaults, escorting the load, capturing the flag, in hybrid combat, eliminating all enemies, individual combat to the death or death by teams.

The game allows you to choose between 32 different heroes that are divided into 3 different categories, depending on whether they are attack, damage or support. Each of the teams must have at least two from each of the three categories indicated.

It has several game modes, being able to carry out combat practices, create games against bots, play quick games, enter Arcade mode with variable rules according to the season, competitive games against other users or customize our games.

Minimum requirements

Recommended requirements

Free games that do not require dedicated graphics

Many free games they do not require a dedicated graphics card. Many developers, especially independent ones, offer free games to make themselves known. These games are usually graphically light and can be played with the integrated graphics.


Riot Games launched this 2019v5 shooter game at the end of 5, which has a medium popularity. This game is based on winning rounds, specifically the first one who manages to win 13 rounds, wins the game. It has many characters and a good number of weapons.

Minimum Requirements

Recommended Requirements

Recommended Specifications (60 FPS):

High-end specifications (144 FPS or more):

Minimum Specs (30 FPS):

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