Intel: Bryan Krzanich, Bob Swan, 10nm, problems, what is happening in the company in its worst stage in its history? [OPINION]

Did Bryan Krzanich leave Intel because of his relationship with a company employee or was he really fired for not doing his job well?

I have been thinking about writing this article for several days and how to do it so that the world championship does not fall. I do not intend to defend Intel, but rather I intend to put a little perspective and try to expose the keys to the dire situation of the company. Intel right now is overtaken by AMD, who has played their letters in a superb way.

AMD has had the possibility of releasing 7nm processors that destroy the Core @ 14nm and it has. It had a luxurious opportunity to get ahead of its competitor in the processor market after almost a decade in which it fell to hell. Everything is due to about 10nm from Intel (equivalent to 7nm from TSMC) and the reason is still unknown.

intel ice lake and 10nm 3

14nm is no longer enough

For the past two years Intel has been stretching 14nm as much as possible and nearly as impossible. It has endured the stakes of AMD in a stoic way, which certainly fits. But now Ryzen's live shows are heavy and he starts to wobble, seeing the canvas very closely. The answer is in the 10nm, recently introduced.

Normally Intel first removes the processors for laptops (Ice Lake-U) and later the desktop ones (Ice Lake-S). This strategy is simple to explain: the processor market is the one that generates the most income. Yes, although it seems that it may be the market for gaming and desktop processors, the laptop market is the one that works best for them.

We have seen in recent months even how Intel could not meet the demand for processors. More demand than production capacity translates into lost income that goes to the competition. This is being accused by the company and the market in general. But it is a problem generated by not being able to jump to 10nm and sought by launching dozens of processors in 14nm.

intel socket processor cpu

I am unable to recall all the nonsense processors released by Intel. Core K, Core KF, Core KFS and the last one is the Core i9-9900KS, all in 14nm. An unnecessary number of processors that, on the one hand, generates confusion among users, aggravates the problem and involves recycling. The KFs seem to be processors with faulty iGPUs that, for not throwing them away, they rename them to alleviate the pressure of the market.

The most absurd case of all is the Core i9-9990XE, a 14-core processor that costs 3.000 euros and was sold at closed auction. Although in the end it began to be sold in some stores. We also have the Xeon W-3175, an overclockable 28-core processor that requires special 1 euro motherboards, the processor costing 500 euros. A complete nonsense

How did we get to this point?

First of all, I want to make it clear that this is only an impression on my part. I don't have any data to support this theory on my part, only the chain of events.

Bryan Krzanich was the CEO of Intel. He was the head of the company from 2013 to 2018. He leaves the company after violating an internal rule that prohibits having intimate relationships with an employee. I'm not going to get into that, since people's personal lives don't matter to us. Although I would like to give a piece of information and that each one values. Bryan Krzanich is or was married to Brande Krzanich. I don't know what his situation is at present, because I don't care in the least.

intel cannon lake bryan krzanich

After the scandal he leaves the company. But something makes me think that everything is a cover. It is more acceptable for the CEO of Intel, the world's largest processor manufacturer, to leave the company for an infidelity, than to be fired for incompetent.

The way I see it that Intel's 10nm is still coming now is Krzanich's fault. The director of a company is the first and last person in charge of ensuring that it functions as it should. One must know all the aspects of the company and must worry about knowing how it works. Personally, every day I talk with my colleagues and with Marco, to find out all the progress and if something is needed.

I cannot conceive that Krzanich did not know the problems of 10nm. Now, did you do everything necessary or did you act correctly to avoid the embarrassment you suffered? This is perhaps the big question, for which I have no answer. The way I see it, it could have been more aware of large signings and the graphics market than the processor market. Certainly something has happened along the way.

This leads me to think that he was removed from office. I suppose they would look for a plausible way out to avoid an unprecedented layoff and media scandal. A scandal that would have affected the company on the stock market, causing it to fall sharply. Having the CEO of a leading company fired for incompetence says publicly that it has not been managed well and that the company is worth less.

Possibly wrong, but coldly analyzing it, it is quite plausible. Everyone can draw the conclusions they consider and give their opinion whatever they want.

Which Intel does Bob Swan find?

No hot cloths: a very touched Intel that is sinking like a Titanic. He takes the company very badly on processors and focusing on graphics cards. The 10nm is nowhere near ready and is urgently needed to compete with AMD. It was on January 3, 2018 when the vulnerabilities of its processors began to be known. And to top it off, he inherits a conflict between the company and Micron over the manufacture of 3D XPoint memories.

bob swan intel ceo

Sure, Swan takes the company while they find a person to eat the brown. After more than six months it is announced that he will be the interim CEO. What has happened in the time that the company has commanded we do not know, but a year later the first processors in 10nm arrive. They are for laptops, of course, but they already needed these processors, urgently.

It seems that he is redirecting the company in the short time that it has been, although it is too early to say for sure. Only time will tell if he is a good CEO or in reality the problems are not Krzanich or Swan, but a deeper problem.


The company's situation is very delicate, although killing a giant like Intel is rash. It does suffer from various ills, such as 10nm lags, vulnerabilities and high prices, but it is not something impossible to correct. We see that the 10nm is coming, the vulnerabilities have been mitigated and the prices, with the new Ryzen Zen2 should go down.

AMD has also had a horrible streak in processors and an even worse one in the graphics market. They have corrected the situation and now they have a lot of strength and it seems that things are improving. Companies and people's lives behave like alternating tension: there are positive and negative cycles.

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