Is my four year old Lenovo G50-70 better than the 2018 Apple MacBook Air?

Comparison between my Lenovo G50-70 laptop upgraded to a 240GB SSD and the new Apple MacBook Air, will there be many technical differences that justify the extra cost?

The new Apple MacBook Airs have been introduced, which claim to be an innovative solution with modern hardware, as well as being lightweight and using a new type of fourth generation keyboard and blah blah blah. The reality is that the technical specifications do not differ excessively from the Lenovo G50-70 laptop that I bought in 2014 and that I recently updated with a Corsair Force LE200 240GB SSD that has given life and soon I hope to expand the RAM, doubling the amount .

Who is better, my Lenovo G50-70 or the Apple MacBook Air 2018?

We must bear in mind that the MacBook Air is not designed to play or heavy tasks, above all it is designed to work, for office automation and the like and that is indicated by the simple graphics that it implements, which are integrated into the Intel processor. I bought my Lenovo G50-70 for studies and I did not want integrated graphics, it seemed unnecessary, but I wanted a processor that at one point could give me extra performance.

Originally my Lenovo had a 500GB HDD, what's more, if you look for it, the model still has the 500TB @ 5400RP HDD, which weighed down on what is not in the writings. Despite being a fairly simple laptop, even Lenovo tells you that it is low-end, I could move the AutoCAD for 2D plan design without major problems. I recently put an SSD on it to increase performance and run smoother.

The Corsair Force LE200 240GB is in Coolmod for €80, so improving performance has cost me little, since the price is great. The serious thing comes when the MacBook Air if you want to expand it to 256GB they ask you for €250 or what is the same, you are paying for the 128GB SSD and also the new SSD for more than triple what it would cost you new in the store. We are crazy?

Perhaps the two most interesting aspects of the MacBook Air is that it has two Thunderbolt 3.0s and the weight is half that of mine. They are possibly the only two relevant elements where the MacBook is somewhat better (yes, the quality of the screen is better, but the size is smaller, so I eat what I served)

The biggest discrepancy seems to be the processor, apparently. Me Intel Core i5 4210U It works at a base frequency of 1.7GHz and will reach 2.7GHz with two cores and four threads, in addition to a ridiculous TDP of 15W. According to Apple, the MacBook Air is a Core i5 of an unknown model that works at 1.6GHz and arrives in Boost mode at 3.6GHz, also having two cores and four threads. They are practically the same processors on a technical level.

My Lenovo cost me € 475 at the time (now it is worth € 499 new) and the SSD has cost me € 80, therefore the total cost of the laptop would be € 555, which is not a crazy price. The basic MacBook Air 128GB SSD is worth € 1.349, but if you want a 256GB SSD, raise the bill by € 250 extra, which is crazy and it goes to € 1.599 (almost triple that of my laptop)

We clearly see how Apple's solution only provides more lightness, the two Thunderbolt 3.0, a smaller screen but of a little more quality and double the RAM, with the processor being practically identical. The truth is that a four-year-old laptop is practically the same as this MacBook Air and costs almost a third, it indicates how absurd it is to buy an Apple product.

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